Integrated Costs Database Tool (ICDT) V1.01.0002

System Requirements

  1. Administrative Access to install software on your machine
  2. Microsoft Windows XP (any edition) with Service Pack 2 (or 3)
    Note that while the ICDT has been tested and verified on XP, it is expected to run on Windows 2000 with service pack 4, and also Windows Vista.
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1
    Check Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel to see if the .NET Framework is listed, as many computers already have this installed.  If you do not, please first download and install it from here.
  4. Windows Installer 3.1
  5. Microsoft Access 2002 or later (ICDT is based upon an Access 2002/2003 format database)

Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure that you have all the requirements above.
  2. Backup Prior Version
    If you have a previous version of the ICDT installed, please back up your Microsoft Access database first. On Windows XP, this is typically located in the following location on your hard drive:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\CBFWA\IntegratedCosts\IntegratedCosts.mdb
  3. Uninstall Prior Version
    If you have a previously installed version of ICDT, please uninstall it first before proceeding.
  4. Install MSI
    The MSI install pack can be run directly from this website, or downloaded and installed afterwards.  Please download the Integrated Costs Install MSI (5.83 MB) install pack.


Last Updated by Facilitator on 12/22/2008