January 4, 2000


Members Management Group (MMG)


Brian Allee


Draft December 4, 2000 MMG Action Notes

Members Management Group Meeting/Conference Call

Monday, December 4, 2000
1:00 2:15 PM (Pacific Time)
Conference Line 503-229-0191 ext. 7099@
CBFWA Office, Portland, OR

Draft Action Notes


On phone:

Kathie Titzler, Brian Allee, Tom Giese, Tom Iverson, Frank Young, Neil Ward, CBFWA.

Ron Peters & Robert Matt, CdAT; Guy Dodson, SPT; Lynn Hatcher & Theodora Strong, YN; Rob Lothrup & Phil Roger, CRITFC; Bob Foster, WDFW; Amos First Raised, BPT; Bert Bowler, IDFG; Roy Sampsel, Consultant; Dave Statler, NPT; Ron Boyce, ODFW; John Palensky, NMFS; Sue Ireland, CSKT; B.J. Kieffer, Spokane Tribe; Fred Olney, USFWS.

Time Allocation:

Objective 1. Project Renewal 50%

Objective 2. Subbasin Summaries 50%


CBFWA Recommendations for Additional Project Funding in FY 2001 and CBFWA Budget Comments to the Northwest Power Planning Council (NWPPC)


Six projects were submitted to the NWPPC. Doug Marker recommended funding five. Doug Marker did not recommend the Little Canyon project request for $2,500 because it would set a precedent for changes in tasks, when funds are left over.

Discussion Continued:

Thirty-one projects requested to be reinstated. Doug Marker asked that the COTRs at Bonneville Power Administration address the following questions:

  1. Is the change of scope beyond FY 2000?
  2. Is there a line item with new work?
  3. Is the funding need urgent?

The NWPPC will then either decide to approve, delay until January 3, 2001, or turn down the reinstatement requests. If a project is either delayed or turned down, the NWPPC should be urged to provide rationale for their decision.


Update on Subbasin Planning


There were no objections to the CBFWA letter to Chairman Frank Cassidy.

Rod Sando will present the letter at the December 5, 2000 NWPPC meeting. As directed by the Members, the letter requests:

  • "Planning for the Plan."
  • Phase 2 Subbasin Planning should be a collaborative effort and involve the Fish and Wildlife Managers with the NWPPC.
  • The initiation date of Phase 2 needs to be determined.

Rod Sandos talking points from the October 2000 Members Meeting will be distributed to MMG.

Tom Giese will develop the talking points for the December 5, 2000 NWPPC Meeting.


CBFWAs Presentation of the Subbasin Summaries and Project Recommendations for the Columbia Gorge and Inter-Mountain Provinces


Tom Iversons presentation is scheduled at 1:30 p.m., December 5th at the NWPPC meeting. Tom I. led a brief discussion on the importance of supporting the CBFWA recommendation with a presentation and explanation.

Chairman Frank Cassidy requested 90 days to review CBFWAs recommendations.