List of proposals for FY 2001 Innovative Review Cycle

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22002 Influences of stocking salmon carcass analogs on salmonids in Columbia River tributaries WDFW Systemwide Systemwide
22003 Evaluate Reproductive Status of Salmon & Sturgeon Using Noninvasive Techniques Washington State U Systemwide Systemwide
22004 Impact of wastewater effluent on Chinook salmon reproduction Komex-H2O Science, Inc. Systemwide Systemwide
22005 An experimental evaluation of nutrient supplementation on juvenile salmonid fish abundance in nutrient-limited streams ISU Mountain Snake Salmon
22006 Evaluate Use of Small (Nano) Radio Tags to Determine Subadult Bull Trout Population Status In Dworshak Reservoir, N.F. Clearwater River Drainage, ID IDFG Mountain Snake Clearwater
22007 Develop Population Dynamic Model for White Sturgeon IDFG Middle Snake Mainstem Snake
22008 Evaluate and compare the effects of nutrient supplementation from carcasses and fertilizer on fish growth and survival and lower trophic levels. Utah State U Mountain Snake Salmon
22009 Ultrasonic Induced Sonochemical Destruction of Pathogens, Viruses, Nitrates and Other Nutrients and Contaminants From Waste Discharge Streams Water Services Systemwide Systemwide
22011 Demonstrate Proprietary Husbandry System for Musca domestica as Reliable Aquaculture Insect Nutrient Resource Oregon Feeder Insects Corp Systemwide Systemwide
22012 Restoration of Riparian Zones with Enabling Technology and Grazing Practice Enhancement Clouston ER Columbia Plateau John Day
22014 Improving and Extending the Snake River Germplasm Repository U Idaho Systemwide Systemwide
22015 Develop a Spatially-based Internet Portal that Integrates Distributed Northwest Fish, Wildlife, and Plant Data for On-line Mapping, Query, & Analysis Northwest Habitat Institute Systemwide Systemwide
22016 Anadromous Salmonid Engineered Habitat For Production and Transit U Idaho Systemwide Systemwide
22017 Monitor and Evaluate Nutrient Supplementation as a Tool for Increasing Production and Survival of Juvenile Chinook Salmon from Infertile Streams Paulsen Environmental Mountain Snake
22018 Development of an Automatic System to Prevent Salmonid Diseases WDFW Systemwide Systemwide
22019 Use a Multi-Watershed Approach to Increase the Rate of Learning from Columbia Basin Watershed Restoration Projects ESSA Systemwide Systemwide
22020 Assess Washougal River and its tributaries Lower Columbia FRB Lower Columbia Washougal
22021 Develop Innovative Approaches for Monitoring Bats in the Clearwater Region of Idaho IDFG Mountain Snake Clearwater
22023 Socioeconomic Analysis Tool for Sub-Basin Planning CH2M Hill Systemwide Systemwide
22024 Alternative Futures and Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River WDFW Lower Columbia Lewis
22025 Identification and assessment of technologies and methods to census spawning adult population size of spring and summer chinook salmon Tribe: Nez Perce Mountain Snake Salmon
22026 Columbia Basin Interactive Watershed Atlas Smart Map Imaging Systemwide Systemwide
22027 Real Time Data Loggers for Monitoring Climate Conditions within a Riparian System EcoTec Systemwide Systemwide
22028 Design and Coordinate Nutrient Supplementation Evaluations in the Salmon and Clearwater Subbasins, Idaho IDFG Mountain Snake Salmon
22029 Evaluate the ecological role of marine derived nutrients in areas artificially blocked to anadromous fish migrations. Tribe: Colville Inter-Mountain San Poil
22030 Delayed mortality: Assess cumulative effects of multiple, sublethal stressors on the physiological health of downmigrating juvenile salmonids U.S. DOE ORNL Systemwide Systemwide
22031 Evaluation of Two Captive Rearing Methods for Assisting with Recovery of Naturally Spawning Populations of Steelhead and Coho Salmon. U.S. DOI USFWS Systemwide Systemwide
22032 Develop a practical method through diet modification to improve quality of hatchery reared steelhead trout and coho salmon. U.S. DOI USFWS Systemwide Systemwide
22034 Influence of marine-derived nutrients on juvenile salmonid production: a comparison of two nutrient enhancement techniques U.S. DOI USGS Systemwide Systemwide
22035 Renaturalize Functional Floodplain Habitat within the Portland Reach of the Lower Willamette River Zidell Lower Columbia Willamette
22036 The Application of Geophysics to Better Define Fall Chinook Salmon Spawning Habitat Use in the Hanford Reach, Columbia River. Golder Columbia Plateau Mainstem Columbia
22037 Locate chum and fall chinook salmon and redds in deep and turbid water using an acoustic camera U.S. DOI USGS Lower Columbia Mainstem Columbia
22038 Design and assessment of artificial spawning habitat for kokanee in Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho U Idaho Mountain Columbia Pend Oreille
22039 Assess the Feasibility of Mainstem Habitat Improvements to Enhance survival of ESA Listed Species U Idaho Columbia Plateau Mainstem Snake
22040 Ecosystem effects of anadromous salmon IDFG Mountain Snake Clearwater
22041 Using Microbial Fingerprinting to Rapidly Assess Ecosystem Responses to Watershed Restoration Efforts and Assist in Prioritizing Future Activities Washington State U Mountain Snake Clearwater
22043 Enhancing instream flow by adopting best agricultural land management practices Washington State U Blue Mountain Mainstem Snake
22044 Develop commercial selective live release fisheries for spring chinook on the Columbia River WDFW Lower Columbia Mainstem Columbia
22045 Habitat/Subbasin Planning Electronic Newsletter Copyright October 30, 2000, Bill Crampton, 60968 Onyx Street, Bend, OR 97702 Intermountain Communications Systemwide Systemwide
22046 Deschutes Subbasin Stakeholder Facilitation - A Pilot Project Copyright October 30, 2000. TIGERS Success Series, PO Box 267, Bend, OR 97709. TIGERS Success Series Columbia Plateau Deschutes
22048 Integrate Physical and Biological Assessment Models Mobrand Columbia Plateau
22049 Determine The Feasibility of Combining LIDAR, Computer Modeling, and GIS Techniques To Develop Effective Habitat Actions at the Watershed Scale Mobrand Columbia Plateau Yakima
22051 Characterize Genetic Differences and Distribution of Freshwater Mussels Tribe: Umatilla Columbia Plateau Umatilla
22052 Sources, Fate and Biological Impacts of Sediments as Part of a Comprehensive Sediment Management Plan Washington State U Mountain Snake Clearwater
22053 Analyze the historic productivity of Wallowa Lake and its implications for sockeye reintroduction and water quality management Oregon State U Blue Mountain Grande Ronde
22054 Effects of Chronic Disease on Delayed Mortality of Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout in the Columbia River Estuary Oregon State U Columbia Estuary
22055 Develop a Nutrient/Food-Web Management Tool for Watershed-River Systems Battelle Systemwide Systemwide
22056 Development of Salmon DNA Finger Printing Microarrays Battelle Systemwide Systemwide
22058 Experimental Selective Fishery Techniques Development, Evaluation, and Coordination U.S. DOC NMFS Systemwide Systemwide
22059 Using LIDAR technology for improved riparian vegetation monitoring and stream system water temperature modeling and TMDL development. Tribe: CRITFC Systemwide Systemwide
22060 Assess Feasibility Of Enhancing White Sturgeon Spawning Substrate Habitat, Kootenai R., Idaho U.S. DOI USGS Mountain Columbia Kootenai
22061 Fluid Dynamics and Mechanics of In-Stream Wood Debris Philip Williams and Assoc Upper Snake Henry's Fork
22062 Evaluate the use of anaerobic digestion to produce nutrient supplements for trout and salmon Duke Engineering Systemwide Systemwide
22063 Determination of difficult passage areas, migration patterns and energetic use of upriver migrating salmon and steelhead U.S. DOE PNNL Columbia Gorge Klickitat
22065 Design & Implement a System-wide Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Enforcement Web-Based Data Center Steven Vigg & Company Systemwide Systemwide
22066 Live Capture Harvest Steven Vigg & Company Systemwide Systemwide
200008000 A Feasibility Study for Pacific Ocean Salmon Tracking (POST) Kintama Systemwide Systemwide
200100800 Genetic sex of chinook salmon in the Columbia River Basin U Idaho Systemwide Systemwide
200101000 Using Induced Turbulence to Assist Downstream-Migrating Juvenile Salmonids Washington State U Systemwide Systemwide
200101100 Habitat Diversity in Alluvial Rivers Tribe: Umatilla Columbia Plateau Umatilla
200101200 Evaluate new methodologies for monitoring Pacific salmon and steelhead: methods for evaluating the effectiveness of restoration and recovery programs U.S. DOI USFWS Systemwide Systemwide
200101300 Evaluate the effects of nutrient supplementation on benthic periphyton, macroinvertebrates, and juvenile sturgeon in the Kootenai River Tribe: Kootenai Mountain Columbia Kootenai
200101400 Waterbody and Aquatic Habitat Characterization Utilizing High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Aerial Imagery Teasdale Environmental Associates Systemwide Clearwater
200101500 Echo Meadow Project - Winter Artificial Recharge to Cool Rivers IRZ Columbia Plateau Umatilla
200104700 Reintroduction success of steelhead from captive propagation and release strategies U.S. DOC NMFS Systemwide Systemwide
200105500 Salmonid response to fertilization: an experimental evaluation of alternative methods of fertilization U.S. DOC NMFS Mountain Snake Salmon