CSMEP Steering Committee

CSMEP's Steering Committee consists of representatives from participating federal, state and tribal entities (CBFWA, USFWS, ODFW, WDFW, IDGF, CRITFC, NPT, CCT, YN, StreamNet, BPA) and the project facilitator (ESSA Technologies Ltd.). The Steering Committee develops the overall strategies for CSMEP's activities and evaluates overall progress towards CSMEP objectives based on feedback from StreamNet and the CSMEP design workgroups (Status & Trends, Habitat Actions, Harvest, Hatcheries and Hydro). Biweekly Steering Committee teleconferences and quarterly workshops for CSMEP participants function to track progress, assure timely delivery of work products, and allow exploration of approaches for integration of M&E across the workgroups.

CSMEP's organizational structure for coordination of data inventories/assessments and the linked activities of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) design workgroups

Final Work Product Documents Associated with Steering Committee
CSMEP Response to ISRP Comments
Final CSMEP FY 2006 Annual Report
CSMEP Brochure
CSMEP Snake River Basin Pilot Study Volume 1
CSMEP Snake RIver Basin Pilot Study Volume 2
CSMEP Annual Report 2007
CSMEP FY2008 Annual Report
CSMEP Presentation to PNAMP Aug 21 2007
Collaborative Systemwide Monitoring and Evaluation Project (CSMEP) - Year 5 - Project No. 2003-036-00 - Annual Report for FY 2008 - CBFWA