December 28, 2000


Wildlife Committee (WC)


Carl Scheeler, Chair


REVISED December 11, 2000 Wildlife Committee Action Notes


Amos First-Raised and Daniel Gonzalez (BPT), Terry Luther (CTWSRO), Susan Barnes and Ken Rutherford (ODFW), Carl Scheeler (CTUIR), Maureen Smith (USFWS) and Frank Young (CBFWA)


Steve Judd and Matt Berger (CTCR), Michele Beucler (IDFG), B.J. Kieffer (STOI), Robert Walker (NWPPC), Paul Ashley (WDFW), Vinny Pero (SPT), Michael Powelson (TNC) and Tracy Hames (YN)

Time allocation:

Objective 1. - 100%

Item 1:

Review of FY 2001 Innovative Project Proposals

The Committee discussed the schedule and process for reviewing the innovative project proposals. Some questioned the ability of CBFWA to influence the NWPPC decision on these proposals since CBFWA has questioned the need for this funding category. Frank Young reported that there were only 12 wildlife proposals assigned to the WC for review and only three of them were targeted primarily at wildlife.


The WC established an ad hoc Innovative Project Proposal Review Work Group (Paul Ashley, B.J. Kieffer, Maureen Smith, and Carl Scheeler) to review the proposals for consistency with CBFWA management objectives and make their recommendations to the full WC. The Work Group will meet via conference call at 10 a.m. January 3, 2001. The full WC will meet at 1:30 p.m. January 8, 2001 to consider the recommendations of the Work Group. The WC will send their recommendations to the MMG, which meets January 11, 2001 to consider all committee recommendations and approve a consent mail for consideration by the Members.

Item 2:

High Priority Project Proposal Review Process for FY 2001

The schedule for reviewing high priority project proposals was discussed:

Dec. 15, 2000 - Proposals due to BPA

Dec. 20-22 - NWPPC, BPA, NMFS, and CBFWA staff screening of proposals

Dec. 22 - Proposals to subregional teams, RFC and WC for review

Jan. 22-23, 2001 - WC meets at CBFWA office to review proposals for technical merit and consistency with management plans

Feb. 15 - ISRP review available on CBFWA website

Feb. 15-23 - Sponsors address ISRP comments and WC review proposal modifications

Feb. 26 - MMG reviews draft recommendations and sends it out for consent mail

Mar. 5 - CBFWA consent mail approval deadline

Mar. 6-7 - CBFWA presentation of recommendations to NWPPC


FY 2001 WSU Mule Deer/Cougar Study Proposal

Paul Ashley asked that this item be withdrawn from consideration.


MMG Update (Mainstem Province Review)

Carl requested that WC members provide him with talking points on the impacts of irrigation on wildlife attributable to development of the federal hydroelectric system and guidance on the type of wildlife projects that should be reviewed in the Mainstem Province Review.


Michele Beucler, Steve Judd, Paul Ashley, Tracy Hames, Susan Barnes, and Dan Gonzalez agreed to help by providing suggestions to Carl or Frank. Frank will provide a draft description of the irrigation issue for inclusion in the Mainstem Province Summary. Ron Boyce and Phil Roger have the lead for MMG in developing the Mainstem Province Summary.


MMG Update (10-year budget)

Carl reported that Tom Giese had updated the 10-year F&W budget document that CBFWA developed in 1998, and was requesting comments. Carl was especially concerned about the flat level of funding for wildlife in the draft budget and the failure to integrate anadromous fish, resident fish and wildlife particularly as it concerns habitat protection and restoration.


WC members were asked to work with their MMG representatives in developing comments on this draft budget. Tom Giese plans on the MMG review of this document sometime in the spring of 2001.