June 3, 2003


Members Management Group


Jann Eckman 


Action Notes for 6/2/03 Emergency MMG Meeting





Monday, June 2, 2003

1:00 p.m. 2:40 p.m.

CBFWA Office, Portland, Or



Paul Lumley, CRITFC; Jann Eckman, Trina Gerlack, Tom Giese, Tom Iverson, Tana Klum, Rodney W. Sando, Neil Ward, and Frank Young, CBFWA

By Phone:

Amos First Raised, BPT; Chris Fisher, CTCR; Gary James, CTUIR; Peter Hassemer, IDFG; Barry Espenson, Columbia Basin Bulletin; Ray Entz, KT; Scott Soults, KTI; Keith Wolf, KWA Ecological Sciences Inc.; John Palensky, NMFS; Ed Larson, Dave B. Johnson, and Dave Statler, NPT; Tony Nigro, ODFW; Doug Taki, SBT; Fred Olney, USFWS; Mary Verner, UCUT; Harold R. Harty; WDFW; and Paul Ward, YN

Time Allocation:

Objective 1. Project Recommendations

Objective 2. Regional Issues

Objective 3. Annual Report





Action Notes


ITEM 1:  Discussion:

NWPPCs Mainstem/Systemwide FY 2004-2006 Funding Recommendation as it relates to the CBFWA Contract

Frank Young presented a draft letter responding to the current NWPCC staff project funding recommendation that proposes reducing CBFWA funding by 40%.   MMG discussed the funding recommendation and provided draft edits to the letter. 


Frank Young will revise the draft letter and incorporate the MMG's edits.  The draft letter will be sent to the NWPCC by close of business June 2, 2003 and forwarded to the Members for consent mail approval with a response deadline of Friday, June, 6, 2003.  After Members approval the final draft will be presented to the NWPCC by John Palensky, Pete Hassemer and a Tribal representative (TBA) at the June 10-12 NWPCC Meeting in Boise.

ITEM 2:  Discussion:

Technical Review and Recommendation on Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery Request

Pete Hassemer provided an overview of the draft letter to the NWPCC supporting the modifications to the NPT hatchery to maintain consistency with production methodologies and the April 25, 2003 funding request by the Nez Perce Tribe to make retrofit corrections in the NPTH design to meet the planned NATURES production goals.

The MMG discussed the possible budget uncertainties and lack of a within-year process placeholder.  They supported the needed improvements from a technical/biological standpoint, but did not want to include a budget recommendation.  The MMG asked if the request for comment was in writing from the NWPPC.  Ed Larson, NPT indicated that it was verbal communication between the NWPCC staff, CBFWA staff and BPA.


Tom Iverson will edit the draft letter by replacing "recommendation" with "response," having the letter be from the AFC to Dave Johnson, NPT (instead of the NWPPC), and supporting only the biological/technical issues associated with the request.  Pete Hassemer will develop a final draft prior to sending it to the AFC for expedited consent mail approval due Friday, June 6, 2003, with a copy to the MMG.


Because of budget uncertainties associated with the above issue the MMG has assigned, Tom Iverson and Rod Sando to draft a proactive FY03 funding letter to the BPA and NWPCC (for Members consent mail approval) addressing the uncertainties and concerns regarding budget implications, funding issues, 2003 unspent funds, project prioritizing for FY03 funding, and clarifying and identifying the Capital Plan.  Examples like working budgets and the NPT request should be included to represent why a process needs to be clarified and identified immediately.