Rescheduling Request for FY 2007, Project 199705100

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SOTR Project & Correspondence
Pisces Report
Project Status Work Funded
Section 1: General Administrative Information
BPA Project Number: 199705100
BPA Project Name: Yakima Side Channels
BPA Contract Number,
Release and Name
(if applicable):
COTR/BPA Project Manager: Patty Smith
Agency, Institution or Organization Requesting Rescheduling: Yakama Nation
Funding Type: expense
Contact Person
First Name: Scott
Last Name Nicolai
Address: 201 North Pearl Street
City, State Zip: Ellensburg WA 98926
Phone: 509 962-6142
Fax: 509 925-4702

Section 2: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Original Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2007: $500,000
Proposed Budget for Rescheduled Activities FY 2008: $500,000
Explanation or Additional Information: Because these are 07-09 funding (not Accord dollars) we will need to do a reschedule to move any unspent money from 09 forward. Therefore, we are requesting a reschedule of $1,030,000 to 2010.

Section 3: Financial Information/Budget for Rescheduled Activities
Activity Description Original Start Date Original End Date New Start Date New End Date Condition/Situation Creating the Need to Reschedule Cost What Will Enable the Work to be Achieved Now?
Request reschedule to allow for protection of numerous properties, possibly including Hundley, BNSF, Lakeshore, Granger, Merten, O'Neil, Floyd and SunTides parcels.   10/1/1997  9/1/2017  10/1/1997  9/1/2017  Appraisal reviews and negotiations have required additional time.   $00  Additional time will allow for requisite reviews and landowners negotiations by BPA.  

Please explain why the following alternative funding solutions are not feasible and would jeopardize the project:
Reducing existing scope of project
(i.e., eliminating some activities planned for FY 2008 to accommodate the FY 2007 activities)
Habitat Protection activities are ongoing in the Yakima, with an abundance of unprotected parcels in high priority areas.
Shifting entire schedule
(i.e., deferring some FY 2008 activities to FY 2009 to avoid doubling up on activities this year)
Not applicable to these activities - this project involves habitat protection through fee title and Conservation Easement acquisitions. Tasks are repetitive as protection opportunities arise.

Section 4: Documents Pertaining to this Reschedule
No documents are associated with this request