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Section 1. General Administrative information
Section 2. Past accomplishments
Section 3. Relationships to other projects
Section 4. Objectives, tasks and schedules
Section 5. Budget
Section 6. References
Section 7. Abstract

Reviews and Recommendations
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Section 1. General Administrative Information

Title of Project Proposal Transfer Attributes From 1:100,000 to 1:24,000-Scale Hydrography
BPA Project Proposal Number 9048
Business name of agency, institution,
or organization requesting funding
Idaho Department of Water Resources
Business acronym (if appropriate) IDWR

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

Name Anthony Morse
Mailing Address 1301 North Orchard St.
City, State, Zip Boise, ID 83706
Phone 2083277997
Fax 2083277866
Manager of program authorizing this project
Review Cycle FY 1999
Province Lower Snake
Subbasin Snake, Salmon, Clearwater, Coeur d’Alene, Selway
Short Description Transfer topology and fishery-related attributes of the established 1:100,000-scale National Hydrography Data Set to the new and incomplete 1:24,000-scale hydrography.
Target Species

Project Location

[No information]

Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs)

Sponsor-Reported Relevant RPAs

Sponsor listed no RPAs for this project proposal

Relevant RPAs based upon NMFS & BPA Review

NMFS and BPA did not associate any reasonable and prudent alternatives with this project proposal

NPPC Program Measure Number(s) which this project addresses:
FWS/NMFS Biological Opinion Number(s) which this project addresses:
Other Planning Document References

CBFWA-Generated Information

Database Administrator notes on the history of this proposal form: None
Type of Project (assigned by CBFWA Analysts): resident

Section 2. Past Accomplishments

n/a or no information

Section 3. Relationships to Other Projects

n/a or no information

Section 4. Objectives, Tasks and Schedules

Objectives and Tasks

Objective Task
1. Project Planning a. draw up work detailed plan
2. Contract for Work a. draw up Request for Quotes
. b. submit RFQ to State Purchasing
. c. evaluate quotes
. d. award contract
3. Convert Hydrography from DLG-3 to DLG-F a. IDWR personnel to USGS for DLG training
. b. install conversion software at IDWR
. c. do the conversion
. d. clean up errors and omissions
. e. panel quads to edge-match
4. Conflate 1:100,000-Scale Hydrography to 1:24,000-Scale Hydrography a. install conflation software on contractor computer
. b. train contractor personnel
. c. edge-match quads
. d. assess flow direction and fix if necessary
. e. conflate
. f. import data into ARC/INFO
. g. sequence new reaches
. h. attach IDFG routes and quality-control
5. Generate Metadata a. review processing history
6. Put All Data on Anonymous ftp Site a. add necessary disk space
. b. modify IDWR home page to reflect data availability

Objective Schedules and Costs

Objective Start Date End Date Measurable Biological Objectives Milestone FY 2000 Cost %
1 10/01/98 10/01/98 3.0%
2 10/01/98 12/01/98 2.0%
3 11/01/98 06/01/99 15.0%
4 01/01/99 08/01/01 75.0%
5 08/01/01 08/01/01 1.0%
6 08/01/01 09/01/01 4.0%

Section 5. Estimated Budget Summary

Itemized Budget

Item Note FY 1999 Cost
Personnel $ 37,880
Fringe $ 11,175
Supplies plotting supplies $ 1,250
Operating software and hardware maintenance $ 3,750
Capital augment state anonymous ftp site; computer replacement $ 7,250
Travel training $ 5,000
Indirect $ 16,550
Subcontractor Idaho Department of Fish and Game; Contractor (to be determined) $134,000
Total Itemized Budget $216,855

Total estimated budget

Total FY 1999 project cost $216,855
Amount anticipated from previously committed BPA Funds $ 0
Total FY 1999 budget request $216,855
FY 1999 forecast from 1998 $ 0
% change from forecast 0.0%

Reason for change in estimated budget

Not applicable

Reason for change in scope

Not applicable

Cost Sharing

Not applicable

Outyear Budget Totals

All Phases $214,355
Total Outyear Budgets $214,355

Other Budget Explanation

Not applicable

Section 6. References

n/a or no information

Section 7. Abstract


The overall goal of this program is to make available an enhanced, network-enabled data set of 1:24,000 hydrography having all capabilities of the 1:100,000-scale National Hydrography Data Set, for use as the basis of hydrologic sampling in the Columbia River tributary watersheds of Idaho. The objective of this project is to integrate features of the existing 1:100,000-scale, National Hydrography Data Set hydrography into 1:24,000 scale hydrography, resulting in a 1:24,000-scale hydrography that has the network capabilities of the 1:100,000 scale hydrography and the ability to access the attributes and data sets currently residing on the 1:100,000 scale hydrography. This project is a logical continuation of the work done on the 1:100,000 data, and funded by BPA. The new hydrography will be basic data to which agencies will tie other data, such as anadromous and native fish populations and habitat, and water quality data supporting EPA 303D and Total Minimum Daily Loading programs. The methods used for integration are presently being developed in a pilot-project among the U.S. Geological survey, IDWR, and IDFG. The outcome of the project funded under this grant will be a state-wide GIS data set, fully-attributed, and network-enabled, of 1:24,000 hydrography available on the State of Idaho’s anonymous ftp site in non-proprietary formats DLG-F and ESRI Shape File, and in ARC/INFO Export format, all organized by USGS Hydrologic Unit. The data will be available on or about July 1, 2000.

Reviews and Recommendations

This information was not provided on the original proposals, but was generated during the review process.

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