Project review cycle: FY 2003 Request for Studies

On March 14, 2003, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) solicited for proposals which would fill research gaps needed for the successful implementation of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) 2000 FCRPS Biological Opinion. More research needed to be performed for two reasonable and prudent alternatives (RPAs):

  1. RPA Action 182: the need to determine the relative reproductive success of hatchery-origin and natural origin anadromous salmonids in the Columbia Basin, and
  2. RPA Action 184: 1) synthesize an analytical approach to determine the effects of hatchery reforms on extinction risk and recovery of threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead populations in the Columbia River Basin; and 2) determine the reproductive success of natural-origin, hatchery-origin, and reconditioned kelt steelhead.

Through this programmatic solicitation, BPA intends to implement several projects to fulfill these RPA requirements related to RME that are not actively being addressed through the Bonneville Power Administration’s current implementation program.

Project proposals

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Reviews and Decision Documents
BPA Funding Decision Letter for Request for Studies Proposals5/14/2003
Final Review of Proposals Submitted in Response to BPA's March 14, 2003 Request for Studies for RPA Actions 182 and 184 of the 2000 FCRPS Biological Opinion6/27/2003
Letter from R. Austin (BPA) to D. Marker (NPCC) RE: Funding Decision for remaining group of mainstem/systemwide projects10/2/2003
Letter from S. McNary (BPA) to Interested Parties RE: Notice to RFS proposal submitters of results of review process5/14/2003
Memo from L. McDonald (ISRP) to D. Marker (NPCC) RE: ISRP Review of BPA's Draft Request for Proposals for Researching, Monitoring and Evaluation (ISRP 2003-4)2/28/2003
Request for Studies: Research, Monitoring and Evaluation for RPAs 182 and 1843/14/2003
Review of Proposals Submitted in Response to Bonneville Power Administration’s March 14, 2003 Request for Studies (RFS) for Reasonable and Prudent Alternative Actions 182 and 184 of the 2000 Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opinion4/25/2003
RFS Proposals Log, by Jeff Gislason (BPA)4/30/2003