List of proposals for FY 2001 High Priority Review Cycle

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23003 Experimental Selective Fishery Techniques Development, Evaluation, and Coordination U.S. DOC NMFS Systemwide Systemwide
23004 Support for the Development and Certification (FDA approval) of Effective Drugs and Anesthesia for Fish U.S. Army COE Systemwide Systemwide
23005 Develop an Anadromous Salmonid Habitat Carrying Capacity Model U Idaho Mountain Snake
23006 Walla Walla River Flow Recruitment - Eastside Ditch Piping Walla Walla WC Columbia Plateau Walla Walla
23008 Improve Stream Habitat by Reducing Discharge from Animal Feeding Operations in Salmon and Clearwater Basins IOSC Mountain Snake
23009 Reconnect Falls Creek to the Mainstem Pahsimeroi River Idaho OSC Mountain Snake Salmon
23012 Arrowleaf/Methow River Conservation Project Trust for Public Land Columbia Cascade
23013 Locate, Mark, and Removal of Lost "Ghost" Fishing Nets in Selected Columbia River Reservoirs: A Feasibility Study Tribe: CRITFC Columbia Gorge
23014 Distribution and seasonal habitat use of ESA-listed salmonid species in City of Portland tributary streams City of Portland, OR Lower Columbia Willamette
23015 Protect Salmon River Breaks Wild Salmon, Steelhead, Bull Trout Spawning and Rearing Habitat Valley Sun Mountain Snake Salmon
23016 Reconnection of floodplain slough habitat to the Kootenai River Tribe: Kootenai Mountain Columbia Kootenai
23017 Assess Surface-Water Flow And Feasibility of Enhancing White Sturgeon Spawning Substrate Habitat, Kootenai R., Idaho Tribe: Kootenai Mountain Columbia Kootenai
23018 Crawford Vegetative Management Road Decommission U.S. DA USFS Columbia Plateau
23019 Trout Creek Culvert Replacement U.S. DA USFS Columbia Plateau
23020 Badger Creek Culvert Replacement and Road Closure Projects U.S. DA USFS Columbia Plateau
23021 Restoring Bull Trout Habitat In The Blackfoot River's North Fork Trout Unlimited Mountain Columbia Blackfoot
23022 Chumstick Culvert Replacement and Habitat Enhancement 2001 Tribe: Yakama Columbia Cascade Wenatchee
23023 Stormy Creek High Priority Culvert Replacement Tribe: Yakama Columbia Cascade Entiat
23024 Hancock Springs Passage and Habitat Restoration Improvements Tribe: Yakama Columbia Cascade
23025 Restore anadromous fish passage at Hemlock Dam on Trout Creek, tributary to Wind River Tribe: Yakama Columbia Gorge Wind
23026 Klickitat Basin Key Habitat Acquisition Tribe: Yakama Columbia Gorge Klickitat
23027 Methow Basin Floodplain and Riparian Land Acquisitions Tribe: Yakama Columbia Cascade
23028 Increase Naches River In-stream Flows By Purchasing Wapatox Water Right Tribe: Yakama Columbia Plateau Yakima
23029 Decommission ten miles of roads in the Wind River Subbasin Tribe: Yakama Columbia Gorge Wind
23030 Initiate wetland and wet prairie restoration and restore historic stream function, Bessett Property, Willamette Valley, Oregon. Northwest Habitat Institute Lower Columbia
23031 Protect John's Creek Watershed Tribe: Nez Perce Mountain Snake Clearwater
23033 Big Creek Passage and Screening WDFW Columbia Plateau Yakima
23034 Reproductive Success Of Naturally Spawning Wild and Hatchery-origin Spring Chinook WDFW Columbia Plateau Yakima
23035 Buckskin Slough Restoration WDFW Columbia Plateau Yakima
23037 Assessment of bull trout populations in the Columbia Basin (excluding the Columbia Gorge),WA. WDFW Systemwide Systemwide
23038 Yakima Basin Inventory and Assessment (SSHIAP), and Study and Model Integration WDFW Columbia Plateau Yakima
23039 Upper Yakima River Acquisitions WDFW Columbia Plateau Yakima
23041 Restoration of ecosystem nutrient levels in the Columbia Basin WDFW Systemwide Systemwide
23042 Forest and Fish - Road Inventory WDFW Systemwide Systemwide
23043 Columbia Basin Fish Passage and Screening Inventory; WDFW Lands and Kittitas County WDFW Systemwide
23044 Naches River Water Treatment Plant Intake Screening Project. City of Yakima, WA Columbia Plateau Yakima
23049 Benefit/Risk Analysis to Promote Long-Term Persistence of Chinook Salmon in the Middle Fork Salmon River Tribe: Nez Perce Mountain Snake Salmon
23050 Establishing a Regional Salmonid Germplasm Repository for Populations Listed under the Endangered Species Act Tribe: Nez Perce Systemwide Systemwide
23051 Assessment and Implementation of Technologies to Monitor Adult Spring and Summer Chinook Salmon Abundance in Snake River Basin Tributary Streams Tribe: Nez Perce Mountain Snake Salmon
23052 Acquire and Enhance Lower Big and Little Creeks, Columbia River Estuarine Floodplain, Clatsop County, Oregon. North Coast Lands Conservancy Columbia Estuary Mainstem Columbia
23055 Acquire Prime Salmonid Spawning and Rearing Habitat on Entiat River Chelan-Douglas Land Trust Columbia Cascade Entiat
23056 Farmers Irrigation District Mainstem Hood River Fish Screen Project Tribe: Warm Springs Columbia Gorge Hood
23057 Enhance Instream Flows and Fish Habitat for 2001 Irrigation Season Oregon Water Trust Systemwide
23058 Acquire BAIC Tract: Wildlife Mitigation Site - Horn Butte Area, Oregon Nature Conservancy Columbia Plateau Umatilla
23059 Prevention and Control of Agricultural Water Pollution in the Columbia Basin of Oregon Oregon DA Columbia Plateau
23060 Assess Stream Quality for Salmonid Recovery Oregon DEQ Systemwide
23061 Securing Wildlife Mitigation Sites – Oregon ODFW Systemwide
23062 Construct approved fish screening systems on unscreened irrigation diversions. ODFW Columbia Plateau Mainstem Snake
23063 Bull Trout Population Assessment ODFW Systemwide
23064 Hood River-Punch Bowl Falls Fishway-Replacement of Access Stairway ODFW Columbia Gorge Hood
23065 Develop System to Aquire Additional In-stream Flow Through Market Based Incentives ODFW Systemwide Systemwide
23066 Fish Distribution Data Development for Cutthrout Trout and Non-anadromous areas ODFW Systemwide Systemwide
23067 Compile and Digitize Oregon's Fish Screen and Culvert Data ODFW Columbia Plateau Deschutes
23068 Fish Presence Survey & Georeference Data Entry ODFW Columbia Plateau Deschutes
23069 Apply for Additional In-stream Water Rights ODFW Systemwide Systemwide
23070 Web Based System for Interactive Mapping, GIS Data, Metadata and Map Distribution ODFW Systemwide Systemwide
23071 Calapooia River Flow Acquisition and Fish Passage Assessment ODFW Lower Columbia Willamette
23072 Fifteenmile Creek Adult Trapping Facility ODFW Columbia Gorge Fifteenmile
23073 Purchase Perpetual Conservation Easement on Holliday Ranch and Crown Ranch Riparian Corridors and Uplands ODFW Columbia Plateau John Day
23075 Life history strategies in Oncorhynchus mykiss: interactions between anadromous and resident forms. ODFW Blue Mountain Grande Ronde
23076 Complete Watershed Assessments in the Columbia Plateau Oregon WEB Systemwide Systemwide
23077 Evaluation, Prioritization and Resolution of Fish Passage Impediments Oregon WEB Systemwide
23078 Walla Walla Basin Flow Restoration Project Oregon WRD Columbia Plateau Walla Walla
23079 Implement Anadromous and Resident Salmonid Population and Habitat Monitoring in the Oregon Portion of the Columbia River Basin ODFW Systemwide Systemwide
23080 Hydrographic Record Update Project Oregon WRD Systemwide Systemwide
23081 Water Right Acquisition Support Project Oregon WRD Systemwide Systemwide
23082 Protect Fish Habitat Through Education and Enforcement Tribe: CRITFC Systemwide Systemwide
23083 Rear and Release 1.0 million spring chinook at Ringold Springs Hatchery Tribe: CRITFC Columbia Plateau
23084 Acquisition of Lower Desolation Creek, John Day Basin Tribe: Umatilla Columbia Plateau John Day
23085 Columbia Basin, Native American Fish Tissue Contaminant Study: Ecological Analysis Section Tribe: Yakama Systemwide
23086 Support for CRITFC participation in Willamette-Lower Columbia restoration activities. Tribe: CRITFC Columbia Gorge
23088 Renovate Selway Falls Anadromous Fish Passage Tunnel IDFG Mountain Snake Clearwater
23089 Purchase of Tanker Trucks and River Racks/Wiers Tribe: CRITFC Systemwide
23090 Farm to Fish Tribe: Shoshone-Bannock Mountain Snake
23091 Protect East Fork Salmon River chinook salmon, steelhead, and bull trout habitat Tribe: Shoshone-Bannock Mountain Snake Salmon
23092 Genetic relationship of steelhead in North East Oregon ODFW Blue Mountain Grande Ronde
23093 Evaluate the Feasibility of Modifying the Selah Moxee Irrigation Canal to Increase Water Available for Fish by 15,000 Acre Feet Selah Moxee ID Columbia Plateau
23095 Aerial Photography and Digital Mapping of the floodplain of the Willamette River Oregon DGMI Lower Columbia Willamette
23096 Assessment of Riparian Condition Through Spectrometric Imaging of Riparian Vegetation Oregon DEQ Systemwide
200100700 Evaluate live capture selective harvesting methods for commercial fisheries on the Columbia River WDFW Lower Columbia Mainstem Columbia
200103500 Protect Bear Valley Wild Salmon, Steelhead, Bull Trout Spawning and Rearing Habitat Tribe: Shoshone-Bannock Mountain Snake Salmon
200103600 Ames Creek Restoration U.S. DA USFS Lower Columbia Willamette
200103800 Gourley Creek Dam Fish Ladder City of Scappoose, OR Lower Columbia
200103900 Install Fish Screens to Protect ESA-listed Steelhead and Bull Trout in the Walla Walla Basin Walla Walla CD Columbia Plateau
200104000 Wagner Ranch Acquisition Tribe: Warm Springs Columbia Plateau John Day
200104100 Forrest Ranch Acquisition Tribe: Warm Springs Columbia Plateau John Day
200104300 Acquire 27,000 Camp Creek Ranch at Zumwalt Prairie Nature Conservancy Blue Mountain Imnaha
200104400 Conservation Easement, Baker Ranch, Salmon River East Fork Idaho OSC Mountain Snake Salmon
200104600 Collaborative Center for Applied Fish Science Tribe: CRITFC Systemwide
200105100 Reconnect Little Morgan Creek to the Mainstem Pahsimeroi River Idaho OSC Mountain Snake Salmon
200105200 Restoration of Anadromous Fish Access to Hawley Creek Idaho OSC Mountain Snake Salmon
200105300 Re-introduction of Lower Columbia River Chum Salmon into Duncan Creek PSMFC Lower Columbia Mainstem Columbia
200107500 Increase In Stream Flows to De-watered Stream Reaches in the Walla Walla Basin Walla Walla CD Columbia Plateau Walla Walla
200107600 Acquire Tucannon River Water Rights Washington Water Trust Columbia Plateau Tucannon
200201200 Lower Columbia River and Estuary Habitat Assessment and Mapping Project Lower Columbia REP Columbia Estuary Mainstem Columbia
200204000 Return Spawning/Rearing Habitat to Anadromous/Resident Fish within the Squaw Creek to Papoose Creek Analysis Area Watersheds Tribe: Nez Perce Mountain Snake Clearwater