April 2, 2001



Wildlife Committee (WC)


Carl Scheeler, Chair


Draft Action Notes for March 21, 2001 Conference Call Meeting

Wildlife Committee Meeting/Conference Call
Wednesday, March 21, 2001
CBFWA Office
1:30 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)
Conference Line 503.229.0191 x7099

If there are no objections within five days, these actions will be considered final.

Draft Action Notes


Carol Perugini (SPT), Robert Walker (NWPPC), Steve Judd and Matt Berger (CCT), Maureen Smith (USFWS), Michele Beucler (IDFG), Greg Sieglitz (ODFW), Carl Scheeler (CTUIR), Robert Matt (CdAT), Paul Ashley (WDFW), Theo Strong (YN), Tom Giese and Frank Young (CBFWA)

Time Allocation:

Objective 3. FY 2001 Adjustments



Decision on Allocation of Funds Identified Through the Quarterly Review


The WC decided that all Wildlife Placeholder funds should be distributed proportionately among the ongoing wildlife acquisition projects based on the CBFWA recommended funding allocation for the FY 2001 ongoing project review, with the exception of Project 199205900 which is already fully funded. The WC further decided to request that anadromous and resident fish funds be used to cover the wildlife share of the Data Management Placeholder and to fully fund all projects approved for funding including the Gorge and Intermountain provincial review until all placeholder funds are obligated. The WC further requests that additional funds be requested from BPA, if necessary to fully fund all approved FY 2001 projects. Subsequent to this meeting both the STOI and YN formally objected to this approach. Since this Committee operates by consensus this approach cannot now be advocated through CBFWA.