Rescheduling Request for FY 2007, Project 199604200

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SOTR Project & Correspondence
Pisces Report
Project Status Work Funded
Section 1: General Administrative Information
BPA Project Number: 199604200
BPA Project Name: Restore and Enhance Anadromous Fish Populations and Habitat in Salmon Creek
BPA Contract Number,
Release and Name
(if applicable):
No 1: 35989 Release: Contract Name: Salmon Creek Habitat Restoration Phase II
COTR/BPA Project Manager: Dave Roberts
Agency, Institution or Organization Requesting Rescheduling: Colville Confederated Tribes
Funding Type: expense
Contact Person
First Name: Christopher
Last Name Fisher
Address: 23 Brooks Tracts Road
City, State Zip: Omak, WA 98841
Phone: (509) 422-7427
Fax: (509) 422-7428

Section 2: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Original Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2007: $232,752
Proposed Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2008: $102,812
Explanation or Additional Information: When the cost estimate was prepared it was anticipated design would be needed for streambed contouring, pool excavation and weir construction in the lower reach of Salmon Creek which flows through the city limits of Okanogan. As the project progressed it became known that resting habitat (pools) for adult steelhead would be detrimental in the lower reach as they would encourage poaching and may contribute to stranding of juvenile steelhead during outmigration. Consequently passage improvement work in the lower reach was reduced to "rock plucking" and debris removal. The work antcipated for design and drawings for the lower reach was not necessary. In addition a hardened rock toe anticipated in the mid-channel was not included in final design because the landowner could not be contacted. Finally a boulder cascade was not included in the final design because it was learned the County is expected to replace the bridge at this location. The result of limiting channel work to rock plucking and omitting design work at two other locations resulted in the cost savings. The cost savings will be re-directed to construction supervision during the implementation phase of the project.

Section 3: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Activity Description Original Start Date Original End Date New Start Date New End Date Condition/Situation Creating the Need to Reschedule Cost What Will Enable the Work to be Achieved Now?
The result of less intrusive channel construction techniques in the lower reach and omiiting design work at two sites have resulted in a reduction of $102,812. This money will be redirected to construction oversight.   11/1/2007  7/31/2008  8/1/2008  7/31/2009  Initially extensive/intrusive channel construction was anticipated, however upon feedback from landowners and County as well as reducing risk to migrating steelhead, costs were reduced.  $00  The channel will be constructed, however modifications to the original proposal were made based upon feedback from landowners and County.  

Please explain why the following alternative funding solutions are not feasible and would jeopardize the project:
Reducing existing scope of project
(i.e., eliminating some activities planned for FY 2008 to accommodate the FY 2007 activities)
See above.
Shifting entire schedule
(i.e., deferring some FY 2008 activities to FY 2009 to avoid doubling up on activities this year)
See above.

Section 4: Documents Pertaining to this Reschedule
No documents are associated with this request