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Section 1. General Administrative information
Section 2. Past accomplishments
Section 3. Relationships to other projects
Section 4. Objectives, tasks and schedules
Section 5. Budget
Section 6. References
Section 7. Abstract

Reviews and Recommendations
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Section 1. General Administrative Information

Title of Project Proposal Yakima River Basin Water Temperature Monitoring and Modeling Project
BPA Project Proposal Number 20132
Business name of agency, institution,
or organization requesting funding
Yakima Basin Joint Board
Business acronym (if appropriate)

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

Name Patrick Monk
Mailing Address 1042 Riverbottom Road
City, State, Zip Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone 5099254696
Fax 5099254696
Manager of program authorizing this project
Review Cycle FY 2000
Province Columbia Plateau
Subbasin Yakima
Short Description Implement a water temperature monitoring program in the Yakima River Basin that will provide data for the SNTEMP water temperature model. Model water temp as a function of other environmental variables, including land and water management activities.
Target Species Salmon, steelhead, resident fish, benthic macroinvertebrates

Project Location

[No information]

Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs)

Sponsor-Reported Relevant RPAs

Sponsor listed no RPAs for this project proposal

Relevant RPAs based upon NMFS & BPA Review

NMFS and BPA did not associate any reasonable and prudent alternatives with this project proposal

NPPC Program Measure Number(s) which this project addresses: unknown
FWS/NMFS Biological Opinion Number(s) which this project addresses: unknown
Other Planning Document References Wy Kan Ush Me Wa Kush Wit, Volume 2, p. 58

CBFWA-Generated Information

Database Administrator notes on the history of this proposal form: None
Type of Project (assigned by CBFWA Analysts): anadromous

Section 2. Past Accomplishments

n/a or no information

Section 3. Relationships to Other Projects

Project ID Title Description Umbrella
20510 Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project No

Section 4. Objectives, Tasks and Schedules

Objectives and Tasks

Objective Task
1. Monitor and evaluate Yakima River temperature regime for salmonid habitat. a. Convene inter-agency advisory group.
1. b. Place monitoring devices, download data at regular intervals.
2. Evaluate alternative water and land management scenarios with calibrated water temperature model. a. Upgrade existing SNTEMP software to modern computing standards.
2. b. Obtain additiona model parameter data.
2. c. Calibrate water temperature model.
2. d. Develop and evaluate alternative water/land management scenarios.

Objective Schedules and Costs

Objective Start Date End Date Measurable Biological Objectives Milestone FY 2000 Cost %
1 03/01/99 03/01/01 Evaluate Yakima River temperature regime for salmonid habitat. 32.0%
2 10/01/99 12/01/01 68.0%

Section 5. Estimated Budget Summary

Itemized Budget

Item Note FY 2000 Cost
Personnel Principal associate, computer programmer, field technicians $ 74,700
Fringe $ 0
Supplies $ 2,000
Capital Computer for programmer, technicians. $ 5,000
Indirect $ 3,000
Total Itemized Budget $ 84,700

Total estimated budget

Total FY 2000 project cost $ 84,700
Amount anticipated from previously committed BPA Funds $ 0
Total FY 2000 budget request $ 84,700
FY 2000 forecast from 1999 $ 0
% change from forecast 0.0%

Reason for change in estimated budget

Not applicable

Reason for change in scope

Not applicable

Cost Sharing

Organization Item or service provided Amount Cash or In-Kind
Yakima Basin Joint Board Equipement and Labor $ 22,000 unknown


Outyear Budget Totals

2001 2002
All Phases $ 60,000 $ 60,000
Total Outyear Budgets $ 60,000 $ 60,000

Other Budget Explanation

Not applicable

Section 6. References

Reference Watershed?
Bartholow, J.M, 1989. Stream temperature investigations: field and analytic techniques. Instream Flow Information Paper No. 13. U.S. Fish Wildl. Serv. Biol. Rep. 89(17). 139 pp. No
Bartholow, J.M, 1996. Sensitivity of a salmon population model to alternative formulations and initial conditions. Ecological Modeling 88(215-226). No
Chapman, D., C. Peven, T. Hillman, A. Giorgi,, and F. Utter. 1994. Status of summer steelhead in the Mid-Columbia River. Don Chapman Consultants, Biose, Idaho 83705. No
Healey, M.C. 1991. Life history of chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), in C. Groot and L. Margolis (eds.): Pacific salmon life histories. University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, B.C. 564 pp. No
Rinella, J.F., S.W. McKenzie, and G.J. Fuhrer, 1992. Surface water quality assessment of the Yakima River Basin, Washington: analysis of available water quality data through 1985 water year. U.S.G.S. Open File Report 91-453. Portland, OR. No
Vaccaro, J.J., 1986. Simulation of streamflow temperatures in the Yakima River Basin, Washington, April-Octobler 1981. Water Resources Investigations Report 85-4232. U.S. Dept. of Interior Geological Survey, Tacoma, WA. 91 pp. No
WDOE, 1998. A total maximum daily load evaluation report for suspended sediment and DDT in the lower Yakima River Basin, Washington. Washington Dept. of Ecology, Olympia, WA. 126 pp. No

Section 7. Abstract


Water temperature strongly influences invertebrate and fish community structure, growth rates, and life history characteristics. The land and water resources of the Yakima River Basin have been developed extensively by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Yakima Project, primarily for irrigated agriculture and hydroelectric power generation. Water temperature as a fish habitat parameter has not been monitored in a comprehensive program throughout the Yakima Basin, nor has a model been developed to evaluate alternative management scenarios. The long term objectives of this proposal are to develop a program to (1) monitor water temperatures, (2) upgrade existing SNTEMP software to modern standards, (3) obtain additional data to calibrate an SNTEMP model for the Yakima Basin, and (4) evaluate alternative management scenarios. User-friendly computer software for temperature modeling would benefit fish restoration efforts in the entire region. An incremental water temperature model for the Yakima Basin will benefit fisheries, water, and land management in the Basin by providing a scientific means of evaluation.

Reviews and Recommendations

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