July 26, 2001


Resident Fish Committee (RFC)


Brian Marotz


Action Notes for the July 24, 2001, RFC Meeting

If there are no objections within five days, these actions will be considered final.


Dave Ward (ODFW), Joe Maroney (KT), Ron Morinaka (BPA), Frank Young, Tom Iverson and Neil Ward (CBFWA)

By Phone:

Brian Marotz (MDFWP), Keith Underwood (STOI), Vinny Pero (SPT), Mike Faler (USFWS), Jim Uehara (WDFW), Sue Ireland (KTOI), Robert Walker (NWPPC), Ron Peters (CDAT), Bert Bowler and Pete Hassemer (IDFG), Linda Ulmer (USFS), Dave Moser (SBT)

Time Allocation:

Objective 1. FY 2002 Renewal Process

Objective 2. Rolling Province Review and Subbasin Summaries

Objective 3. FY 2001 Adjustments





Review Subbasin Review Team’s (SRT) Recommendations for Project Proposals for the Columbia Plateau Province

The results of the SRT review for Project Proposals 199405400, 25085, 25053, 25093, 25012, 25008, and 25092 from the Columbia Plateau Province were reviewed by the RFC. The funding recommendations that were developed by the Columbia Plateau SRT remained unchanged. However, the following comments (in bold) were added to the "Project Review Comments" column of the Columbia Plateau Project Review spreadsheet.

199405400 - This project now includes the proposed work submitted by the CTWSRO under the same project number as well as Objective 4 of the original 25088 proposal (i.e., pre-ISRP review) that was submitted by ODFW. ODFW and the CTWSRO will be cooperators on this project. The RFC questions whether it is BPA's responsibility to fund AFS protocol evaluations. The RFC also indicated that all ODFW bull trout proposals that will be submitted in the upcoming provinces should be grouped under one project number (i.e., 199405400).

25085 - The USFWS have identified brook trout/bull trout interactions as a region-wide concern. ODFW managers indicate the bull trout population is limited by the presence of brook trout. The USFWS and ODFW suggested that the eradication of brook trout from this area will be essential for the recovery of bull trout. The final listing recommends eradication of brook trout as a component of bull trout recovery. The RFC views brook trout control as a high priority to bull trout recovery. However, the RFC questions the study design/techniques and question whether it is possible to totally eradicate brook trout.

25053 - Tied to the USFWS bull trout Bi-Op. (No comments were added by the RFC)

25093 – Historically, freshwater mussels were an important subsistence species for the CTUIR. However, mussel populations have declined and as a result mussels can no longer be used for purposes of subsistence. Mussels have been listed as candidate species in the Willamette River. However, little, if anything, is known about freshwater mussel distribution, abundance and habitat quality east of the Cascades. The ODFW suggests that there is a need to initiate this type of work. The reviewers recommend that preliminary genetic analyses should be limited to mtDNA (RFLPs) analyses. Microsatellite analyses should only be used if mtDNA data are not conclusive. (No comments were added by the RFC).

25012 - The RFC agrees that the proposed work would address existing data gaps (e.g., distribution, critical habitat, migration, etc.). The BPA COTR for WDFW's bull trout project in the Columbia River Gorge Province suggested there needs to be coordination between the existing project and this proposed work. As a result, the RFC suggested the projects should be combined under the same project number as has been recommended for ODFW's Project 199405400. The RFC suggested that the funding of the presence/absence objective should be funded by the USFWS.

25008 - The project will indirectly provide habitat protection by providing the groundwork data necessary to evaluate habitat restoration activities. The RFC expressed concern that the proposed work appeared expensive for the areas that would be evaluated and that actions were unwarranted. Genetic analyses should not be conducted at this time. However, samples should be collected and stored in case analyses are needed in the future.

25092 - The outyear budgets are excessive. Implementation plan needs to be developed prior to funding implementation activities. Fund Objective 1 ($100,200). Implementation funding should be sought once the implementation plan has been developed.


Discuss and Identify Agenda/Activities for the August 7-8, 2001, RFC Meeting in Kalispell, MT

The following topics were identified as potential items for discussion during the August 7 RFC Meeting:

Item: Review/discuss the Subbasin Summary Process
Item: Future RFC responsibilities/roles
Item: RFC participation in the Artificial Production Advisory Committee
Item: Habitat Committee discussion
Item: Subbasin Planning update
Item: Review/discuss FCRP operations
Item: Discuss RFC participation at "Towards Ecosystem-Based Management: Breaking Down the Barriers in the Columbia River Basin and Beyond" Symposium

**A Draft Agenda for the August 7-8, 2001, RFC Meeting in Kalispell, MT will be distributed at a later date.**