Rescheduling Request for FY 2006, Project 200711200

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SOTR Project & Correspondence
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Project Status Work Funded
Section 1: General Administrative Information
BPA Project Number: 200711200
BPA Project Name: Teanaway Watershed - Protect critical habitat and restore habitat forming processes
BPA Contract Number,
Release and Name
(if applicable):
COTR/BPA Project Manager: David Byrnes
Agency, Institution or Organization Requesting Rescheduling: Kittitas Conservation Trust
Funding Type: expense
Contact Person
First Name: David
Last Name Gerth
Address: P.O. Box 428
City, State Zip: Roslyn, WA 98941-0428
Phone: 509-649-2951
Fax: 509-649-2867

Section 2: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Original Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2006: $340,000
Proposed Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2007: $340,000
Explanation or Additional Information: The BOG request is to make the $340k scheduled for expenditure in FY07 to now be available throughout the remainder of the FY07-09 funding period. BPA funding for the Teanaway project was not practically available to the sponsor until April 2007. The riparian conservation easement protection component is part of a significant real estate transaction with mutiple partners. Negotiations have matured into a preliminary offer sheet scheduled for delivery to the seller in early FY08. Restoration worksites are being identified in a draft riparian revegetation plan.

Section 3: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Activity Description Original Start Date Original End Date New Start Date New End Date Condition/Situation Creating the Need to Reschedule Cost What Will Enable the Work to be Achieved Now?
Protection and restoratrion of high priority habitat to increase production of anadromous and resident salmonids in the upper Yakima Basin.  4/1/2007  9/30/2007  10/1/2007  9/30/2009  BPA funds not available before April 07. Development of a large conservation land purchase relies on coordination of several agencies and stakeholders.   $340,000  Landowner willingness to proceed. Sufficient fiscal capacity of land purchasing partnership. 

Please explain why the following alternative funding solutions are not feasible and would jeopardize the project:
Reducing existing scope of project
(i.e., eliminating some activities planned for FY 2007 to accommodate the FY 2006 activities)
The underlying real estate transaction that will enable riparian conservation easement conveyance has been in development for two years. The negotiated deal relies on all of many conservation funding sources, including BPA. A reduced scope would impact the habitat protection outcome in the Teanaway.
Shifting entire schedule
(i.e., deferring some FY 2007 activities to FY 2008 to avoid doubling up on activities this year)
This project's primary target is acquisition of riparian conservation easements. Shifting the entire schedule would result in lost opportunities.

Section 4: Documents Pertaining to this Reschedule
No documents are associated with this request