FY 2007 Solicitation Homepage

Contacts for help with the solicitation process

Kind of Help Contact Agency Phone
General process & budget: Patty O'Toole NPCC 503-222-5161
Mark Fritsch NPCC 503-222-5161
Policy: Bob Austin BPA 503-230-4748
Online form technical help: Binh QuanCBFWA 503-229-0191
Narrative form & science review: Erik MerrillNPCC 503-222-5161
State-specific help:
     Oregon Karl WeistNPCC 503-229-5171
     Washington Tony Grover
Stacy Horton
     IdahoJoAnn HuntNPCC 208-334-6970
     Montana Kerry BergNPCC 406-444-3952

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