Rescheduling Request for FY 2006, Project 200001600

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SOTR Project & Correspondence
Pisces Report
Project Status Work Funded
Section 1: General Administrative Information
BPA Project Number: 200001600
BPA Project Name: Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge Additions
BPA Contract Number,
Release and Name
(if applicable):
No 1: 29588 Release: Contract Name: 2000-016-00 EXP Tualatin River NWR
COTR/BPA Project Manager: Dorothy Welch
Agency, Institution or Organization Requesting Rescheduling: Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge
Funding Type: expense
Contact Person
First Name: Peter
Last Name Schmidt
Address: 19255 SW Pacific HWY
City, State Zip: Sherwood, OR 97140
Phone: 503-625-5944
Fax: 503-625-5947

Section 2: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Original Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2006: $67,750
Proposed Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2007: $47,922
Explanation or Additional Information: **This request is being made to reschedule funds from FY 07 to FY 08** Our FY 07 contract funding was received as two separate contract amendments. Some of the work (planting native Garry oaks) for this task was accomplished with funding from the first amendment. We did not receive funding through the second amendment until July 2007 and this contract expires in September 2007. It is not feasable to plant native Garry oaks during this time period.

Section 3: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Activity Description Original Start Date Original End Date New Start Date New End Date Condition/Situation Creating the Need to Reschedule Cost What Will Enable the Work to be Achieved Now?
Native oaks will be planted on 117 acres in clumps and rows. Trees will be installed along with protective tree tubes, and mulch will be applied. Bamboo stakes will be installed to aid in locating trees for future monitoring and maintenance.  10/1/2006  9/28/2007  10/1/2007  9/26/2008  Final funding for this task was not received until July 2007, and our contract expires in September 2007. It is not feasable to plant native Garry oak trees during this timeframe.  $47,922  Planting of native oaks will take place during winter 2007-08. 

Please explain why the following alternative funding solutions are not feasible and would jeopardize the project:
Reducing existing scope of project
(i.e., eliminating some activities planned for FY 2007 to accommodate the FY 2006 activities)
Future funding (FY 08) is scheduled to complete planting of native oak savanna habitat type. Loss of this funding would leave incomplete one of the largest oak savanna restoration projects in the Willamette Valley. Oak savanna habitat is one of the most imperiled habitat types in the Willamette Valley. Further, funding scheduled for FY 08 will provide for maintenance of past projects funded under the Integrated Fish & Wildlife Program.
Shifting entire schedule
(i.e., deferring some FY 2007 activities to FY 2008 to avoid doubling up on activities this year)
Tualatin River NWR has been conducting habitat restoration for many years on a variety of habitat types. We are confident we can accomplish all FY 08 tasks in addition to the rescheduled task from FY 07. Both the rescheduled task and new tasks for FY 08 are similar in nature and will be accomplished simultaneously. Materials for this project have been procured and will be installed during winter 07-08.

Section 4: Documents Pertaining to this Reschedule
No documents are associated with this request