FY07-09 proposal 199701335

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Section 1. Administrative

Proposal titleKlickitat Fishery YKFP O & M
Proposal ID199701335
OrganizationYakama Confederated Tribes
Short descriptionYKFP O&M activities to acclimate 1,000,000 coho and 2,000,000 fall chinook at the Wahkiacus Hatchery and Acclimation Facility consistent with Hatchery Scientific Review Group recommendations.
Information transferStatus, quarterly, and annual reporting will be via the BPA project reporting process. Project information is posted to the ykfp.org and BPA web sites. The project will produce peer-reviewed technical publications.
Proposal contact person or principal investigator
Form submitter
Bill Sharp Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation sharp@yakama.com
All assigned contacts
Bill Sharp Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation sharp@yakama.com

Section 2. Locations

Province / subbasin: Columbia Gorge / Klickitat

45 49 30 N 121 05 30W Wahkiacus Hatchery and Acclimation Facility

Section 3. Focal species

primary: Chinook All Populations
primary: Coho Unspecified Population

Section 4. Past accomplishments

2000 Project identified as placeholder for at inception of Columbia Gorge Provincial Review cycle. To date, no BPA funded O&M activities have occurred.

Section 5. Relationships to other projects

Funding sourceRelated IDRelated titleRelationship
Other: NOAA [no entry] Wahkiacus acquisition and design Property for the WHAF was acquired using NOAA-Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Funding. The site currently houses the Klickitat regional fisheries office for YKFP employees. To replace the established coho acclimation site lost in the lower Basin during 1996 flooding, NOAA flood restoration funds were used to design the WHAF. To date design has been completed to the 80% level including acquisition of water rights, evaluation of three water sources, HEC-RAS flood evaluation study, and evaluation of railroad right-of-way for adjacent lands.
BPA 198812035 Klickitat Mgmt, Data, Habitat Proposal provides for all YN management functions associated with the Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project including project planning, O&M, research, data management, and habitat improvement and acquisition actions in the Klickitat Subbasin.
BPA 199506335 Klickitat Fishery YKFP M & E Umbrella proposal for monitoring and evaluation of natural production, harvest, ecological and genetic impacts for spring chinook, fall chinook, coho, and steelhead fisheries enhancement projects in the Klickitat Basin. M&E results guide adaptive management decisions
BPA 199506424 WDFW/YKFP Supp Monitor Activit WDFW policy and technical oversight of the Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project via the project's Policy Group and Scientific and Technical Advisory Group as dilineated in the agreed-upon project management structure.
BPA 199705600 Klickitat Watershed Enhance Provide monitoring info for enhancement/restoration projects (for project identification and planning and for effectiveness monitoring). Receive data management assistance. This proposal references multiple habitat projects which are working to improve natural productivity throughout the Klickitat Subbasin.
BPA 198811535 Klickitat Fishery YKFP Design This YN/YKFP Design & Construction proposal identifies facility requirements to implement YKFP supplementation efforts and monitor those, as well as habitat restoration effects.

Section 6. Biological objectives

Biological objectivesFull descriptionAssociated subbasin planStrategy
[BO Title left blank] YKFP O&M objectives include: Operation and maintenance activities at Wahkiacus Hatchery and Acclimation Facility for rearing and release of 1000000 coho smolts and 2000000 fall chinook. Klickitat This project is consistent with the stated overall Subbasin Goals (section 2.4, p v), Biological Objectives (Section 2.5, p v) and Major Findings and Conclusions(Section 2.6, p v-vii). It is also consistent with 6.5.3 Fish, pages 354-355. Appendix F a

Section 7. Work elements (coming back to this)

Work element nameWork element titleDescriptionStart dateEnd dateEst budget
Acclimate Juvenile Fish Acclimate fall chinook and coho Acclimate 2,000,000 fall chinook and 1,000,000 coho at the Wahkiacus Hatchery and Acclimation Facility. Includes 3 YKFP Fish Culturists. 1/1/2009 6/30/2009 $120,000
Biological objectives
Rear Fish Rear coho and fall chinook [Work Element Description Not Entered] 1/1/2009 6/30/2009 $120,000
Biological objectives
Trap/Collect/Hold/Transport Fish - Hatchery Operate trap Operate trap 10/1/2009 12/31/2009 $10,000
Biological objectives

Section 8. Budgets

Itemized estimated budget
Personnel 1.5 $0 $0 $65,000
Fringe Benefits 20% $0 $0 $13,000
Supplies Includes GSA rental, Insurance, misc. field supplies $0 $0 $25,000
Travel [blank] $0 $0 $0
Other fish food $0 $0 $36,148
Overhead 18.9% In-direct $0 $0 $26,299
Capital Equipment Large capital for 1st year start up $0 $0 $84,553
Totals $0 $0 $250,000
Total estimated FY 2007-2009 budgets
Total itemized budget: $250,000
Total work element budget: $250,000
Cost sharing
Funding source/orgItem or service providedFY 07 est value ($)FY 08 est value ($)FY 09 est value ($)Cash or in-kind?Status
NOAA Klickitat Hatchery & Klickitat Fishway O&M $538,342 $538,342 $538,342 Cash Confirmed
NOAA Coho adult collect, spawn, rear to pre-smolt, truck to Klick Hatchery from Washougal. Costs are est $200,000 $206,000 $242,180 Cash Under Review
NOAA Fall Chk adult collect, spawn, rear to eyed-egg, truck to Klick from Priest Rapids. Costs are est. $75,000 $77,250 $79,568 Cash Under Review
Totals $813,342 $821,592 $860,090

Section 9. Project future

FY 2010 estimated budget: $200,000
FY 2011 estimated budget: $200,000
Comments: 2010 assumes reduction of capital equipment costs. 2011 assumes increase of 3% for inflation

Future O&M costs:

Termination date: none
Comments: Continuing project to meet YKFP objectives and/or the Klickitat Subbasin Management and Recovery Plans.

Final deliverables:

Section 10. Narrative and other documents

199701335 Klick O&M ISRP Response final.doc Jul 2006

Reviews and recommendations

FY07 budget FY08 budget FY09 budget Total budget Type Category Recommendation
NPCC FINAL FUNDING RECOMMENDATIONS (Oct 23, 2006) [full Council recs]
$0 $0 $250,000 $250,000 Expense ProvinceExpense Fund
NPCC DRAFT FUNDING RECOMMENDATIONS (Sep 15, 2006) [full Council recs]
$83,333 $83,333 $83,333 $0 ProvinceExpense
Comments: Dependent upon step review


Recommendation: Response requested

NPCC comments: The project sponsors should develop a coordinated response addressing the general comments provided under proposal 198811535 - Klickitat Fishery YKFP Design and specific comments provided with each proposal. Comments specific to this proposal: This proposal is for operations and maintenance activities at the Wahkiacus Hatchery and Acclimation Facility (WHAF) in the Klickitat Subbasin. The sponsors propose to acclimate 2,000,000 fall Chinook and 1,000,000 coho smolts using existing out-of-basin production in order to implement hatchery reforms at the Klickitat Hatchery. Reforms include reducing releases of coho from 3.5 million smolts annually to 1 million smolts. The Wahkiacus facility and associated acclimations ponds (and the very large expense of all these plans) are aimed at two management issues. The first is to effectively restrict coho and fall Chinook management (and distribution) in the Klickitat to the lower third of the river and through the use of acclimation pond releases for coho, reduce the number of smolts outplanted, thereby reducing interspecific and density-dependent competition among juvenile salmonids in the middle and lower reaches of the Klickitat. The second management issue is aimed at managing the wild steelhead and spring Chinook populations that use the middle and upper reaches of the river. The sponsors assert that investment in the Wahkiacus portion of the plan for coho and fall Chinook will accomplish this. Monitoring will be required to establish whether this result is obtained. Sponsors have made a convincing argument that the coho and fall Chinook portion of the plan are tied to the development of the Wahkiacus facility and acclimation ponds. That said, the ISRP remains skeptical that the spring Chinook and steelhead plans for the upper basin require the level of investment in supplementation that is proposed. Nowhere in any of the related Klickitat YKFP documents or the Klickitat Subbasin Plan has there been any discussion of restricting harvest on these species, and pursuing the plan's rebuilding goals on a natural fish only schedule, particularly now that passage improvements have occurred at Castile Falls and habitat improvements have been made in the upper meadow section above Castile Falls. An open and forthright discussion of this alternative might show that it is a feasible option, or it might show that some level of hatchery intervention is required. We don't know, and we haven't had that discussion in any of these documents.

ISRP FINAL REVIEW (Aug 31, 2006)

Recommendation: Fundable in part (Qualified)

NPCC comments: Fundable in Part to complete the Step One review including revision of the Master Plan to reflect due consideration of other alternatives. Funding is qualified, in that the completed Master Plan needs to include a “no artificial production” alternative modeled to achieve the plan’s objectives for steelhead and spring Chinook in the upper Klickitat subbasin. Modeling should provide some type of evidence (model, habitat data, EDT modeling, etc.) that shows the likelihood of achieving upper Klickitat basin objectives with and without supplementation. Modeling should evaluate the potential of a passive natural rebuilding approach over an appropriate response period, perhaps 10-12 years (~ 3 generations), that if not successful could retrigger consideration of the hatchery supplementation program proposed. A habitat-based model might predict the numbers of wild recruits necessary to fully seed the upper part of the watershed - even EDT could do that and would therefore indicate whether supplementation is needed to achieve the upper basin objectives. The ISRP is supportive of the Master Plan’s vision of separating lower river fall Chinook and coho hatchery and harvest operations from the upper river rebuilding objectives for steelhead and spring Chinook. This component of Klickitat subbasin anadromous fish management activity is for fish rearing. A portion of the fish rearing is for reduced numbers of coho and fall Chinook to be reared at the Wahkiacus facility and released lower in the subbasin than they now are. It is hoped that this will reduce any deleterious ecological interactions between released hatchery fish and natural steelhead and spring Chinook. The ISRP noted that this would require a rigorous monitoring program. The sponsor referred the ISRP to the general response for proposal 198811535. The ISRP will need to evaluate this dimension of the program in the Master Plan M&E.