This committee first met December 15, 2000 to advise the Council and the region on technical aspects of the biological assessment of subbasins conducted as contemplated in the assessment template developed for the region by the subbasin assessment team. The Committee’s primary function was to advise the Council on how to conduct subbasin assessments that were technically sound, and deliver outputs that were understandable and manageable by a non-technical audience that would participate in the development and implementation of subbasin plans to be adopted into the fish and wildlife program and used as the basis for ESA recovery planning. In performing this function, the Committee sought to coordinate, synthesize, and reconcile the various assessment tools including EDT, CRI, VSP, KEF, as well as other similar or related tools being used in the Columbia basin including those being used by EPA or states. The Committee also advised the Council on how to best coordinate the assessment work it called for with that similar or related work being conducted by other entities in the region.