List of proposals for FY 2004 Within-year Modification Review Cycle

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36002 Creating tools for assessing and restoring floodplain habitats in the Columbia River Basin Tribe: Umatilla Mainstem/Systemwide Systemwide
198331900 New Marking and Monitoring Techniques for Fish Mainstem/Systemwide Systemwide
198805306 Hood River Production Program (HRPP): Hatchery O&M - Portland General Electric - Enron PGE Columbia Gorge Hood
198805308 Hood River-Powerdale/OakSprings O&M ODFW Columbia Gorge Hood
198811525 YKFP Design and Construction Tribe: Yakama Columbia Plateau Yakima
198812025 YKFP Management, Data and Habitat Tribe: Yakama Columbia Plateau Yakima
198902401 Evaluation of juvenile salmonid outmigration & survival in the lower Umatilla River basin. ODFW Columbia Plateau Umatilla
198906201 1989-62-1 Annual Work Plan CBFWF Mainstem/Systemwide Systemwide
198906201 Regional Habitat Evaluation Procedures (HEP) Team Funding CBFWF Mainstem/Systemwide Systemwide
198909802 Salmon Supplementation in Idaho Rivers Tribe: Nez Perce Mountain Snake Salmon
199009200 Wanaket Wildlife Mitigation Tribe: Umatilla Columbia Plateau Columbia Lower Middle
199104600 Spokane Tribal Hatchery Operation and Maintenance Tribe: Spokane Inter-Mountain Columbia Upper
199205900 Amazon Basin/Eugene Wetlands Phase Two Nature Conservancy Lower Columbia Willamette
199403300 The Fish Passage Center PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide Systemwide
199501300 Resident Fish Substitution Program Tribe: Nez Perce Mountain Snake Clearwater
199602000 Comparative Survival Rate Study (CSS) of Hatchery PIT Tagged Chinook & Comparative Survival Study Oversight Committee PSMFC Mainstem/Systemwide Systemwide
199604000 Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Feasibility Tribe: Yakama Columbia Cascade Columbia Lower Middle
199701325 Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project Operations and Maintenance Tribe: Yakama Columbia Plateau Yakima
199705100 1997-051-00 Yakima River Side Channels Tribe: Yakama Columbia Plateau Yakima
199800702 Grande Ronde Supplementation - Lostine O&M/M&E Tribe: Nez Perce Blue Mountain Grande Ronde
199801400 Survival and growth of juvenile salmonids in the Columbia River plume U.S. DOC NMFS Columbia Estuary Columbia Estuary
199803400 Reeestablish Safe Access Into Tributaries of the Yakima Subbasin - "Safe Access" Tribe: Yakama Columbia Plateau Yakima
200001900 Tucannon River Spring Chinook Captive Broodstock Program WDFW Columbia Plateau Tucannon
200002900 Identification and thermal requirements of larval Pacific, river, and western brook lampreys U.S. DOI USGS Mainstem/Systemwide Systemwide
200105500 Assessment of three alternative methods of nutrient enhancement on biological communities in Columbia River tributaries U.S. DOC NMFS Mountain Snake Salmon
200202700 Numerically Simulating the Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Environment for Migrating Salmon in the Lower Snake River U.S. DOE PNNL Columbia Plateau Snake Lower
200203800 Yakima Habitat Improvement Project City of Yakima, WA Columbia Plateau Yakima
200203800 Yakima Habitat improvement Project City of Yakima, WA Columbia Plateau Yakima
200205300 Assess Salmonids in the Asotin Creek Watershed WDFW Blue Mountain Asotin
200301400 Spatial scales of homing and the efficacy of hatchery supplementation of wild populations U.S. DOC NMFS Columbia Plateau Yakima