Project review cycle: FY 2001 Ongoing

FY 2001 Ongoing Projects were reviewed as a stop-gap measure between the previous annual project reviews (Work Plan), and the soon-to-be implemented 3-year rolling provincial review process. Rolling Provincial Projects to be reviewed for FY01 Funding (Columbia Gorge and Inter-Mountain) were then re-considered in the rolling review process for FY01 funding.

Project proposals

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Reviews and Decision Documents
CBFWA Review Recommendations for FY01 Ongoing Project Proposals: Appendix to FY01 Work Plan7/14/2000
Letter from R. Austin (BPA) to L. Cassidy (NPCC) RE: BPA Comments on FY 2001 Ongoing Project Proposals9/8/2000
Memo from J. Ogan & D. Marker (NPCC) to Council Members RE: Funding Decisions for FY01 Ongoing Project Proposals9/22/2000
NPCC Funding Recommendations Spreadsheet for FY01 Ongoing Project Proposals9/13/2000
FY 2001 Draft Annual Implementation Work Plan: Ongoing Projects7/14/2000
FY 2001 Draft Annual Implementation Work Plan - Ongoing Projects: Appendix: Anadromous Fish Committee Review Comments7/14/2000