BPA Fish and Wildlife FY 1998 Proposal

Section 1. Summary
Section 2. Goals
Section 3. Background
Section 4. Purpose and methods
Section 5. Planned activities
Section 6. Outcomes, monitoring and evaluation
Section 7. Relationships
Section 8. Costs and FTE

see CBFWA and BPA funding recommendations

Section 1. Summary

Title of project
Hood River Production Program - PGE O&M

BPA project number   9500700

Short description
Provide the necessary O&M work to ensure that the Pelton Ladder / Round Butte facilities used to produce spring chinook for BPA is maintained in good working order or is added to meet project objectives.

Business name of agency, institution or organization requesting funding
Portland General Electric (PGE)

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

 NameGary Hackett, Branch Manager, Hydro Support Department
 Mailing address121 SW Salmon St.
Portland, OR 97204

None at present. However, this project and project 89-029-00 will be combined into a single contract and ODFW would become a subcontractor. This action was requested by ODFW. This action should streamline work since ODFW is currently contracted by PGE to perform the mitigation associated with the construction and operation of the Pelton and Round Butte Projects.

Section 2. Goals

Supports a healthy Columbia basin; maintains genetic integrity; increases run sizes or populations

Target stockLife stageMgmt code (see below)
Deschutes River spring ChinookEgg to 1 plus smoltS, A, and W Stock is released into Deschutes and Hood River systems


Section 3. Background

Stream area affected

Stream name   Deschutes River
Subbasin   Deschutes
Land ownership   Facilities owned and operated by PGE

PGE provides the use of Pelton Ladder, Round Butte Hatchery to BPA at no charge for the purpose of constructing and operating additional production facilities. BPA pays the O&M costs of operating these facilities to produce the spring chinook required under the Pelton Ladder Production Project of the NWPPC. This additional capacity is not part of the mitigation requirements of PGE for construction and operation of the Round Butte - Pelton project.

Biological results achieved
The spring chinook reared in the Pelton Ladder have a higher than normal rate of return than spring chinook from other facilities. In addition this production is realized at a cost lower than would be achieved if BPA were required to build and operated independent facilities.

Adaptive management implications
Management inferences regarding effectiveness of extended rearing spring chinook under different densities in cells in Pelton ladder will be developed and reported by CTWSR under project 88-053-03

Section 4. Purpose and methods

Specific measureable objectives
Continue to maintain these facilities in good working order and install those equipment needed to meet project objectives.

Critical uncertainties
Disease out breaks in the ladder, or higher than expected moralities after release.

Biological need

Hypothesis to be tested
Additional cells will not produce adults at the same rate as did PGE cells alone.

Alternative approaches
Building a hatchery and extended rearing ponds.

Justification for planning


Section 5. Planned activities

Phase O&MStart 1995 End Dec. 1997Subcontractor
Operation and maintenance of additional facilities at Pelton Ladder and Round Butte
Project completion date   December, 1997 (Fully Operational)

Constraints or factors that may cause schedule or budget changes

Section 6. Outcomes, monitoring and evaluation


Expected performance of target population or quality change in land area affected
PGE will continue to provide the necessary O&M of these facilities to meet project objectives.

Present utilization and convservation potential of target population or area
N/A See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Assumed historic status of utilization and conservation potential

Long term expected utilization and conservation potential for target population or habitat

Contribution toward long-term goal
Maintenance of those facilities needed to meet project goals.

Indirect biological or environmental changes
Project contributes to the determination that more extended rearing cells are feasible.

Physical products

Environmental attributes affected by the project

Changes assumed or expected for affected environmental attributes

Measure of attribute changes

Assessment of effects on project outcomes of critical uncertainty
See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Information products
See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Coordination outcomes
Provide necessary maintenance and operational actions to effect production goals and administrative effectiveness.


Provisions to monitor population status or habitat quality
See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Data analysis and evaluation
See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Information feed back to management decisions
See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Critical uncertainties affecting project's outcomes
See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Incorporating new information regarding uncertainties
See projects 88-053-03 and 04.

Increasing public awareness of F&W activities
The project does not increase public awareness, a public relations program will.

Section 7. Relationships

Related BPA projectRelationship
8805303 8805304 8902900 All of these projects are integral parts of the Hood River Production Program and 89-029 and 95-007 are essential parts of the Council's Pelton Ladder Production Plan. These two projects effect the release of Deschutes River spring chinook into the Deschutes and Hood Rivers. _
Related non-BPA projectRelationship
PGE Pelton Ladder/Round Butte MitigationProjects 89-029 and 95-007 use PGE facilities to meet Council goals

Opportunities for cooperation
Projects 89-029 and 95-007 are integral parts of the Hood River Production Program and projects 88-053-03 and 04 provide the necessary Monitoring and Evaluation actions to these two projects. PGE is a cooperating agency and makes available, research, data, and coordinate compatible actions.

Section 8. Costs and FTE

1997 Planned  $56,000

Future funding needs   Past obligations (incl. 1997 if done)
FY$ Need% Plan % Implement% O and M
199874,000 0%0% 100%
199965,000 0%0% 100%
200067,000 0%0% 100%
200170,000 0%0% 100%
200275,000 0%0% 100%
FYOther funding sourceAmountIn-kind value
1998We use PGE facilities and only pay O&M costs. UnknownUnknown
1999We use PGE facilities and only pay O&M costs UnknownUnknown
2000We use PGE facilities and only pay O&M costs UnknownUnknown
2001We use PGE facilities and only pay O&M costs UnknownUnknown
2002We use PGE facilities and only pay O&M costs UnknownUnknown

Other non-financial supporters
PacifiCorp supports the Hood River portion of the project by allowing the use of their lands at no cost.

Longer term costs   Budgets five years and further out are impossible to accurately predict. Yes the project is expected to continue.
FY97 overhead percent   17%

How does percentage apply to direct costs

Subcontractor FTE   N/A

Supplemental anadromous fish evaluation factors
This project provides age 1 plus spring chinook smolts to the Deschutes and Hood River systems. The fish released into the Deschutes augments those being released by the PGE operation. Those released into the Hood River are part of supplementaion and replacement program designed to reestablish a self sustaining population of spring chinook in the system. This and the Hood River projects are dependent on PGE and PacifiCorp cooperation and loan of existing facilities and land at no charge to complete. Using existing PGE facilities eliminated the need to build additional hatchery and rearing facilities. The smolts from Pelton Ladder tend to survive at twice or better rate than fish from other sites.

Supplemental resident fish evaluation factors
Project provide the production foundation for a program that has received acknowledgments from NMFS for adherence to good science and supplementation principles.