Project review cycle: FY 2001 Innovative

FY 2001 Innovative - In 1999, the Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP) recommended that the Northwest Power Planning Council establish a special funding category to encourage innovative projects for the Council's Fish and Wildlife Program. (annual cycle)

Project proposals

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Reviews and Decision Documents
ISRP Review of FY 2001 Innovative Proposals12/15/2000
Letter from R. Austin (BPA) to B. Lohn (NPCC) RE: Clarification of NPCC FY01 Innovative Funding Recommendations2/27/2001
Memo from G. Bisbal (NPCC) to Council Members RE: Final recommendation on innovative projects - FY 20012/7/2001
NPCC Funding Recommendations Letter, FY2001 Innovative Proposals2/8/2001
CBFWA Proposal Review Recommendations: Draft FY 2001 Innovative Projects Work Plan1/17/2001