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Section 1. General Administrative information
Section 2. Past accomplishments
Section 3. Relationships to other projects
Section 4. Objectives, tasks and schedules
Section 5. Budget
Section 6. References
Section 7. Abstract

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Section 1. General Administrative Information

Title of Project Proposal Public-Private Cooperative Resource Mgmt in Lower Joseph Cr Watershed
BPA Project Proposal Number 9119
Business name of agency, institution,
or organization requesting funding
Wallowa Resources, Inc.
Business acronym (if appropriate)

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

Name Diane Shetler
Mailing Address P.O. Box 274
City, State, Zip Enterprise, OR 97828
Phone 5414268053
Fax 5414269053
Manager of program authorizing this project
Review Cycle FY 1999
Province Lower Snake
Subbasin Grande Ronde
Short Description Develop a Coordinated Resource Management Plan (CRMP) for the lower Joseph Creek watershed; conduct a watershed assessment through public-private partnerships, utilizing the CRMP process…
Target Species

Project Location

[No information]

Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs)

Sponsor-Reported Relevant RPAs

Sponsor listed no RPAs for this project proposal

Relevant RPAs based upon NMFS & BPA Review

NMFS and BPA did not associate any reasonable and prudent alternatives with this project proposal

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CBFWA-Generated Information

Database Administrator notes on the history of this proposal form: None
Type of Project (assigned by CBFWA Analysts): anadromous

Section 2. Past Accomplishments

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Section 3. Relationships to Other Projects

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Section 4. Objectives, Tasks and Schedules

Objectives and Tasks

Objective Task
1. Facilitate discussions with land owners & all stakeholders in lower Joseph Creek watershed to develop a Cooperative Resource Management Plan (CRMP) which meets the guidelines and updates of the Wallowa County/ Nez Perce Tribe Salmon Recovery Plan. a. Meet with landowners and stakeholders to 1) discuss concerns about ecological condition of watershed; and 2) provide training in the CRMP process.
. b. Work with all stakeholders to develop mission statement and discuss how to ensure collaborative, participatory immplementation of the CRMP process.
2. Conduct a watershed assessment of the lower Joseph Creek drainage through public-private partnerships & collaborative, participatory research methods, within the CRMP framework, in order to gain shared understanding of the watershed's ecological condition a. Coordinate watershed assessment data gathering.
. b. Organize regular field visits, in conjunction with data gathering, for landowners and stakeholders.
. d. Facilitate regular meetings with all stakeholders to discuss, analyze and summarize data.
. e. Write the watershed assessment final report.
3. Utilize CRMP data, which includes the watershed assessment, to develop action plans that will enhance watershed conditions. a. `Identify management objectives and conservation and restoration projects.
. b. Develop monitoring and evaluation plan for the watershed, including review of cumulative effects of conservation & restoration projects.
. c. Hold regular meetings to review and update action plans, maintain coordination of watershed activities and discuss other relevant issues.
. d. Through a newsletter and regular meetings, continue stakeholder discussions of assessment results and findings from monitoring and evaluation.
. e. Institutionalize coordination mechanisms to ensure efforts continue.

Objective Schedules and Costs

Objective Start Date End Date Measurable Biological Objectives Milestone FY 2000 Cost %
1 10/01/98 01/01/99 15.0%
2 01/01/99 08/01/99 65.0%
3 07/01/99 10/01/99 20.0%

Section 5. Estimated Budget Summary

Itemized Budget

Item Note FY 1999 Cost
Personnel $ 20,500
Fringe $ 4,920
Supplies $ 3,500
Travel $ 1,800
Indirect $ 1,500
Subcontractor $ 0
Total Itemized Budget $ 32,220

Total estimated budget

Total FY 1999 project cost $ 32,220
Amount anticipated from previously committed BPA Funds $ 0
Total FY 1999 budget request $ 32,220
FY 1999 forecast from 1998 $ 0
% change from forecast 0.0%

Reason for change in estimated budget

Not applicable

Reason for change in scope

Not applicable

Cost Sharing

Not applicable

Outyear Budget Totals

Not applicable  

Other Budget Explanation

Schedule Constraints: No schedule constraints have been identified.

Section 6. References

n/a or no information

Section 7. Abstract


This proposal addresses the need to improve watershed conditions in the lower Joseph Creek drainage through coordinating management and restoration across multiple land ownerships. The primary objective of this project is to facilitate discussions between multiple public, private and tribal landowners to develop a Cooperative Resource Management Plan (CRMP) for the watershed, which meets the guidelines of, and updates, the Wallowa County-Nez Perce Tribe Salmon Recovery Plan. Using the CRMP process, a complete watershed assessment will be conducted through public-private partnerships. Based on the findings of the assessment, action plans will be written which outline management, restoration and monitoring and mechanisms for coordinating watershed activities. This project addresses the Fish and Wildlife Program’s objectives of supporting coordination between private, state, federal and tribal land managers and pursuing ecosystem approaches to resource management. The expected outcomes of the project are: (1) an overall coordinated resource management plan for the lower Joseph Creek watershed, with action plans which will guide coordinated management, restoration and monitoring, and (2) a watershed assessment. Project monitoring efforts will focus on completing assessment activities and action plans according to schedule.

Reviews and Recommendations

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