October 11, 2000

To:         Members Management Group (MMG)
From:      Brian Allee
Subject:  Draft 10/6/00 MMG Meeting Action Notes

October 6, 2000
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
CBFWA Office, Portland, OR

Obj. #1 = 100%

By Phone:

Ron Peters, CdAT; Fred Olney, USFWS; Gary James, CTUIR; Carl Scheeler, CTUIR, Chad Colter, SBT; Dave Statler, NPT; Dave Johnson, NPT; Lynn Hatcher, YIN; Susan Barnes, ODFW, Bert Bowler, IDFG; John Palensky, NMFS; Sue Ireland, KTI; Bob Foster, WDFW; Phil Roger, CRITFC, Brian Marotz, MDFW&P; Brian Allee, Tom Iverson, Tom Giese and Jann Eckman, CBFWA



FY 2001 Budget Decision

  • Discuss Budget Issue Paper
  • Discuss the draft consent letter and briefing points
  • Choose presenters for the 10/10/00 NWPPC meeting


Tom Giese summarized the budget issue points and CBFWA possible recommendations. General opinion was that the new projects should be funded with new money not from the $7.3M cut from ongoing projects. Letter should include a statement that if the NWPPC wants to change priorities then it should have been done in the collaborative process. It was felt that these recommendations should be discussed face to face with the NWPPC. ODFW objected to the 10/5/00 CBFWA draft letter and provided an alternative draft letter for MMG to review.



MMG agreed to work from the ODFW letter and integrate the important points in the CBFWA draft. Letter should 1) request a meeting; 2) request NWPPC hold the $7.3M until allocation can be resolved collaboratively; 3) recommend funding for the the additional categories should come from outside the Program’s Direct F/W Budget; and 4) if NWPPC changes priorities, recommend they do it openly. Staff will revise the letter and forward it to the MMG before 2 p.m. for review. Any edits will be incorporated and the letter will go out for Members consent mail approval with comments due by 12 p.m. on 10/9/00. MMG members will contact their policy representatives to inform them of the letter and seek approval.

MMG selected the following members to present the letter to the NWPPC on 10/10/00: Don Sampson, CRITFC; Kathryn Brigham, CTUIR; Bert Bowler, IDFG; Guy Norman, ODFW; Ron Peters/Robert Matt, CdAT; Joe Peone, CCT; James Holt/Dave Johnson, NPT and Chad would call to try and get Guy Dodson, SPT to be a presenter too. The presenters and CBFWA staff will meet at 10:00 am at the NWPPC prior to the meeting to coordinate the presentation.

MMG directed Brian to call Bob Lohn to remind him about CBFW getting on the agenda and requested CBFWA staff send them a copy of the NWPPC meeting agenda.