September 14, 2001


Wildlife Committee (WC)


Carl Scheeler


Action Notes for September 7, 2001 WC Conference Call Meeting

If there are no objections within five days, these actions will be considered final.

Draft Action Notes


Carl Scheeler and Jim Priest (CTUIR ), Robert Walker (NWPPC), Susan Barnes (ODFW), Catherine McDonald (TNC), Theo Strong (NPT), and Frank Young (CBFWA)

By Phone:

Matt Berger (CCT), Maureen Smith (USFWS), Ed Bottom (IDFG), Ken Rutherford (ODFW), Robert Matt (CDAT), Keith Lawrence and Loren Kronemann (NPT), Paul Ashley (WDFW), Tracy Hames (YN), and Scott Soults and Steve Binnall (KTOI)

Time Allocation:

Objective 1. FY 2002 Renewal Process

Objective 2. Rolling Province Review and Subbasin Summaries

Objective 3. FY 2001 Adjustments





Develop Strategy for Funding of Ongoing Acquisitions Projects that will not be Funded for FY 2002 Through the Rolling Provincial Review


The Council has requested that CBFWA provide recommendations to them for allocating the FY 2002 budget among provinces and balancing the Columbia Plateau within that allocation assuming a budget of $186M. Carl reported that he was looking for suggestions on alternative ways to accomplish this to bring to the ad hoc Budget Work Group meeting September 10. The Work Group was formed by the MMG to develop funding allocation alternatives for their consideration at their emergency meeting September 11. An initial product is due to the Council September 14


The following alternatives were identified for further consideration:

  1. Review FY02 proposal budgets for tasks, which could be deferred.
  2. Separate out budget items that could qualify as capital for consideration by BPA as part of a request to congress for an increase in their capital authorization.
  3. Develop a base budget based on past years’ spending history by province to provide a starting point for development of a method of allocating funds among provinces for FY02.


Discuss Strategy for Developing a Balanced Budget for the Columbia Plateau Province within the Council Guidelines


The WC reviewed a table prepared by Tom Giese listing those ongoing project proposals that would not be funded for FY02 through the Rolling Provincial Review Process.


Members were asked to identify O&M needs and ongoing acquisition needs for FY02 so that a request could be made to the Council for funding.


Emergency Funding Request to Cover Cost of Wanaket Post-fire Seeding


Carl requested $34,840 in Quarterly Review funds to purchase seed for fire damage to the Wanaket Wildlife Management Area.


The request for $34,840 in Quarterly Review funds was approved. It was suggested that Carl consider seeding with wheat the first year and seek advice from range fire recovery experts before attempting to restore climax native vegetation.


Quarterly Review Update


Carl gave a brief summary of the September 7, 2001 BPA Quarterly Review meeting where BPA announced their intent to move the $55M in carry-forward funds left in the current 5-year MOA to FY 2002 and thereby reducing the amount of new money available to fund projects in FY 2002. BPA may also eliminate carry-forward funds that have accumulated in wildlife acquisition projects. Carl reported that Bob Austin supports leaving the carry-forward funds in the wildlife acquisition projects. Carl stated that we need to know BPA’s decision on this issue in order to provide a balanced budget, which includes wildlife acquisition projects, to the Council.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting is tentatively set for November 13, 2001 in Spokane. IDFG will present management plans for some of their Albeni Falls acquisitions and we will review the project funding recommendations of the SBTs for the Mt. Snake and Blue Mt. Provinces.