BPA Fish and Wildlife FY 1997 Proposal

Section 1. Administrative
Section 2. Narrative
Section 3. Budget

see CBFWA and BPA funding recommendations

Section 1. Administrative

Title of project
Cowlitz Falls Screen Design

BPA project number   5519000

Business name of agency, institution or organization requesting funding

Sponsor type   WA-State/Local Agency

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

 NameKen Bates
 Mailing addressWashington Dept of Fish & Wildlife
600 Capitol Way N.
Olympia, WA 98501-1091

BPA technical contact   ,

Biological opinion ID   

NWPPC Program number   

Short description
Technical Assistance in juvenille passage design at Cowlitz Falls

Project start year   1992    End year   1999 estimated

Start of operation and/or maintenance   0

Project development phase   Implementation

Section 2. Narrative

Related projects
Fish passage and supplementation at Cowlitz River - This contract provides technical support.

Project history
This contract supports Washington participation in BPA project Cowlitz Falls Hydroelectric Project and specifically the fish passage segment of that project.

Biological results achieved
Design of fish passage prototype facilities completed.

Annual reports and technical papers
Quarterly and annual reports summarize participation: Mar. 9, 1993, June 7, 1994, December 26, 1995.

Management implications
Overall project will prototype new screen technology (wedge screen) and provide valuable data regarding surface collection technologies.

Specific measureable objectives
Optimize downstream fish attraction, collection and transport to lower river.

Testable hypothesis
Fish passage at Cowlitz Dam can be developed adequately for fish management objectives of Cowlitz River.

Underlying assumptions or critical constraints
Continued funding will be provided for construction and operation of fish collection and hauling facilities.

Provide fish collection and passage technical expertise by participation in design conceptualization implementation, review and refinemental of design and operation of facilities.

Brief schedule of activities
In-season review of fish collection and fish health information. Recommendation of adaptive strategies to optimize collection and passage. Conceptualization and development of modifications of facilities and operation of facilities.

Biological need
Successful restoration of anadromous fish to upper Cowlitz Basin.

Critical uncertainties
Sucessful attraction of downstream migrant fish into spillway and collection facility.

Summary of expected outcome
Successful restoration of anadromous fish to upper Cowlitz Basin.

Dependencies/opportunities for cooperation
Continued aggressive funding of construction, operation and evaluation of collection, trapping and hauling facilities.


Monitoring activity
Comprehensive on-going monitoring program of Cowlitz Falls juvenille passage is underway. That program will ultimately determine the success of this specific contract.

Section 3. Budget

Data shown are the total of expense and capital obligations by fiscal year. Obligations for any given year may not equal actual expenditures or accruals within the year, due to carryover, pre-funding, capitalization and difference between operating year and BPA fiscal year.

Historic costsFY 1996 budget data*Current and future funding needs
(none) New project - no FY96 data available 1997: 20,000
1998: 20,000
1999: 20,000

* For most projects, Authorized is the amount recommended by CBFWA and the Council. Planned is amount currently allocated. Contracted is the amount obligated to date of printout.

Funding recommendations

CBFWA funding review group   Below Bonneville Dam

Recommendation    Tier 2 - fund when funds available

Recommended funding level   $20,000