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Section 1. General Administrative information
Section 2. Past accomplishments
Section 3. Relationships to other projects
Section 4. Budgets for planning/design phase
Section 5. Budgets for construction/implementation phase
Section 6. Budgets for operations/maintenance phase
Section 7. Budgets for monitoring/evaluation phase
Section 8. Budget Summary

Reviews and Recommendations
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Section 1. General Administrative Information

Title of Project Proposal Resident Fish Stock Status Above Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee Dams
BPA Project Proposal Number 199700400
Business name of agency, institution,
or organization requesting funding
Kalispel Tribe of Indians
Business acronym (if appropriate) KNRD

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

Name Neil Lockwood
Mailing Address P.O. Box 39
City, State, Zip Usk, WA 99180
Phone 5094451147
Fax 5094455302
Manager of program authorizing this project Joseph Maroney
Review Cycle FY 2001 Ongoing
Province Systemwide
Subbasin Systemwide
Short Description Assess the stocks and status of all 36 resident fish species known to exist in the blocked area. Investigate interactions between species and habitats. Recommend and implement management actions for blocked area fisheries based on investigations.
Target Species

Project Location

[No information]

Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs)

Sponsor-Reported Relevant RPAs

Sponsor listed no RPAs for this project proposal

Relevant RPAs based upon NMFS & BPA Review

NMFS and BPA did not associate any reasonable and prudent alternatives with this project proposal

Biological Outcomes of this project: This project was designed jointly to address fisheries needs throughout the blocked area. Currently, a great deal of blocked area fisheries information exists but is not available to the managers. Much of the data collected throughout the blocked area is in hard copy form, in file cabinets, unanalyzed. This project will serve to input existing data, analyze existing data, coordinate collection methodologies, identify critical data gaps, and recommend research that will fill data gaps. Coordination and data sharing will eliminate research redundancy, thus streamlining funding sources (BPA and other sources). The principle biological outcome will be a full accounting of population composition and structure, relative densities, species interactions and habitat quality and availability for the entire blocked area.
Biological Data: Spatial information, in GIS format, that links historical data collection and ongoing collections to the water bodies within the blocked area.

CBFWA-Generated Information

Database Administrator notes on the history of this proposal form: None
Type of Project (assigned by CBFWA Analysts): resident

Section 2. Past Accomplishments

Year Accomplishment
1997 Formalized blocked area coordination group represented by the Kalispel Natural Resource Department, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Spokane Tribe of Indians, and Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.
1998 Collection of historical data on the streams and lakes of the Spokane Indian Reservation (SIR).
1998 Box Canyon adfluvial trapping project
1999 Coordinated methods for blocked area fisheries assessments
1999 Began fish and habitat assessments on tributaries of the SIR (Concentrating mainly on Sand Creek)
1999 Began water quality and productivity sampling of lakes on SIR
1999 Gather all known existing data.
1999 Constructed data storage and analysis system.
1999 Box Canyon Reservoir migratory report
1999 Spokane River historical assessment, previously collected data report
2000 Continue fish (snorkel/electroshocking) and habitat assessments on tributaries of the SIR (Concentrating on Blue Creek, Oyachen, Orzada, and Castle Rock)
2000 Conduct sampling on Boundary Reservoir
2000 Conducted habitat assessments and snorkeling surveys on tributaries to Boundary Reservoir
2000 Ecological investigations on lakes on the Colville Reservation

Section 3. Relationships to Other Projects

n/a or no information

Section 4. Budget for Planning and Design Phase

Task-based Budget

Objective Task Duration in FYs Estimated 2001 cost Subcontractor
1. Project administration, organization and coordination. a. Ensure project is achieving objectives. $ 11,000  
b. Meet at a minimum on a quarterly basis to determine progress of project. $ 12,000 x
c. GIS and data management $ 49,000 x
d. Research and development of study plans for future work. $ 33,000 x

Outyear Objective-Based Budget

n/a or no information

Outyear Budgets for Planning and Design Phase

FY 2003 FY 2005 FY 2004 FY 2002
$110,000 $114,000 $112,000 $108,000

Section 5. Budget for Construction and Implementation Phase

Task-based Budget

n/a or no information

Outyear Objective-Based Budget

n/a or no information

Outyear Budgets for Construction and Implementation Phase

n/a or no information

Section 6. Budget for Operations and Maintenance Phase

Task-based Budget

n/a or no information

Outyear Objective-Based Budget

n/a or no information

Outyear Budgets for Operations and Maintenance Phase

n/a or no information

Section 7. Budget for Monitoring and Evaluation Phase

Task-based Budget

Objective Task Duration in FYs Estimated 2001 cost Subcontractor
1. Compile stocking and baseline ecological information for North Skookum, South Skookum, and Browns lakes. a. Collect baseline ecological information on North Skookum, South Skookum, and Browns lakes. 1 $ 41,000  
b. Compile WDFW stocking records for the lakes. 1 $ 4,000  
c. Construction, repair, and maintenance of field equipment. 1 $ 10,000  
d. Input data from sampling and quality control. 1 $ 12,000  
e. Analyze scales. 1 $ 10,000  
d. Report based on collected information, established biological objectives and prescribe management strategies. 1 $ 15,000  
2. Describe adfluvial salmonid migrations on Tacoma Creek a. Place upstream and downstream migratory traps and weirs in Tacoma Creek 1 $ 6,000  
b. Monitor traps daily for fish movements 1 $ 9,000  
c. Maintain traps and weirs daily. 1 $ 9,000  
d. Input, analyze and report research results. 1 $ 10,000  
4. Continue collecting information and filling data gaps. Work will concentrate on the lakes and streams on the SIR as well as surveys on streams flowing onto the SIR. a. Perform fish and habitat survey on Little Tshimikain Creek 1 $ 21,000 x
b. Begin fish and habitat survey on Tshimikain Creek 1 $ 22,000 x
c. Continue sampling water quality, productivity, and fish assemblages on lakes on the SIR. 5 $ 17,000 x
5. Estimate species present and relative densities in Little Spokane River Watershed. Estimate age structure of sport fish populations via scale analysis. a. Working with KNRD, design detailed sampling plans and schedules for implementation. 1 $ 6,000 x
b. Construction, repair, and maintenance of field equipment. 1 $ 15,000 x
c. Conduct field sampling to collect all potential species in all habitat types during all times of the year. 1 $ 45,000 x
d. Input data from sampling and quality control. 1 $ 14,000 x
e. Analyze scales. 1 $ 14,000 x
f. Analyze data and report results. 1 $ 15,000 x
g. Genetics collection and analysis 1 $ 31,000 x
6. Study biological integrity of lakes on the Colville Reservation. a. Determine fish dominance 1 $ 16,000 x
b. Determine relative abundance of Daphnia 1 $ 10,000 x
c. Identify dominant phytoplankton taxa. 1 $ 10,000 x
d. Determine zooplankton diversity, dominance and biomass. 1 $ 10,000 x
e. Determine status of littoral zone (macrophytes) 1 $ 8,000 x

Outyear Objective-Based Budget

n/a or no information

Outyear Budgets for Monitoring and Evaluation Phase

FY 2003 FY 2005 FY 2004 FY 2002
$390,000 $400,000 $395,000 $410,000

Section 8. Estimated Budget Summary

Itemized Budget

Item Note FY 2001 Cost
Personnel FTE: .8 $ 32,000
Fringe 33% $ 10,400
Supplies $ 5,000
Travel $ 1,000
Indirect 20% $ 9,600
Subcontractor Spokane Tribe $ 8,000
Subcontractor Colville Tribe $ 8,000
Subcontractor WDFW $ 17,000
Other Office space rent $ 14,000
Subcontractor Fish tagging $ 0
Personnel FTE: 1.8 $ 64,000
Fringe 33% $ 21,000
Supplies $ 10,000
Travel $ 9,000
Indirect 20.0% $ 21,000
Subcontractor WDFW $140,000
Subcontractor Spokane Tribe $ 61,000
Subcontractor Colville Tribe $ 54,000
Total Itemized Budget $485,000

Total estimated budget

Total FY 2001 project cost $485,000
Amount anticipated from previously committed BPA Funds $ 0
Total FY 2001 budget request $485,000
FY 2001 forecast from 2000 $438,000
% change from forecast 10.7%

Reason for change in estimated budget

This is a $47,000 (10.7%) increase from the 2000 projection spread over the 4 represented fish managers in the Joint Stock Project. The original projection was estimated while the storage facility and analysis system was still in the state of development. As data was compiled, a more accurate scope and budget to fill the data voids was developed.

Reason for change in scope

One of the primary goals of this project is to avoid having the database become a simple repository of information. Functionally it should sort the existing information and be used to drive the scope from year to year. The collection of existing information is beginning to drive the scope.

Cost Sharing

Not applicable

Outyear Budget Totals

2002 2003 2004 2005
Planning and design $108,000 $110,000 $112,000 $114,000
Monitoring and evaluation $410,000 $390,000 $395,000 $400,000
Total Outyear Budgets $518,000 $500,000 $507,000 $514,000

Other Budget Explanation

Not applicable

Reviews and Recommendations

This information was not provided on the original proposals, but was generated during the review process.

CBFWA Funding Recommendation Recommendation:
Jul 14, 2000

NWPPC Funding Recommendation Recommendation:
Sep 13, 2000
Rationale: Budget increase inappropriate in this review. Project expansion should be determined in provincial review

NW Power and Conservation Council's FY 2006 Project Funding Review Funding category:
May 2005
FY05 NPCC Start of Year:
FY06 NPCC Staff Preliminary:
FY06 NPCC July Draft Start of Year:
Sponsor (Kalispel Tribe Of Indians) Comments (Go to Original on NPCC Website):

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