Rescheduling Request for FY 2007, Project 200301100

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Project Status Work Funded
Section 1: General Administrative Information
BPA Project Number: 200301100
BPA Project Name: Habitat Restoration
BPA Contract Number,
Release and Name
(if applicable):
No 1: 35012 Release: Contract Name:
COTR/BPA Project Manager: Tracey Yerxa
Agency, Institution or Organization Requesting Rescheduling: Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership
Funding Type: expense
Contact Person
First Name: Patti
Last Name Howard
Address: 811 SW Naito Pkwy, Suite 120
City, State Zip: Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503-226-1565
Fax: 503-226-1580

Section 2: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Original Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2007: $36,000
Proposed Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2008: $41,275
Explanation or Additional Information: The Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership requests that$41,275.00 from the Estuary Partnership’s September 15, 2007 – September 14, 2008 contract with BPA be rescheduled to the September 15, 2008 – September 14, 2008 contract year.

The $41,275 amount can be broken down into two components – 1) an on-the-ground project by Clark Public Utilities that did not take place when willing landowners became unwilling late the in the project due to their property being newly included in an Urban Growth Boundary - $36,000 and 2) a small amount of unallocated funds in 2007-2008 - $5,275.

1) Clark Public Utilities was scheduled to implement a large wood placement project at a number of properties along Salmon Creek in Clark County Washington. Restoration was scheduled to install sixty pieces of large woody debris for bank stabilization and fish habitat. Another component, not funded by BPA, would have installed 18,000 riparian plantings.

The reason for the project’s cancellation is a change in landowner willingness. Prior to project contracting, Clark Public Utilities had a suite of private landowners willing to have large wood placed on their property to benefit fish habitat and help stabilize banks. However, during 2007-2008 year, Clark County adopted a revised Comprehensive Plan that expanded the urban growth areas in the County by 19 square miles. The expansion encompassed the property scheduled for enhancement.

After their land was included within the new urban growth boundary, the formerly willing landowners decided not to go forward with the project until they determined what new options may be available would be a result of the zoning change.

Clark Public Utilities attempted to find a new suite of willing landowners but was unable to do so within a timeline that would have allowed for necessary permitting and cultural resource inventory requirements.

2) The Estuary Partnership worked hard to expend Habitat Restoration funds from the 2007-2008 contract year to achieve environmental benefits. However, a small portion ($5,275) of the $2,011,404 BPA Approved Expense Budget for the period was not allocated to projects and will not be expended by the September 14 contract end date.

Section 3: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Activity Description Original Start Date Original End Date New Start Date New End Date Condition/Situation Creating the Need to Reschedule Cost What Will Enable the Work to be Achieved Now?
The Estuary Partnership proposes using the rescheduled funds to provide engineering, hydrogeology, and other technical assistance to restoration partners. Technical assistance will help partners develop and implement on-the-ground restoration projects.  9/15/2007  9/14/2008  9/15/2008  9/14/2009  Funds are being proposed for rescheduling primarily because the Clark Public Utilities project on Salmon Creek fell through and a lack of willing landowners makes the extending the project unfeasible.   $41,275  The Estuary Partnership will administer the technical assistance and provide restoration partners with access to the technical resources. Technical assistance will help partners develop conceptual designs for restoration projects, estimate project costs, and ensure project designs are sound. 

Please explain why the following alternative funding solutions are not feasible and would jeopardize the project:
Reducing existing scope of project
(i.e., eliminating some activities planned for FY 2008 to accommodate the FY 2007 activities)
The scope of the Clark Public Utilities project was not large. For the project to be feasible, achieve meaningful environmental benefits, and be worth the time and resources necessary to undertake it, a certain size level must be achieved. A smaller project with a reduce scope of work would not have achieved those elements.
Shifting entire schedule
(i.e., deferring some FY 2008 activities to FY 2009 to avoid doubling up on activities this year)
Without willing landowners, the Clark Public Utilities project along the Salmon River in Clark County Washington can not move forward. The subcontractor does not believe that willing landowner could be found and environmental compliance done within a time frame that would make the project feasible within a shifted schedule timeline.

Section 4: Documents Pertaining to this Reschedule
No documents are associated with this request