List of proposals for FY 2003 Mainstem/Systemwide Review Cycle

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195505500 Umatilla Tribal Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Tribe: Umatilla Mainstem/Systemwide
198201301 Coded-Wire Tag Recovery Program PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
198201302 Annual Stock Assessment - Coded Wire Tag Program (ODFW) ODFW Mainstem/Systemwide
198201304 Annual Stock Assessment - Coded Wire Tag Program (WDFW) WDFW Mainstem/Systemwide
198331900 New Marking and Monitoring Techniques for Fish U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
198605000 White Sturgeon Mitigation and Restoration in the Columbia and Snake Rivers Upstream from Bonneville Dam ODFW Mainstem/Systemwide
198712700 Smolt Monitoring by Federal and Non-Federal Agencies PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
198740100 Assessment of Smolt Condition: Biological and Environmental Interactions U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
198810804 StreamNet PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
198906201 Fish and Wildlife Program Implementation CBFWA Mainstem/Systemwide
198906500 Annual Stock Assessment - CWT (USFWS) U.S. DOI USFWS Mainstem/Systemwide
198907201 Independent Scientific Advisory Board Support U.S. DOE ORNL Mainstem/Systemwide
198909600 Monitor and evaluate genetic characteristics of supplemented salmon and steelhead U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
198910700 Statistical Support for Salmonid Survival Studies U Washington Mainstem/Systemwide
199007700 Northern Pikeminnow Management Program PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
199008000 Columbia Basin Pit Tag Information System PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
199009300 Genetic Analysis of Oncorhynchus nerka (modified to include chinook salmon) U Idaho Mainstem/Systemwide
199105100 Monitoring and Evaluation Statistical Support U Washington Mainstem/Systemwide
199105500 Natural Rearing Enhancement Systems (NATURES) U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
199302900 Estimate Survival for the Passage of Juvenile Salmonids Through Dams and Reservoirs of the Lower Snake and Columbia Rivers U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
199305600 Assessment of Captive Broodstock Technologies U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
199403300 The Fish Passage Center PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
199600500 Independent Scientific Advisory Board CBFWF Mainstem/Systemwide
199601900 Second-Tier Database Support U Washington Mainstem/Systemwide
199602000 Comparative Survival Rate Study (CSS) of Hatchery Pit Tagged Chinook & Comparative Survival Study Oversight Committee PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
199602100 Gas bubble disease research and monitoring of juvenile salmonids U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
199606700 Manchester Spring Chinook Broodstock Project U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
199702400 Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River Oregon State U Mainstem/Systemwide
199705900 Securing Habitat Mitigation Sites - Oregon Oregon Mitigation Coalition Mainstem/Systemwide
199800401 Electronic Fish and Wildlife Newsletter Intermountain Communications Mainstem/Systemwide
199800800 Regional Forum Facilitation Services U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
199803100 Implement Wy-Kan-Ush-Mi Wa-Kish-Wit Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan Now Tribe: CRITFC Mainstem/Systemwide
199900301 Evaluate Spawning of Fall Chinook and Chum Salmon Just Below the Four Lowermost Mainstem Dams PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
200000700 Infrastructure to Complete FDA Registration of Erythromycin U Idaho Mainstem/Systemwide
200001700 Kelt Reconditioning: A Research Project to Enhance Iteroparity in Columbia Basin Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Tribe: CRITFC Mainstem/Systemwide
200002900 Identification and thermal requirements of larval Pacific, river, and western brook lampreys U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200005200 Upstream migration of Pacific lampreys in the John Day River: behavior, timing, and habitat use U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200005500 Enhanced Conservation Enforcement for Fish & Wildlife, Watersheds of the Nez Perce Tribe: Nez Perce Mainstem/Systemwide
200005600 Protect Anadromous Salmonids in the Mainstem Corridor Tribe: CRITFC Mainstem/Systemwide
200100300 ISO Adult Pit Interrogation System Installations PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide
200100700 Evaluate live capture selective harvest methods for commercial fisheries on the Columbia River 2001-007-00. ODFW Mainstem/Systemwide
200300900 Canada-USA Shelf Salmon Survival Study Canada: DFO Columbia Estuary Columbia Estuary
200301400 Spatial scales of homing and the efficacy of hatchery supplementation of wild populations U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200301600 A Pilot Study to Test Links Between Land Use / Land Cover Tier 1 Monitoring Data and Tier 2 and 3 Monitoring Data U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200301700 Develop and Implement a Pilot Status and Trend Monitoring Program for Salmonids and their Habitat in the Wenatchee and Grande Ronde River Basins U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200303200 Regional Project Effectiveness Monitoring Program for Columbia River Basin Listed Anadromous Salmonids. U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200303300 Evaluating the sublethal impacts of current use pesticides on the environmental health of salmonids in the Columbia River Basin. U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200303400 Evaluation of Two Captive Rearing Methods for Assisting with Recovery of Naturally Spawning Populations of Steelhead and Coho Salmon U.S. DOI USFWS Mainstem/Systemwide
200303500 Transfer IHN virus genetic strain typing technology to fish health managers U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200303600 Collaborative, Systemwide Monitoring and Evaluation Program. CBFWA Mainstem/Systemwide
200303700 The influence of hatcheries and their products on the health and physiology of naturally rearing fish U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200303800 Evaluate Restoration Potential of Snake River Fall Chinook Salmon Spawning Habitat U.S. DOE PNNL Mainstem/Systemwide
200303900 Monitoring the reproductive success of naturally spawning hatchery and natural spring chinook salmon in the Wenatchee, Tucannon, and Kalama Rivers WDFW Mainstem/Systemwide
200304000 Estimate juvenile salmon residence in the Columbia River Plume using micro-acoustic transmitters. U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200304100 Evaluate Delayed (Extra) Mortality Associated with Passage of Yearling Chinook Salmon Smolts through Snake River Dams U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200304200 NWFSC Salmon Data Management, Analysis, and Access for Research Monitoring and Evaluation Programs U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200306400 Habitat Monitoring and Restoration Program for the Lower Columbia River and Columbia River Estuary Lower Columbia REP Mainstem/Systemwide
200306500 Determine origin, movements and relative abundance of bull trout in Bonneville Reservoir. WDFW Mainstem/Systemwide
200306600 Vitality based studies of Delayed Mortality U Washington Mainstem/Systemwide
200306700 Harvest Model Development U Washington Mainstem/Systemwide
200306800 Independent Economic Analysis Board NWPPC Mainstem/Systemwide
200306900 Use of Mainstem Habitats by Juvenile Pacific Lamprey (Lampetra tridentata) U.S. DOE PNNL Mainstem/Systemwide
200307000 Systemwide Lamprey Program Coordinator U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200307100 Evaluate Status of Pacific Lamprey in the Willamette River Subbasin ODFW Mainstem/Systemwide
200307200 An Interactive Biodiversity Information System for the Columbia River Basin Northwest Habitat Institute Mainstem/Systemwide
200307300 The Floating Net Pen Transportation System Pilot Project Columbia Basin Fishery Restoration Mainstem/Systemwide
200307400 Species- and site-specific impacts of gas supersaturation on aquatic animals U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200307500 Measurement of Quantitative Genetic Variation Among Columbia River Basin Chinook Propagation Programs Tribe: CRITFC Mainstem/Systemwide
200307600 Replicated stream system for the evaluation of hatchery and wild juvenile salmonid interaction and development of innovative culture technologies U Idaho Mainstem/Systemwide
200307700 Inventory and Synthesis of Physical Process Models and Methods to Supplement Habitat Conditions Analysis and Subbasin Planning KWA Mainstem/Systemwide Okanogan
200307800 Evaluate recreational and commercial mark-selective fisheries. WDFW Mainstem/Systemwide
200307900 Purchase And Evaluation of Automated Marking and Tagging Systems (MATS) ODFW Mainstem/Systemwide
200308000 Habitat Mitigation Tracking System Steward and Associates Mainstem/Systemwide
200308100 Establish Relationship between Fish Passage Survival and Turbine Operating Efficiency Normandeau Associates Mainstem/Systemwide
200308200 Optimization of FCRPS Impacts on Juvenile Salmonids: Restoration of Lower-Estuary and Plume Habitats Oregon Health & Science U Mainstem/Systemwide
200308300 On-line Subbasin Planning/Watershed Newsletter Intermountain Communications Mainstem/Systemwide
200308400 Evaluate White Sturgeon Nutritional Needs & Contaminant Effects Influenced by the Hydroelectric System Portland StAte U Mainstem/Systemwide
200308500 Evaluate potential to enhance spawning of summer/fall chinook salmon in the tailrace of Chief Joseph Dam, Columbia River U.S. DOE PNNL Mainstem/Systemwide
200308600 Tagging Study Technical Committee U.S. DOE BPA Mainstem/Systemwide
200308700 Assess the Feasibility of Reducing Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Columbia River Through Operation of the Hydropower System U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200308800 Fish Behavioral Guidance Through Water Velocity Modification PHASE ONE Natural Solutions Mainstem/Systemwide
200308900 Incorporating Pit Tag Technology to Evaluate and Monitor the Reintroduction Effort for Anadromous Salmonids in the Upper Cowlitz Watershed WDFW Mainstem/Systemwide
200309000 Identify the mechanisms of stranding of juvenile fall chinook salmon in the Hanford Reach U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200309100 Measuring the potential for domestication selection of spawn timing in chinook captive and supplementation programs; implications for recovery. U Washington Mainstem/Systemwide
200309200 Develop Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Predict Total Dissolved Gas Below Spillways ENSR Mainstem/Systemwide
200309300 Determination of post-release survival of spring chinook salmon in a mark-selective sport fishery U.S. DOE PNNL Mainstem/Systemwide
200309400 Evaluate the Effects of Prey Availability on Recruitment of White Sturgeon in the Columbia River U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200309500 Monitoring and Models for Adaptive Management of White Sturgeon U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide
200309600 Determine Effects of Contaminants on White Sturgeon Reproduction and Parental Transfer of Contaminants to Embryos in the Columbia River Basin Oregon State U Mainstem/Systemwide
200309700 Modeling and Information Management System to Assess Effectiveness of Alternative Actions U.S. DOE PNNL Mainstem/Systemwide
200309800 A multiscale evaluation of steelhead supplementation in the West Fork Elochoman River U.S. DOC NMFS Mainstem/Systemwide
200309900 UW Offsite Habitat and Fish Survival Effectiveness Monitoring U Washington Mainstem/Systemwide
200310000 Evaluate Feasibility of a System-wide Multi-Agency Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Enforcement Web-Based Data Center Steven Vigg & Company Mainstem/Systemwide
200310100 Conservation Enforcement to Enhance and Restore Fish & Wildlife Resources of the Upper Columbia River under Jurisdiction of the Colville Tribes Tribe: Colville Mainstem/Systemwide
200310200 Biological Feasibility of Reintroducing Fishwheels to the Columbia River System Steward and Associates Mainstem/Systemwide
200310300 Engaging the Public in Watershed Planning; A Tool Box for Cultural Shift CBFWA Mainstem/Systemwide
200310400 Role of Bacteria as Indicator Organisms for Watershed Assessment and in Determining Fish Pathogen Relationships with Fauna of Abernathy Creek U.S. DOI USFWS Mainstem/Systemwide
200310500 Develop Human Resources Necessary to Exercise Co-Management Responsibilities Tribe: CRITFC Mainstem/Systemwide
200310600 Habitat Condition and Restoration Potential of Columbia River Flood Plains: A Critical, Missing Element of Fisheries Recovery Science and Policy U Montana Mainstem/Systemwide
200310700 Evaluation of food availability and juvenile salmonid growth rates under differing thermal and sediment regimes. Tribe: CRITFC Mainstem/Systemwide
200310800 Rapid Detection of White Sturgeon Iridovirus in Spawning Fluids, Eggs and Juvenile Tissues of White Sturgeon U.S. DOI USFWS Mainstem/Systemwide
200310900 Instream evaluation of populations, migration, individual adult return and wild-hatchery interactions of naturally produced salmonids U.S. DOI USFWS Mainstem/Systemwide
200311000 Prophylactic Treatments for White Sturgeon Infected with the White Sturgeon Iridovirus (WSIV) U.S. DOI USFWS Mainstem/Systemwide
200311100 Impacts of Flow Regulation on Riparian Cottonwood Ecosystems in the Columbia River Basin U Idaho Mainstem/Systemwide
200311200 Compare Bacterial Fish Pathogen Populations in Hatchery Water and in Adjacent Creek Water and Evaluate Possibile Disease Transfer Between Them. U.S. DOI USFWS Mainstem/Systemwide
200311400 An Acoustic Tracking Array for Studying Ocean Survival and Movements of Columbia River Salmon Kintama Columbia Estuary Columbia Estuary