Improved Monitoring and Evaluation Designs

CSMEP is attempting to develop general 'design templates' for monitoring the status and trends of fish populations and the effectiveness of habitat, harvest, hatchery and hydrosystem recovery actions within the Columbia River Basin. This requires a synergy between Policy Translation subgroups that can clarify the existing policy issues and Monitoring Design Subgroups that have the technical expertise to develop generalized monitoring designs.

For this task CSMEP is using the EPA Data Quality Objectives (DQO) process to rigorously define the connections between policy decisions and the monitoring designs that provide the input for these decisions. The DQO process is a 7-step template that helps 'translate' existing policies into the spatial and temporal bounds and quantitative parameters crucial for developing monitoring designs.

CSMEP's five policy interpretation and design workgroups

Additional Information Associated with Improved Monitoring and Evaluation Designs
EPA's Data Quality Objectives Process (DQO)
Design Templates


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