List of proposals for FY 2002 Innovative Review Cycle

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34001 Pilot Study: Spatial and Temporal Occurrence of Salmonid Pathogens in the Upper Middle Mainstem Subbasin of the Columbia Cascade Province Washington State U Columbia Cascade Columbia Upper Middle
34002 Evaluate Spawning Protocols and the Reproductive Success of Salmonids in Hatcheries U Washington Systemwide Systemwide
34003 Salmon Run Generator (SRG). Autek Systemwide Systemwide
34004 Develop Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Predict Total Dissolved Gas Below Spillways ENSR Systemwide Systemwide
34005 Application of DNA Fingerprinting Microarrays and Semi-Automated Data Analysis Methods for Salmonid Stock Identification in the Columbia Basin U.S. DOE PNNL Systemwide Systemwide
34006 Assess Salmon Carcass Nutrient-Macroinvertebrate-Avian Relationships in Riparian Ecosystems of the Yakima Subbasin Northwest Habitat Institute Columbia Plateau Yakima
34007 New Life for dead stream Baker Valley ID Middle Snake Powder
34009 Net Pen Rearing Spring Chinook in Lake Osoyoos Tribe: Colville Columbia Cascade Okanogan
34010 Visualization Tools for Information Discovery and Decision Support U.S. DOE PNNL Systemwide Systemwide
34011 Western Painted Turtle Habitat Restoration Project City of Portland, OR Lower Columbia Willamette
34012 Sponsor a Smolt Methow SRF Columbia Cascade Methow
34013 Restore Ecological Structure and Function to Grays Lake using a Decision Support System U.S. DOI USGS Upper Snake Headwaters
34014 Assessing Potential Biological and Toxicological Effects of Parental Transfer of Environmental Contaminants to White Sturgeon in the Columbia River Oregon State U Systemwide Systemwide
34015 Neotropical Migratory Bird Habitat Restoration Project City of Portland, OR Lower Columbia Willamette
34016 Behavioral Motivation in the Evaluation of Culvert Designs for Juvenile Salmonid Passage U.S. DOE PNNL Systemwide Systemwide
34017 Low-Cost Thermal Imaging System for Aerial Remote Sensing Applications Smart Map Imaging Systemwide Systemwide
34018 Evaluate Engineering Conceptual Design and Field Application of Pisces Fish Passage Unit Watershed Professionals Network Systemwide Systemwide
34020 Fish Behavioral Guidance Through Water Velocity Modification PHASE ONE Natural Solutions Systemwide Systemwide
34021 Using stable isotope ratios to explore positive or negative impacts of American shad on salmon and the aquatic community in the Columbia River U.S. DOI USGS Lower Columbia Columbia Lower
34022 Evaluate the population structure of chinook salmon by combining inferences from ecological, demographic, and molecular genetic analysis U.S. DA USFS Mountain Snake Salmon
34023 Laboratory, Prototype, and Field Evaluation of Undershot Horizontal Fish Screen in the Hood River Basin Tribe: Warm Springs Columbia Gorge Hood
34024 Integrating remote sensing and topographic indicies to detect the impact of invasive species on critical winter elk forage areas Tribe: Umatilla Columbia Plateau Umatilla
34025 Assess role of estuarine habitat in maintaining chinook salmon life history diversity in the Columbia River using remote PIT tag monitoring systems Oregon State U Columbia Estuary Mainstem Columbia
34026 Studying the Impacts of Dam Passage on the Vestibular System in Fish U.S. DOE PNNL Systemwide Systemwide
34027 Controlling the Distribution of American Shad (Alosa sapidissima) with Pulsed Ultrasound Near Fish Ladders and at a Sluiceway Entrance U.S. DOE PNNL Systemwide Systemwide
34028 Innovative Technologies for Mapping Large Woody Debris and Assessing Fish Distribution Battelle Columbia Estuary Mainstem Columbia
34029 Geomorphic Controls on Salmonid Spawning Habitat in Mountain Drainage Basins of the Pacific Northwest U Idaho Systemwide Systemwide
34030 Enhancing Instream Flow by Adopting Best Agricultural Management Practices Washington State U Blue Mountain Asotin
34031 Biological and Economic Feasibility of Reintroducing Fishwheels to the Columbia River System Steward and Associates Lower Columbia Cowlitz
34032 Otolith Marking using Portable Mist Incubation Alaska R&ED Columbia Estuary Grays
34033 Demonstrate novel methods of mist incubation and mechanical egg planting in salmon restoration. Alaska R&ED Systemwide Systemwide
34034 High-Speed Fish Screen for Irrigation Diversion West Extension ID Columbia Plateau John Day
34035 Chinook Salmon Abundance Monitoring Using an Acoustic Camera U.S. DOE PNNL Mountain Snake Salmon
34036 Development and Demonstration of Automatic Calibration Tools for Models to Assess Biological Performance of Habitat Restoration Strategies U.S. DOE PNNL Systemwide Systemwide
34037 Analysis of alternative hatchery and fishery configurations in the Columbia River Basin S.P. Cramer Systemwide Systemwide
200207800 Evaluate the Effects of Hyporheic Discharge on Egg Pocket Water Temperature in Snake River Fall Chinook Salmon Spawning Areas U.S. DOE PNNL Blue Mountain Snake Hells Canyon
200300300 Use a Multi-Watershed Approach to Increase the Rate of Learning from Columbia Basin Watershed Restoration Projects ESSA Systemwide Systemwide