Date      May 31, 2001

To:        CBFWA Members Management Group (MMG)

From:     Brian Allee

Subject:  Draft Action Notes from 5/10/01 MMG Meeting

CBFWA Members Management Group

Meeting/Conference Call

9:15 am 2:40 pm

CBFWA Office

Portland, Oregon



Attendees: John Palensky, NMFS; Bert Bowler, IDFG; Theo Strong and Lynn Hatcher, YIN; Ron Boyce, ODFW; Fred Olney, USFWS; Phil Roger, CRITFC; Brian Allee, Kathie Titzler, Tom Giese and Mary Marvin, CBFWA.

On the phone: Mary Verner, STI; Sue Ireland, KTI; Ron Peters, CdA; Dave Statler, NPT; Carl Scheeler, CTUIR; Doug Taki and Chad Colter, SBT.

Time Allocation:

CBFWA Members Coordination Contract*

Objective 1. FY 2002 Project Renewal Process 47%

Objective 2. Rolling Province Review and 2%

Subbasin Summaries

Objective 3. FY 2001 Project Adjustments 45%

Other Business 6%

*Not all agenda items support the objectives identified in the coordination contract.


Two items were added to the agenda and the agenda was amended to adapt to the various schedules of the participants. What follows is the revised agenda in the order that the items were discussed.



9:30 10:00

FY 2002 Budget


Tom Giese reported that there are three provincial groups anticipating renewals: the Intermountain/Columbia Gorge, the Mountain Columbia, and the Columbia Plateau. The Intermountain/Gorge needs to confirm the 2002 budget levels, and the last two provinces are being scrutinized now. All other projects are being asked to update their ongoing work. If the resulting budgets are above the 2001 funding levels, they will be carefully reviewed by the Council.

Tom stated that Doug Marker recognizes there are exceptions in some cases, especially in construction, but the parameters are vague. TG will work on a graphic representation to clarify the budget process. There are various interpretations of form language; Dougs interpretation is more restrictive. Tom suggests that Dougs interpretation will be applied again in 2002.

New projects in the Columbia Plateau are being reviewed and CBFWA supports these projects. If approved through the Rolling Provincial Review, new projects can be submitted. New requests for the Blue Mountain and Mountain Snake go out June 8.

At present there is no target budget for 2002 and beyond. Tom advises that sponsors review the subbasin summaries, the goals, objectives and strategies, take a clear look at what can be done and include those projects that can realistically be accomplished. If a good job is done on the summaries, all the information should be available for the next new rate case.

BPA will not be offering a planning figure for 2002, although there is a $15M emergency fund for spill mitigation that is being offered (see Item 2).


10:00 11:00

BPA Power system Emergency Project Solicitation


BPA will be sending a solicitation to the Council, which will offer $15M for mitigation. CBFWA may want to provide the Council with recommendations regarding innovative and high priority projects. This solicitation appears to be BPAs response to public and private concerns over power vs. fish. It was felt that BPA was offering the money as an appeasement to the fish and wildlife programs. The MMG urged caution in accepting the money; the focus needs to be mitigation. Lynn Hatcher stated that tribal attorneys are involved in this issue, and he will make sure that the attorneys have a copy of BPAs proposal.

Brian Allee believes the MMG is on the right track. They need to know how the criteria were developed and what are the impacts; they need to redefine the process, and work with BPA to evaluate the impacts of the drought. Carl Scheeler urged that this issue be looked at from an operational standpoint as it may recur next year.

John Palensky felt that BPAs proposal seemed to imply that there are many proposals that have not previously been presented, which, for $15M, can be implemented immediately. This is not the case. He feels that this solicitation is acceleration not mitigation.

All attendees agreed that mitigation this year is spill, no matter what it costs. There are other ways to pay for it, and it is unconscionable to mitigate for no spill. Mary Verner suggested that, rather than refuse the $15M, request that BPA coordinate with the managers where that money would be best spent. Needs have already been identified.


  • CBFWA will draft a letter to BPA and the Council which points out the flawed nature of the solicitation process, quantifies the real impacts, develops a strategy to monitor impacts and mitigation.
  • The MMG suggested CBFWA work with BPA and the Council on this issue.
  • The letter will be sent out as a Consent Mail for Member approval.
  • Neil Ward will put this issue on the Resident Fish agenda as soon as possible.


11:00 12:20

FY 2001 Budget Request


Brian sent Alternatives 1 and 2 to the Council on 5/4 and asked for a deferral. The 2001 budget request is on the agenda for the Fish 4 meeting tomorrow as a briefing. Brian recapped the meeting CBFWA had with Jim Kempton in Idaho to discuss example subbasin summaries and provincial reviews. To ensure the budget is kept current, it is important that time sheets be submitted to Kathie promptly. Only information that has been billed is reported to the Council, which doesnt support the request for additional funds.

The "sharpened pencil" (reduced cost) budget will be sent to the Council on May 23.

Carl and Ron met with John Brogoitti and Eric Bloch. They reported they would not be scaling back on subbasin summaries, and they want to develop an integrated scope and budget in Oregon subbasins and apply this model region-wide. They will also have a meeting with the subbasin tribes and members on 5/14 at 10:00 a.m. The intent is to introduce the proposal to the Council on 6/4. Lynn stated that he will have a meeting with the Upper Salmon Recovery Board, Frank Cassidy, Tom Karier and others to discuss this issue. He is also working with local groups. Bert asked if CBFWA should coordinate a meeting between WDFW and the Council on this issue.

Kathie and Brian gave an overview of the spreadsheets, identifying requested amounts by agency and tribe, by task, and by subbasin. Dave Statler said that the Nez Perce are active in the Grande Ronde subbasin now, and a substantial budget reduction is anticipated. Lynn reported that a lead writer is being recruited for the Upper Columbia. They are trying to adhere to a smaller budget with donated Federal labor, although the technical writer will be paid.

Ron Boyce felt that, at minimum, a decision is needed on the additional budget requests for ongoing projects, such as pending subbasin summaries. This request will be made at the meeting on 6/5/01 and will address subsequent subbasin reviews, definition of the game plan, strategy, and refinement of the budget.

Kathie reported that four or five of the subbasins have already submitted reduced budgets. She received assurances from Dave Statler and Carl Scheeler that their reduced budgets would be forthcoming.


  • CBFWA will coordinate a meeting in Boise on Tuesday, May 15 at the IDFG office.
  • Revised budgets will be submitted to Kathie by COB on Friday, May 18, after the meeting between the Sho-Ban Tribe, Chad Colter, and ODFW.


1:25 1:55

FY 2001 Within Year Budget Requests



Roy Sampsel met with the Sho-Ban Tribe and the Council on 5/7/01. There has been a request by the Tribe to rephrase a sentence regarding inclusion of the Tribe and all other tribes in the entire scope of the program, and Lionel also requested an apology be included. A site visit with the University of Idaho is scheduled for all interested parties on 5/30.

Chumstick Culvert

Not discussed.

Allocation of Reserves

Several budgets have balances owed them, which exceed their current amounts available. Doug Marker has requested that CBFWA keep him informed of the status of these balances.


  • By COB on 5/18/01, Kathie will poll the Members and will obtain from them accurate dollar amounts owed them.
  • An MMG meeting will be scheduled for Wednesday, May 23 from 2:30 to 3:30 in the CBFWA office to discuss how to allocate the reserves based on the information Kathie receives.


1:55 2:00

Fish Passage Center (FPC) Board of Directors


A request has been made in writing to the Council regarding the reconfiguration of the FPC Oversight Board and inviting the Council to join the Board of Directors. A list of concerns from Bob Lohn, NWPPC, has not been received. Current Board members are Brian Marotz, Jim Ruff, Ron Boyce, Bob Heinith, Keith Kutchins, and Keith Underwood.


2:00 2:25

Mainstem Program Amendments


Fred Olney asked the MMG to review the draft letter to Frank Cassidy, which is a response to the Councils 3/14 request for recommendations for elements of a mainstem plan to be adopted for the Columbia and Snake rivers as an amendment to the Councils FY2000 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. Brian said that, after the draft is approved, a second letter should go to the Council reasserting FPCs importance in this issue.


  • The draft letter will be sent out to the Members this week for their comments. The comments are to be returned to Freds committee of three by May 25. A new draft will be assembled and sent out again as a consent mail in time for the final letter to be sent to the Council on June 15. There will be an MMG meeting to address the key themes on May 31 from 9:00 to noon at the CBFWA office.


2:25 2:30

April 27, 2001 Federal Executive's Meeting


Brian Marotz reported that he attended the meeting. BPA spent some time reporting on their efforts to maintain their financial solvency and make their bond payments. John Palensky discussed the 5-year and 1-year plans BPA is considering reviewing again. There is another Regional Executives Meeting at the Embassy Suites tomorrow, May 11 regarding river options.


2:30 2:35

HB 1647 Electricity Emergency Relief Act


This allows the Direct Service Industries to continue the purchase of electricity for California from BPA. Generally, the MMG felt this Act was a disservice to the environmental issues.


2:35 2:40

NMFS Columbia Plateau Guidance


The rationale in this document applies to all anadromous provinces for meeting the BiOp for conducting evaluations. It can be found at the CBFWA website and at NMFSs website on the hydro page.

ITEM 10:

Idaho Tribe Meeting with the Northwest Power Planning Council


This item was briefly mentioned in Item 3, but not discussed as a separate item.