March 27, 2001


Members Management Group (MMG)


Brian Allee


Draft 3/26/01 MMG Action Notes

March 26, 2001
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
CBFWA Office, Portland, OR

Draft Action Notes


Phil Roger, CRITFC; Fred Olney, USFWS; Susan Barnes, ODFW, Roy Sampsel, CRITFC; Kathie Titzler, Frank Young, Tom Giese, Jann Eckman, Tom Iverson, Neil Ward, CBFWA

By Phone:

Gary James, CTUIR; Sue Ireland, KTI; Brian Marotz, MDFWP; Amos First Raised, BPT, Dan Gonzales, BPT; Robert Matt, CdAT; Lynn Hatcher, YN, Theodora Strong, YN; Bob Foster, WDFW; Ron Peters, CdAT; Bert Bowler, IDFG; Bill Tweit, WDFW; Carl Scheeler, CTUIR; Dave Statler, NPT; B.J. Kieffer, ST

Time Allocation:

Objective 1. FY 2002 Renewal Process
Objective 2. Rolling Province Review and Subbasin Summaries
Objective 3. FY 2001 Adjustments



Update on FY 2001 Budgets Reports from Tom Giese and the F&W Committees


Tom Giese reviewed updated tables from the 3/16/01 Quarterly Review meeting. The wildlife number is uncertain due to questioning allocation on Data Management (Item 2) and ODFW/BPA numbers. Robert asked on a policy level what is the priority. Is it to fund the projects identified out of the rolling review process prior to other projects being allocated placeholder funds? We should state that we have used all funds regardless of the placeholder allocation to fund all ongoing projects at the recommended level and the new starts identified in the provincial review process, then go with requests for the other new projects

(coordination contract, etc.). Concerns were expressed that we were changing the allocation percentage. It was clarified that we are not changing the allocation percentage, but listing project needs and placeholder funds. Any allocation changes would be addressed at a different meeting.

Roy advised the MMG to be very clear about what we want to accomplish capture it in a sentence, and have this discussion at the 4/12/01 Members Meeting also


Tom Giese will put a budget package together detailing the following:

1. Combine unallocated balances from three committees.

2. Identify the unfunded new starts and identify the rolling review recommendations as current needs.

3. Display in chronological order from 2000-2001 as part of the rolling provincial review as mandated by the NWPPC.

4. Separate additional funds for on-going and new starts.

He will send this package out to the MMG the morning of Wednesday, March 28th.


Request from Wildlife Committee to Not Fund Part of Data Management Place Holder


This item was discussed as part of Item 1.


Discuss Members Testimony at the NWPPC F&W Committee, April 3, 2001 in Boise


Bert asked who was going to participate in the meeting. Participants so far are: Bill Tweitt, WDFW; Carl Sheeler, CTUIR; Amos First-Raised and Dan Gonzales, BPT; Sue Ireland, KT, Theodora Strong, YN. Bert said we need a list of participants who will be at the pre-meeting and the focus will be funding. Carl said that he and Ron Boyce have already been discussing this issue with John Brogoitti. Roy said if we can get Stan Grace, we should ask him to bring Leo Giacometto and that he would be happy to take the funding package that Tom Giese is putting together to the NWPPC members and do one-on-one briefings. Roy asked if NMFS would be able to support this proposal and suggested MMG try to get Brian Brown or Donna Darm at the April 3rd meeting or at least participate by conference call. If we are not able to get them at the meeting perhaps we could get them to write a letter of support.


Bert will contact Fred Olney and Brian Brown to try and get Donna Darm to attend or write a letter of support. Carl will contact Brogoitti and try and get Stan Grace and Leo there. Carl will put together the agenda for the Brogoitti pre-meeting and CTUIR and ODFW will facilitate the meeting. Tom Giese will prepare his packet as directed under Item 1 and will present it, identified as the cost of putting the products together (in excess of available funds for those products), even though the cost was greater than those funds expended. The products will be the foundation for the subbasin plans.


FY 2001 Funding Requests from AFC Hagerman Research Center & Chumstick Culvert


Phil summarized the Hagerman request. He said that the AFC had reviewed on 3/21 and recommended it be forwarded to MMG for review and approval. Roy summarized the Chumstick request that was also approved by the AFC and recommended it be forwarded to the MMG.


MMG approved the Hagerman and Chumstick requests and recommended forwarding to Members for consent mail approval.