Project review cycle: FY 2001 High Priority

FY 2001 High Priority - Proposals for high priority work in the Columbia River Basin which meet the following 4 criteria:

  1. Addresses imminent risks to the survival of ESA-listed species and is either a time-limited opportunity or is broadly recognized as achieving anadromous fish benefits.
  2. Mitigates for the FCRPS and is not in lieu of actions by other entities and is consistent with the NW Power Planning Act.
  3. Has all planning, permitting, and landowner agreements completed so that work may begin by September 30, 2001.
  4. Will not build an infrastructure or capacity that requires separate follow-on funding in subsequent years to do the on-the-ground-work.

Project proposals

See proposals considered under this review cycle


Reviews and Decision Documents
BPA Funding Decision Letter for FY2001 High Priority Proposals5/8/2001
CBFWA Review Recommendations for FY2001 High Priority Proposals2/1/2001
ISRP Review of FY 2001 High Priority Proposals2/1/2001
Letter from B. Allee (CBFWA) to F. Cassidy (NPCC) RE: Transmittal Letter for CBFWA FY 2001 High Priority Project Recommendations Addendum: Response to ISRP Comments2/15/2001
Letter from B. Brown (NMFS) to S. McNary (BPA) RE: NMFS Comments and RPA Designations for FY01 High Priority Proposals4/20/2001
Letter from B. Brown (NMFS) to S. Wright (BPA) RE: Comments on 2001 High Priority Solicitation2/26/2001
Letter from BPA to B. Brown (NMS) Re: Request NMFS Designations of FY 2001 High Priority Project Proposals as RPAs3/29/2001
Letter from R. Sando (CBFWA) to F. Cassidy (NPCC) RE: Forwarding CBFWA's Recommendations for the FY 2001 High Priority solicitation2/1/2001
Letter from S. McNary (BPA) to B. Brown (NMFS) RE: Request for NMFS Comments on FY 2001 High Priority Project proposals3/29/2001
NMFS Comments on FY 2001 High Priority Proposals2/26/2001
NPCC Funding Recommendations Letter, FY2001 High Priority Proposals3/26/2001