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Section 1. General Administrative information
Section 2. Past accomplishments
Section 3. Relationships to other projects
Section 4. Objectives, tasks and schedules
Section 5. Budget
Section 6. References
Section 7. Abstract

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Section 1. General Administrative Information

Title of Project Proposal Protect and Restore the North Lochsa Face Analysis Area Watersheds
BPA Project Proposal Number 20084
Business name of agency, institution,
or organization requesting funding
Nez Perce Tribal Fisheries/Watershed Program
Business acronym (if appropriate) NPT

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

Name Emmit E. Taylor Jr.
Mailing Address P.O. Box 365
City, State, Zip Lapwai, ID 83540
Phone 2088432253
Fax 2088437322
Manager of program authorizing this project
Review Cycle FY 2000
Province Mountain Snake
Subbasin Clearwater
Short Description Protecting and restoring the North Lochsa Face Watershed to increase anadromous fish populations is the overall goal of this project. We will achieve this working within an overall watershed approach, based on comprehensive studies of the analysis area.
Target Species Spring Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Bull Trout, and Westslope Cutthroat Trout

Project Location

[No information]

Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs)

Sponsor-Reported Relevant RPAs

Sponsor listed no RPAs for this project proposal

Relevant RPAs based upon NMFS & BPA Review

NMFS and BPA did not associate any reasonable and prudent alternatives with this project proposal

NPPC Program Measure Number(s) which this project addresses: Section 7.1 - Ensuring Biodiversity; Section 7.6 - Habitat Goals, Policies, and Objectives; Section 7.7 - Cooperative Habitat Protection and Improvement with Private Landowners; Section 7.8 - Implement State, Federal, and Tribal Habitat Improvements.
FWS/NMFS Biological Opinion Number(s) which this project addresses: Land and Resource Management Plans for National Forests Bureau of Land Management Resource Areas in the Upper Columbia Basins and Snake River Basin Evolutionarily Significant Units, 1998.
Other Planning Document References BPA. 1997. Watershed Management Program: Final Environmental Impact Statement. Clearwater National Forest (CNF) and Nez Perce Tribe (NPT). 1997. Challenge Cost-Share Agreement between the CNF and the NPT. Lapwai, ID. Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority (CBFWA). 1997. Integrated Watershed Projects: The Process and Criteria for Selecting Watershed Projects for the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. Northwest Power Planning Council (NPPC). 1994. Columbia River Fish and Wildlife Program. Portland, OR. CRITFC. 1995. WY-KAN-USH-MI WA-KISH-WIT, Spirit of the Salmon. Vol. I and II Portland, OR. NPT and Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game. 1990. Clearwater River Subbasin Salmon and Steelhead Production Plan.

CBFWA-Generated Information

Database Administrator notes on the history of this proposal form: None
Type of Project (assigned by CBFWA Analysts): anadromous

Section 2. Past Accomplishments

n/a or no information

Section 3. Relationships to Other Projects

Project ID Title Description Umbrella
968600 Idaho Soil Conservation Commission Focus Watershed Progam The Focus Progam is co-coordinated between the NPT and the State of Idaho. No
9706000 Nez Perce Tribal Focus Watershed Program The Focus Progam is co-coordinated between the NPT and the State of Idaho. No
8335000 Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery Watershed Protection and Restoration for Anadromous and Resident Fish. No
9809802 Salmon Supplementation in Idaho Rivers Protect and restore watersheds for anadromous and resident fish habitat. No
9607707 Focus Watershed Coordinator was in umbrella table No
9607709 Protect and Restore the Squaw to Papoose Creek Watersheds was in umbrella table No
9901700 Protecting and Restoring Lapwai Creek Watershed was in umbrella table No
9607708 Protecting and Restoring Lolo Creek Watershed was in umbrella table No
9901700 Protecting and Restoring Lolo Creek Watershed was in umbrella table No
9901600 Rehabilitation of Big Canyon Creek was in umbrella table No
9607711 Restoring McComas Meadows - Meadow Creek was in umbrella table No
20085 Analyse and Improve Fish Screens was in umbrella table No
20087 Protection of Mill Creek was in umbrella table No
20086 Rehabilitation of Newsome Creek was in umbrella table No

Section 4. Objectives, Tasks and Schedules

Objectives and Tasks

Objective Task
1. Alleviate sediment input and potential from road sources. a. Consult, update, and finalize the Cost-Share Agreement between the Nez Perce Tribe (NPT) and the Clearwater National Forest (CNF) on watershed restoration.
1. b. Consult with the CNF on identifying 20 miles of road for survey inventory and 10 miles of road for obliteration.
1. c. Perform all pre-work needs, training, and logistics internally and with the CNF.
1. d. Consult with the CNF on any necessary environmental analysis - Categorical Exclusion.
1. e. Survey 20 miles of road.
1. f. Obliterate 10 miles of road and provide erosion control on all distrubed areas.
2. Develop a monitoring and evaluation program of road obliteration overall success. a. Gather watershed and stream survey information.
2. b. Develop a long-term program on the effects of road obliteration on the affected watersheds over time.
3. Transfer of project information to all obligatory agencies and interested organizations or parties. a. Perform quarterly reports on project progress as they become due.
3. b. Complete final end of the year report of project.
3. c. Perform necessary presentations to the public and project peers.

Objective Schedules and Costs

Objective Start Date End Date Measurable Biological Objectives Milestone FY 2000 Cost %
1 01/01/00 10/01/00 N/A X 87.0%
2 09/01/00 11/01/00 N/A X 7.0%
3 03/01/00 12/01/00 N/A N/A 6.0%

Section 5. Estimated Budget Summary

Itemized Budget

Item Note FY 2000 Cost
Personnel $ 50,370
Fringe $ 7,948
Supplies $ 1,520
Travel $ 13,896
Indirect $ 20,828
Other Vehicle Costs $ 17,220
Subcontractor $ 93,000
Total Itemized Budget $204,782

Total estimated budget

Total FY 2000 project cost $204,782
Amount anticipated from previously committed BPA Funds $ 0
Total FY 2000 budget request $204,782
FY 2000 forecast from 1999 $ 0
% change from forecast 0.0%

Reason for change in estimated budget

Not applicable

Reason for change in scope

Not applicable

Cost Sharing

Organization Item or service provided Amount Cash or In-Kind
Clearwater National Forest Planning, road idenification, technical support, onsite contract administration, obliteration of additional miles of roads, continuation of flood damage restoration. $200,000 unknown


Outyear Budget Totals

2001 2002 2003 2004
All Phases $248,552 $285,835 $328,710 $ 65,000
Total Outyear Budgets $248,552 $285,835 $328,710 $ 65,000

Other Budget Explanation

Schedule Constraints: Existing schedules for the 2000 budget year may change due to weather conditions. All on-the-ground projects occur in mountainous areas at elevations up to 5000 feet above sea level, where unpredictable weather patterns may occur.

Section 6. References

Reference Watershed?
Clearwater National Forest. 1998. North Lochsa Face Biological Assessment (Draft). Lochsa Ranger District. No
Clearwater National Forest. 1997. North Lochsa Face, Environmental Impact Statement (Draft). Lochsa Ranger District. Idaho County, Idaho. No
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. 1995. WY-KAN-USH-MI-WA-KISH-WIT, Spirit of the Salmon. The Columbia River Anadromous Fish Restoration Plan of the Nez Perce, Umatilla, Warm Springs, and Yakama Tribes. Volume I and II. Portland, OR. No
McClelland, et al. 1997. Assessment of the 1995 & 1996 Floods and Landslides on the Clearwater National Forest. Part 1: Landslide Assessment. Northern Region United States Forest Service. Missoula, MT. No
Nez Perce Treaty of 1855 with the United States Government. No
Northwest Power Planning Council (NPPC). 1994. Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. Portland, OR. No
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 1997. National Indian Forest Resource Management Act. Public Law 101-630. No

Section 7. Abstract


Protecting and restoring the North Lochsa Face analysis area watersheds using an overall watershed approach, to assist in increasing anadromous fish populations, is the overall goal of this project. This project works toward achieving the goals and objectives of the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program and the Spirit of the Salmon Anadromous Fish Restoration Plan of the Tribes. Alleviating sediment input and potential from road sources has been determined a high priority. We will address this by surveying and obliterating roads that are presently or show potential for adding sediment into streams and tributaries important to anadromous fish. A road survey will be completed using the Watershed Improvement Needs (WIN) inventory, such that the survey information needed for road obliteration is gathered along with other watershed problems. Road obliteration practices vary depending on stability, and generally entail removing culverts and restoring natural drainage patterns, reshaping unstable fill and cut banks to their natural slopes, and performing erosion control on all disturbed surfaces. A monitoring and evaluation program will be developed to measure road obliteration success in terms of overall watershed and ecosystem health. Lastly, project progress and information will be made available to obligatory and interested organizations and parties through quarterly reports, end of the year reports, and presentations. The expected outcome of our work is to decrease the potential for mass failure and reduce surface erosion from road related sources. This reduction in sediment will allow these watersheds and their streams and tributaries to heal with time to their proper functioning condition, increase available fish spawning and rearing habitat, assist in enlarging their populations, and protect Nez Perce Tribal resources and cultural values.

Reviews and Recommendations

This information was not provided on the original proposals, but was generated during the review process.

This project has not yet been reviewed

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