List of proposals for FY 1997 review

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ID Title Sponsor Focus
5500100 Analysis of Smolt Migration Rate & Survival Based on Pit-Tag Recoveries S.P. Cramer & Associates A
5500200 Effects of Flow Pulses on the Migrations of Juvenile and Adult Salmonids S.P. Cramer & Associates A
5500400 Optical Detection of Gas Bubbles in Fish U. S. Department of Energy A
5500500 Individual - Based Approach to Analyzing Pit-Tag Data U. S. Department of Energy A
5500600 Hydraulics in Snake River Reservoirs U.S. Department of Energy A
5500700 Nutritional Status of Emigrating Salmon and Steelhead in the Columbia R. Basin Mainstem U. S. Department of Energy A
5500900 Salmon Smolt Survival During Linear Kinetic Power Generation Schneider Engine Company A
5501000 Diversion Screen Improvement to Effect a Reduced Visual Impact in Scenic Areas Clouston Energy Research A
5501100 Lake Pend Oreille Bull Trout Recovery IDFG R
5501200 Improving the Effectiveness of the Gas Bubble Disease Monitoring Program on the Columbia and Snake Rivers Montgomery Watson A
5501300 Cost-Effectiveness of Salmon Recovery Measures Environmental Defense Fund A
5501400 Black Canyon / Bruneau Wildlife Mitigation IDFG W
5501600 Effects of Climate Change on Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Activities ICF Kaiser International, Inc. A
5501700 Minidoka Wildlife Mitigation IDFG W
5501800 Pahsimeroi River Fish Loss and Irrigation Intake Assessment IDFG R
5501900 Genetic Analysis of Snake River Salmonids IDFG R
5502000 Snake River Native Salmonid Assessment IDFG R
5502100 Floating Fingerling Surface Collector Clouston Energy Research A
5502300 Economic Incentives for Stream-Side Habitat Improvements on Agricultural Lands Test Program Northwest Economic Associates A
5502400 Bioenergetics Model for Improving Survival of Adult Fall Chinook Salmon in the Columbia River Basin Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
5502500 Feasibility of Live Capture and Selective Harvest of Anadromous Salmonids in the Columbia Basin S.P. Cramer & Associates A
5502600 Monitoring and Evaluation of the Columbia Basin Law Enforcement Program S.P. Cramer & Associates A
5502700 Enhanced Tribal Tributary Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement-- Part 5. Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Shoshone-Bannock Tribes A
5502900 Nutrition and Feeding Methods for Captive Reared Pacific Salmon USFWS A
5503000 Columbia River Basin Watershed Restoration Activities: 1996 and 1997 Funding Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission A
5503100 Project Management Training and Support ICF Kaiser International, Inc. A
5503200 Biodiversity Inventory and Analysis of the Hanford Site/Reach The Nature Conservancy W
5503500 Resident Fish Stock Status Above Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee Dams Spokane Tribe R
5503600 Yellow Perch Aquaculture Facility Kalispel Tribe of Indians R
5503700 Kalispel - Pend Oreille Wetlands 100 Acre Extension Kalispel Tribe of Indians W
5503800 1996-97 Evaluation of Juvenile Fall Chinook Stranding on the Hanford Reach WDFW A
5503900 Computational Fluid Dynamics Application in Fish Screen Modeling Clouston Energy Research A
5504000 East Fork of the Hood River Habitat Project USFS A
5504100 Consumptive Sturgeon Fishery-Hells Canyon/Oxbow Nez Perce Tribe R
5504200 1996 Pittsburg Landing O&M and M&E Funding USFWS A
5504300 Monitoring and Classification of Wild Steelhead Production on Mid-Columbia Basin Rivers Clark-Skamania Flyfishers A
5504500 Integrated Program Decision Model ICF Kaiser International, Inc. A
5504600 Communication and Program Information Sharing Tool ICF Kaiser International, Inc. A
5504700 Youth Labor Pool Development and Augmentation Clouston Energy Research A
5504800 Pine Hollow Watershed Enhancement Project Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District A
5504900 Fish Medicine Field Studies Western Regional INAD Project A
5505000 Peavy Cabin Road USFS R
5505100 Tetra Alpha Mine Restoration USFS R
5505200 Sawmill Creek Inland Fish Habitat Restoration USFS R
5505300 Asotin County Conservation District/Public Power Council Asotin Creek Pool Enhancement Project Asotin County Conservation Dist. & Public Power Council A
5505400 Klaskanine Watershed Restoration Project Clatsop Soil & Water Conservation District A
5505500 CTUIR Tributary Enforcement CTUIR A
5505600 Habitat Enhancement & Protection - Shoshone-Paiute Reservation Shoshone-Paiute Tribes R
5505700 Clark County Fish Passage Enhancement Program Clark County Department of Public Works A
5505900 Predation by Fish-Eating Birds on Juvenile Salmonids in the Columbia River Basin Oregon State University/CRITFC A
5506000 Monitoring Fine Sediment Levels in Substrate and Overwinter Sedimentation in Cleaned Gravels in Portions of the Grande Ronde and John Day Rivers Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission A
5506100 Hydro Regulator Model Development Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission A
5506200 Effects of Ocean Conditions on the Growth of Salmonids As Estimated by Scales of Adult Salmonids Sampled at Bonneville Dam Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission A
5506300 Evaluation of Watershed and Habitat Response to Recent Storms: Effects on Salmon Listed Under the Esa Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission A
5506400 Development and Installation of a Video Fish Counting Station in the Klickitat River Basin CRITFC, Yakama Indian Nation A
5506500 Crooked Creek Channel Restoration TBD A
5506700 John Day Slope Stabilization Project BPA A
5506800 Resident Fish Habitat Enhancement Above Mckay Reservoir in the Umatilla Basin CTUIR R
5506900 Wind River Steelhead Project USFWS A
5507000 Grande Ronde Subbasin Watershed Restoration CTUIR A
5507100 Washington Interim Wildlife Mitigation Agreement CTUIR W
5507200 Conservation Genetics of Columbia Basin Bull Trout University of Montana R
5507300 Hardy Creek Chum Salmon Spawning Habitat Improvement Project USFWS A
5507400 Mobile Environmental Education Telecommunication Strategy "Meets" C&C Sciences, P.C. A
5507500 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)/Federal Tributary Project Coordination CBFWF A
5507600 Columbia River Basin Tributary Adult Fish Passage CBFWF A
5507700 Monitoring of Supplementation Response Variables for YKFP WDFW A
5507800 Crates Point Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs W
5507900 Natural Population Conservation Coordination Program Bill M. Bakke A
5508000 Coordinated Policy for Conservation of Wild and Naturally Spawning Populations Bill M. Bakke A
5508100 Grande Ronde Basin, Joseph Creek Subbasin, Wallowa Valley Ranger District Project Implementation USFS A
5508200 BPA Structure Maintenance USFS A
5508300 Sandy Watershed Restoration and Effectiveness Monitoring Program Wolftree, Inc. A
5508400 Hunter Creek Burns Paiute Tribe R
5508500 Island Ranch Burns Paiute Tribe W
5508600 Stinkingwater Salmonid Project Burns Paiute Tribe R
5508700 Marshall Ranch Burns Paiute Tribe W
5508800 Impact of Exotic Fishes and Macrophytes on Juvenile Salmonids Rearing in Littoral Areas of the John Day Reservoir National Biological Service A
5508900 Timing of the Development of White Sturgeon Embryos National Biological Service R
5509000 Ecology of the American Shad in the Impounded Lower Columbia River National Biological Service A
5509200 Vertical and Horizontal Distribution of Individual Juvenile Steelhead Based on Radiotelemetry for Gas Monitoring National Biological Service A
5509300 Developing Techniques to Improve the Quality and Survival of Hatchery Reared Salmonids National Biological Service A
5509400 An Ecosystem-Based Strategy to Identify Critical Links Affecting Juvenile Salmon Growth and Survival in Columbia River Reservoirs National Biological Service A
5509500 Spokane Tribe Grand Coulee Mitigation Spokane Tribe W
5509600 Shad Removal in Zone 6 Yakama Indian Nation A
5509700 Removal of Lost Fishing Nets Yakama Indian Nation A
5509900 Methow Basin Side Channel Habitat Construction Yakama Indian Nation A
5510200 Yakima River Basin Side Channel Survey and Rehabilitation Yakama Indian Nation A
5510300 Large Woody Debris Collection and Placement Yakama Indian Nation A
5510500 Cabin Creek Habitat Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5510600 Cle Elum Dam Fish Passage Facility Yakama Indian Nation A
5510700 Yakima River Side-Channel Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5510800 Upper Yakima Tributary Irrigation Improvement Yakama Indian Nation A
5510900 Teanaway River Instream Flow Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
5511000 Lower Dry Creek Riparian Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
5511200 Wenas Creek Flow Augmentation and Riparian Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
5511300 Little Naches River Riparian and In-Channel Habitat Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5511400 Middle Naches River Side Channel Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5511500 Naches River Irrigation Diversion Upgrade Yakama Indian Nation A
5511600 Yakima Basin Side Channels Yakama Indian Nation A
5511700 Yakima River Rearing Habitat Enhancement, Between Selah and Union Gaps Yakama Indian Nation A
5511800 Wide Hollow Creek Rearing Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5511900 Spring Creek Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
5512000 Toppenish/Simcoe Instream Flow Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
5512200 Conservation Easement Purchase, Lower Yakima River Yakama Indian Nation A
5512400 Lower Yakima River Riparian Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
5512500 Rock Creek Riparian and In-Channel Habitat Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5512600 Upper Klickitat Meadows Riparian Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
5512700 Klickitat Basin Culvert Rehabilitation Yakama Indian Nation A
5512800 Lower Klickitat River Riparian and In-Channel Habitat Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5512900 Big White Salmon River Riparian and In-Channel Habitat Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5513000 Wind River Riparian and In-Channel Habitat Enhancement Project Yakama Indian Nation A
5513100 Kalama Wetland Preserve - Deep Water Kalama Wetland Preserve W
5513200 ESA Recovery Implementation Coordination CBFWF A
5513300 Phalon Lake Wild Rainbow Trout Trapping and Spawning Facility WDFW R
5513400 Vegetation Planting Feasibility Study - Lake Roosevelt WDFW R
5513500 Improve Water Supply in Order to Increase Trout Production at Ford Hatchery by 24,000 Pounds WDFW R
5513600 Study and Evaluate Bull Trout Populations in North Shore Tributaries of the Columbia River in the Bonneville Pool WDFW / Yakama Indian Nation R
5513700 Indian Creek Monitoring Project Northwest Service Academy/AmeriCorps A
5513800 Lower Snake River Naturalization Shoshone-Bannock Tribes A
5513900 Shoshone-Bannock Tribes' Program Support Shoshone-Bannock Tribes - Fort Hall A
5514000 Salmon River Production Program Shoshone-Bannock Tribes A
5514100 Essential M&E Infrastructure - Adult Sampling and Tag Interogation Facilities (CWT) TBD A
5514200 Marking All Hatchery Fish TBD A
5514300 Egg to Smolt Survival Relationships TBD A
5514400 Egg to Smolt Survial in Relationship to Habiatat Husbandry TBD A
5514500 Egg to Smolt Survival in Relationship to Cattle Grazing TBD A
5514600 Changes in Stream Productivity for Salmon Due to Inorganic Fertilization TBD A
5514700 Relationship of Riparian Buffer Zones to Salmon Egg/Smolt Survival TBD A
5514800 Effects of Replacement Rates on Smolt-To-Adult Returns TBD A
5514900 Relationship of Irrigation Ditch Segment to Juvenile Salmon Survival TBD A
5515000 Expanded Evaluation of In-River vs. Transported Smolt Survival TBD A
5515100 Delayed Mortality in Transported Smolts TBD A
5515200 Effectiveness of Alternate Estuary Release Sites for Transported Smolts TBD A
5515300 Effects of Transportation on the Homing Ability of Adult Salmonids TBD A
5515400 Effects of Fish Marking Protocols on Comparative Survivals of Transport and Control Groups of Migrating Juvenile Salmonids TBD A
5515500 Evaluation of Juvenile Salmonid Distribution in Relation to Dissolved Gas Supersaturation TBD A
5515700 Evaluation of Adult Salmonid Distribution in Relation to Dissolved Gas Supersaturation TBD A
5515800 Optimize Spill Patterns for Adult Salmon Passage TBD A
5515900 Evaluation of Spill Efficiency TBD A
5516000 Smolt Survival and Migration Rate TBD A
5516100 Pulsed River Flows TBD A
5516200 Lower Snake Spillway Crest Drawdown TBD A
5516300 Effects of 427 kaf Flow Augmentation on Survival TBD A
5516400 Surface Collection and Bypass TBD A
5516500 Bonneville Dam Ph1 Fge TBD A
5516600 Effectiveness of Squawfish Management TBD A
5516700 Significance of Avian Predation on Juvenile Fish Survival and Alternatives to Control Avian Predation TBD A
5516800 Estuary, Physical and Biological Condition TBD A
5516900 Estuary, Predator/Prey TBD A
5517000 Effects of Avian Predation in the Estuary TBD A
5517100 Marine Mammals in Lower Columbia River, Estuary and Nearshore Ocean TBD A
5517200 Estuary Physical and Biological Conditions TBD A
5517300 Estuary Smolt Condition TBD A
5517400 Relation of Plume/Nearshore Conditions to Smolt Distribution and Growth TBD A
5517500 Early Ocean Survival and Predator Abundance TBD A
5517600 Early Ocean Survival and Alternative Prey TBD A
5517700 Interannual Effects of Marine Conditions on Salmon Distribution, Growth and Abundance TBD A
5517800 Food Limitation and Density Dependent Growth of Salmon in the Open Ocean TBD A
5517900 Effects of Abundance of Hatchery Smolts on Growth, Distribution and Abundance TBD A
5518000 Examine Feasibility of Smolt Supplementation Programs TBD A
5518100 Examine Feasibility of Seeding Streams With Eggs, Fry, or Pre-Smolts TBD A
5518200 Evaluation of Improvements in Hatchery Practices TBD A
5518300 Evaluate the Merits of Captive Rearing TBD A
5518400 Effects of Non-Salmonid Species Management TBD A
5518500 Live-Catch Salmon Fisheries TBD A
5518600 Canadian and Alaskan Troll Fishery TBD A
5518700 Terminal Fisheries TBD A
5518800 Lower Snake Natural River Drawdown TBD A
5519000 Cowlitz Falls Screen Design WDFW A
5519100 Meadow Creek Instream Structure and Riparian Evaluation USFS A
5519200 Remaining Palisades Wildlife Mitigation Shoshone-Bannock Tribes W
5519400 Securing Mitigation Sites for Wildlife in the Columbia Basin of Oregon ODFW W
5519500 Willamette River Confluence Mitigation Site ODFW W
5519600 Willamette Valley Mitigation Habitat Mapping ODFW W
5519700 John Day Slope Stabilization Project USFS A
5519800 Skipanon Tide Gate Retrofit Skipanon Water Control District A
5519900 Repair of Dam and Construction of Fish Passage Facilities on Bates Pond Joann Vidondo A
5520000 Sandy River Watershed and Fish Habitat Restoration USFS A
5520100 O’Hara Watershed Restoration USFS A
5520200 A History of Management Decisions and Court Actions Affecting Populations of Mainstem Spawning Snake River Fall Chinook S.P. Cramer & Associates A
5520300 Hood River Bull Trout Restoration USFS R
5520400 Upper Clackamas River Side Channel Project USFS A
5520600 Listed Stock Gamete Preservation Nez Perce Tribe A
5520800 Listed Stock Adult Escapement Monitoring Nez Perce Tribe A
5520900 Wallowa County/Nez Perce Tribe Salmon Habitat Recovery Plan Implementation Nez Perce Tribe A
5521000 Feasibility of Sockeye Salmon Reintroduction to Wallowa and Warm Lakes Nez Perce Tribe A
5521100 Selway River Captive Brood Supplementation Monitoring and Evaluation Nez Perce Tribe A
5521300 Big Canyon Creek Portable Acclimation/Release Facility Nez Perce Tribe A
5521400 Pittsburg Landing Portable Acclimation/Release Facility Nez Perce Tribe A
5521500 Rogersburg (Above Mouth of Grande Ronde River) Portable Acclimation/Release Facility Nez Perce Tribe A
5521600 Mann Lake Headgate, Adult Ladder, Juvenile Screen, Lapwai/Sweetwater Creek, Clearwater River Subbasin, Nez Perce Tribe Nez Perce Tribe A
5521800 Lake Roosevelt Kokanee Net Pens R
5521900 Frenchman Creek Bridge USFS A
5522000 Development and Implementation of Remote Sensing Technologies for Stream Monitoring and Evaluation USFS A
5522100 Development and Refinement of Natural Production Objectives and Enhancement Strategies for Yakima Basin Anadromous Salmonids Yakama Indian Nation A
5522300 Box Canyon Watershed Project Kalispel Tribe of Indians R
5522400 Box Canyon Watershed Law Enforcement of Resident Fish Kalispel Tribe of Indians R
5522500 Relationship of Gas Supersaturation in Infectious Diseases of Fish Oregon State University A
5522600 Yakima River Basin Pilot Water Acquisition Project A
5522700 Enhanced Tribal Tributary Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement-- Part 1. Nez Perce Tribes Nez Perce Tribe A
5522800 John Day Basin Data Repository Project Monument Soil and Water Conservation District A
5522900 Wildlife Plan: Standardize M&E NPPC W
8200300 Selective Predation/Development of Prey Protection National Biological Service A
8201300 Coded-Wire Tag Recovery PSMFC A
8331900 New Fish Tag System NMFS A
8332300 Smolt Condition & Arrival Timing at Lwr Granite IDFG A
8335000 Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery Nez Perce Tribe A
8343500 Umatilla Hatchery Satellite Facilities Operation and Maintenance CTUIR A
8343600 Umatilla Passage O&M US BOR A
8346500 Libby and Hungry Horse Modeling Technical Analysis MDFWP R
8346700 Libby Reservoir Levels/Kootenai IFIM MDFWP R
8400800 North Fork John Day Habitat Improvement USFS A
8401400 Smolt Monitoring at Federal Dams PSMFC A
8402100 Mainstem, Middle Fork, and N. Fork John Day River ODFW A
8402400 Middle Fork & Upper Salmon River USFS A
8402500 Grande Ronde Habitat Enhancement ODFW A
8503800 Colville Tribal Fish Hatchery Colville Confederated Tribes R
8506200 Passage Improvement Evaluation U.S. Department of Energy A
8605000 White Sturgeon Productivity Status and Habitat Requirements ODFW R
8605001 Evaluate Rebuilding Snake River Sturgeon (HCD-LGD) Nez Perce Tribe R
8605002 Evaluate Sturgeon Habitat Requirements National Biological Service R
8607500 Little Naches Passage USFS A
8612400 Insp Serv for Little Fall Creek Pass Re:86-090 ODFW A
8709900 Dworshak Dam Impacts Assessment IDFG R
8710001 Umatilla River Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement CTUIR A
8710002 Umatilla Habitat Improvement / ODFW ODFW A
8712700 Smolt Monitoring by Non-Federal Entities PSMFC A
8740100 Travel Time and Survival Smolt Physiology National Biological Service A
8740700 Dworshak Impacts/M&E & Bio-Int Rule Curves Nez Perce Tribe R
8802200 Umatilla River Basin Trap and Haul Program CTUIR A
8805301 Northeast Oregon Outplanting Facilities Master Plan - Nez Perce Tribe Nez Perce Tribe A
8805302 Ne Oregon Hatchery - Grand Ronde Satellite Facilities CTUIR A
8805303 Hood River Production Program - CTWS - M&E Warm Springs Tribe A
8805304 Hood River Production Program - ODFW - M&E ODFW A
8806400 Kootenai River White Sturgeon Study and Experimental Aquaculture Kootenai Tribe R
8806500 Kootenai River Fisheries Investigations IDFG R
8810804 Streamnet (formerly CIS and NED) PSMFC A
8811500 Yakima Hatchery - Construction BPA A
8812001 Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project Management Yakama Indian Nation A
8812004 Hatchery Training and Education Yakama Indian Nation A
8812005 Fish Passage Video Monitoring Yakama Indian Nation A
8812008 Fisheries Technician Field Activities Yakama Indian Nation A
8815600 Duck Valley Fish Stocking Program Shoshone-Paiute Tribes R
8816000 Willamette Hatchery Oxygen Supplementation ODFW A
8816300 Effects of Coded Wire Tagging on the Survival of Spring Chinook WDFW A
8902401 Eval Umatilla Basin Prj - 3-Mile/Weid Canal Scr ODFW A
8902700 Power/Repay O&M for USBR CPR Pumping Proj PPL/UECA A
8902900 Hood River Production Program - Pelton Ladder - Hatchery ODFW A
8903000 Effects of Acclimation on the Survival of Spring Chinook Salmon aka: Eval of Pre-Rel Temp Acclimation at Klickitat Htch WDFW A
8903500 Umatilla Hatchery Operations and Maintenance ODFW A
8906200 Prepare Draft Annual Implementation Work Plan CBFWF A
8906500 Annual Fish Marking Program-Missing Hatchery Production Groups OR/WA/ID (USFWS) USFWS A
8906600 Ann Cd Wire Tag Prog-Missing Prod WA Htch (WDF) WDFW A
8906900 Ann Cd Wire Tag Prog-Missing Prod OR Htch (ODFW) ODFW A
8907201 Independent Scientific Group Support U.S. Department of Energy A
8909600 Genetic Monitoring and Evaluation of Snake River Salmon and Steelhead NMFS A
8909800 Idaho Supplementation Studies (ISS) IDFG A
8909801 Salmon Supplementation Studies in Idaho Rivers - USFWS USFWS A
8909802 Salmon Supplementation Studies in Idaho Rivers - Nez Perce Tribe Nez Perce Tribe A
8909803 Salmon Supplementation Studies in Idaho Rivers - Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Shoshone-Bannock Tribes A
8910700 Epidemiological Survival Method Univ/WA A
8910800 Monitoring and Evaluation Modeling Support Univ/WA A
9000500 Umatilla Hatchery - Monitoring/Eval Projects ODFW A
9000501 Umatilla Basin Natural Production Monitoring and Evaluation (UBNMPE) CTUIR A
9001800 Habitat Improvement - Lake Roosevelt Colville Confederated Tribes R
9004400 Strm Survey, Htchry, Hab Improv, Mntr Coeur D Coeur d'Alene Tribe R
9004401 Lake Creek Land Acquisition Coeur d'Alene Tribe W
9005200 Perf/Stock Prod Impacts of Hatchery Suppl National Biological Service A
9005500 Steelhead Supplementation Studies in Idaho Rivers IDFG A
9006900 Yakima Hatchery - Final Design CH2M Hill A
9007700 Northern Squawfish Management Program PSMFC A
9007800 System-Wide Significance of Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in Columbia and Snake River Reservoirs and Evaluation of Predation Control Measures National Biological Service A
9008000 Columbia Basin Pit-Tag Information System PSMFC A
9009200 Conforth Ranch - O&M and Enhancements CTUIR W
9009300 Genetic Analyses of Oncorhynchus Nerka (ESA) Univ/ID, subcontractor WSU A
9101400 Umatilla Hatchery Satellite Facilities - Planning, Siting, Design, and Construction CTUIR A
9101901 Hungry Horse Fisheries Mitigation - Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes R
9101903 Hungry Horse Mitigation/Habitat Improvements MDFWP R
9101904 Hungry Horse Mitigation - Creston Fish Recovery USFWS R
9102800 Monitoring the Smolt Migrations of Wild Snake River Spring/Summer Chinook Salmon NMFS A
9102900 Life History of Fall Chin in Col River Basin National Biological Service A
9104000 Bonneville Dam Juvenile Fish Sampling Facility COE A
9104600 Spokane Tribal (Galbr Sprgs) Hatchery - O&M Spokane Tribe R
9104700 Sherman Creek Hatchery - O&M WDFW R
9105100 Run Timing Predictions for the Columbia River Basin Including Individual ESA Demes Univ/WA A
9105500 Supplementation Fish Quality (Yakima) NMFS A
9105700 Yakima Phase 2 Screen Fabrication WDFW A
9106000 Kalispel - Pend Oreille Wetlands Kalispel Tribe of Indians W
9106700 Idaho Water Rental - Resident F&W Impacts - Phase III IDFG R
9107100 Snake River Sockeye Salmon Habitat Shoshone-Bannock Tribes A
9107200 Redfish Lake Sockeye Salmon Captive IDFG A
9107300 Idaho Natural Prod. Monitoring/Eval 83-7 (ESA) IDFG A
9107500 Yakima Phase II Screens - Construction US BOR A
9107800 Burlington Bottoms Wildlife Mitigation Project ODFW W
9200900 Yakima Screens - Phase II - O & M WDFW A
9201000 Habitat Restoration/Enhancement Fort Hall Bottoms Shoshone-Bannock Tribes R
9202200 Wild Smolt Behavior/Physiology (ESA) NMFS A
9202400 Columbia Basin Law Enforcement Program USFWS A
9202601 Grande Ronde Model Watershed - Admin/Impl./Research USFS A
9202602 Eastern WA Model Watershed Coordinators Washington State Conservation Commission A
9202603 Idaho Model Watersheds Admin/Impl. Support ID Soil Conservation Commission A
9202604 Spring Chinook Salmon Early Life History ODFW A
9202800 Fish Screen Oversight Committee (FSOC), Tributary Passage and Habitat Coordinator (TPHC) CBFWF A
9203200 Life-Cycle Model Development and Application to System and Subbasin Planning in Snake River USFS A
9204000 Redfish Lake Sockeye Salmon Captive Broodstock Rearing and Research NMFS A
9204101 Evaluation of Adult Salmon and Steelhead Migration Past Dams and Through Reservoirs in the Lower Columbia River and Into Tributaries COE A
9204300 Integrated Hatchery Operations Team PSMFC A
9204800 Hellsgate Big Game Winter Range Colville Confederated Tribes W
9205900 Amazon Basin/Eugene Wetlands - Phase II The Nature Conservancy W
9206000 Camas Prairie-Anderson Ranch Dam-Phase II IDFG W
9206100 Albeni Falls Wildlife Mitigation Implementation (formerly Pend Oreille Wetlands [IDFG] - Phase I) IDFG W
9206200 Yakima Nation Riparian/Wetlands Restoration Yakama Indian Nation W
9206800 Willamette Basin Mitigation - Phase II ODFW W
9207100 Assess Tech to Improve Measurement Capabilities & Passage Survival U.S. Department of Energy A
9207101 Applications of Sound to Modify the Behavior of Fish Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
9207102 Technical Assistance for Juvenile and Adult Migrant Monitoring Facilities Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
9207103 Technical Assistance to Establish Baseline Environmental Monitoring Capability in the Snake River Basin Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
9207104 Network-Based World-Wide Web Information Infrastructure Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
9207300 An Automated Fish Marking and Tagging System WDFW A
9300800 Allowable Gas Supersaturation at Dams Montgomery Watson A
9300801 Nondestructive Assessment of Gas Bubble Disease Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
9300802 Symptoms of Gas Bubble Trauma Induced in Salmon by Total Dissolved Gas Pressure Supersaturation in the Snake and Columbia Rivers Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission A
9301100 Regional Habitat Education Support Multnomah Education Service District A
9301200 Evaluation of Carrying Capacity Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
9301300 ESA Tech Assistance/Review S.P. Cramer & Associates A
9301600 Hungry Horse Resident Fish Hatcheries TBD R
9301900 Hood River Production Program (Parkdale Design & Construction) ODFW A
9302900 Survival Estimation for Dam/Reservoir Passage NMFS A
9303000 Buck Hollow Watershed Enhancement (SWCD) Wasco Co SWCD A
9303100 Sandy River Subbasin BPA Powerline Right of Way Rehabilitation USFS-Mt. Hood A
9303501 Lower Red River Meadow Restoration Project Pocket Water Inc/River Master Engineering A
9303600 Haysfork Glory Hole, Newsome Creek Placer Mine Silt Trap - Nez Perce Tribe Nez Perce Tribe A
9303701 Technical Assistance With the Life Cycle Model Charlie Paulsen A
9303800 North Fork John Day Area Riparian Fencing USFS A
9304000 Fifteenmile Creek Habitat Improvement ODFW A
9304400 Changing River Operations, Hydropower Production, & Air Pollution Environmental Defense Fund A
9304500 Buck Hollow Watershed Enhancement (ODFW) ODFW A
9305600 Assessment of Captive Broodstock Tech NMFS A
9305800 WDFW - Washington Wildlife Mitigation Agreement WDFW W
9306000 Columbia River Terminal Fisheries Research Project ODFW A
9306200 Salmon River Anadromous Fish Passage Enhancement, Idaho Lemhi and Custer Soil and Water Conservation Districts A
9306300 Washington Wildlife Coordination WDFW W
9306600 Oregon Fish Screens Project ODFW A
9307000 Grande Ronde, Imnaha, John Day Rivers Radio Telemetry USFS A
9400400 Cabinet Gorge Hatchery Improvements IDFG R
9401004 Monitoring and Evaluation of Lyons Ferry Hatchery Fall Chinook Above Lower Granite Dam Nez Perce Tribe A
9401200 Kootenai River White Sturgeon - M&E IDFG/KTOI R
9401500 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement (see new NPPC) IDFG A
9401700 Idaho Model Watershed Habitat Projects Lemhi and Custer Soil and Water Conservation Districts A
9401800 Washington Model Watershed Habitat Projects Conservation Districts A
9402600 Pacific Lamprey Research and Restoration Project CTUIR A
9402700 Grande Ronde Model Watershed Habitat Projects Grande Ronde Model Watershed Program (Blue Mtns.) A
9403300 Fish Passage Center PSMFC A
9403400 Assessing Summer/Fall Chinook Restoration in the Snake River Basin Nez Perce Tribe A
9403500 Kokanee Impacts Assessment & Monitoring on Lk Pend Oreille IDFG R
9403900 Wallowa Basin Project Planning - G. R. Model Watershed Nez Perce Tribe A
9404200 Trout Creek Operation & Maintenance ODFW A
9404300 Lake Roosevelt Monitoring / Data Collection Program Spokane Tribe R
9404600 Integrated Watershed Management Mobrand Biometrics A
9404700 Lake Pend Oreille Fishery Recovery IDFG R
9404900 Kootenai River Ecosystem Improvements Study Kootenai Tribe R
9405000 Salmon River Habitat O&M/Monitoring & Evaluation Shoshone-Bannock Tribes A
9405300 Bull Trout Assessment - Willamette/Mckenzie ODFW R
9405400 Bull Trout Studies in Central and NE Oregon ODFW R
9405900 Yakima Basin Environmental Education Yakima Education Service District A
9406900 A Conceptual Spawning Habitat Model to Aid in ESA Recovery Plans for Snake River Fall Chinook Salmon Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories A
9500100 Kalispel Tribe Resident Fish Kalispel Tribe of Indians R
9500400 Libby Reservoir Mitigation Plan MDFWP/CSKT R
9500600 SBT/SPT Joint Culture Facility Shoshone-Bannock Tribes R
9500700 Hood River Production Program - PGE O&M PGE A
9500900 Lake Roosevelt Rainbow Trout Net Pens LRDA R
9501100 Chief Joseph Kokanee Enhancement Project Colville Confederated Tribes R
9501200 Monitoring of Integrated Rule Curve Implementation Hungry Horse/Libby (formerly Biological Rule Curves) MDFWP R
9501300 Nez Perce Trout Ponds Nez Perce Tribe R
9501400 Idaho Loss Assessment Shoshone-Bannock Tribe, IDFG, NPT R
9501500 Billy Shaw Res Development Shoshone-Paiute Tribes R
9501600 Genetic Inventory Westslope Cutthroat Trout Nez Perce Tribe R
9501900 Burns-Paiute Mitigation Coordinator Burns Paiute Tribe W
9502100 Okanogan Watershed Planning Colville Confederated Tribes A
9502500 Flathead River Instream Flow Study MDFWP/CSKT R
9502600 Montana Model Watershed Program MDFWP/CSKT R
9502700 Lake Roosevelt Sturgeon Spokane Tribe R
9502800 Assessment of Fishery Impr. Moses Lake WDFW R
9503300 O&M of Yakima Fish Protection, Mitigation & Enhancement Facilities US BOR A
9505700 South Fork Snake/Sand Creek Wildlife Mitigation IDFG W
9506000 Umatilla River Riparian Corridors: Squaw Creek Watershed Project (Anadromous Portion) CTUIR A
9506001 Umatilla River Riparian Corridors: Squaw Creek Watershed Project (Wildlife Portion) CTUIR W
9506002 Umatilla River Riparian Corridors: Squaw Creek Watershed Project (Resident Fish Portion) CTUIR R
9506200 Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Proj Adaptive Mgmt BPA A
9506300 Yakima/Klickitat Monitoring and Evaluation Program BPA A
9506400 Yakima Fisheries Project Scientific and Management Services WDFW A
9506401 Refinement of Marking Methods for YKFP WDFW A
9506402 Upper Yakima Species Interaction Studies WDFW A
9506404 Policy/Technical Involvement and Planning for YKFP WDFW A
9506500 Assessing Oregon Trust Agreement Planning Project Priorities Using Gap Analysis ODFW W
9506700 Colville Confed. Tribes Performance Contract Colville Confederated Tribes W
9506800 Klickitat Passage/Habitat Preliminary Design Yakama Indian Nation A
9507000 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness in Delivering Upper Snake River Water for Salmon Don Chapman Consultants, Inc. A
9600500 Operation of the Independent Scientific Advisory Board CBFWF A
9600600 PATH - Facilitation, Tech Assistance & Peer Review Essa Technologies Ltd. A
9600700 Upper Salmon River Diversion Consolidation Program Shoshone-Bannock Tribes A
9600800 PATH - Participation by State and Tribal Agencies ODFW A
9601100 Juvenile Fish Screens and Smolt Traps at Irrigation Diversion Dams on the Walla Walla and Touchet Rivers in Oregon and Washington CTUIR A
9601200 Adult Anadromous Fish Passage Improvement at Irrigation Diversion Dams on the Walla Walla River CTUIR A
9601500 Policy Access Network With NW Fishletter Energy Newsdata A
9601600 In-Season Operations Technical Management Team (TMT) Support PSMFC A
9601900 Second-Tier Database Support for Technical Management Team (TMT) University of Washington A
9602000 1997 Hatchery Pit Tag Study IDFG A
9602100 Gas Bubble Disease Monitoring and Research of Juvenile Salmonids National Biological Service A
9602200 Evaluating Effects of Dissolved Gases on Resident Fish NMFS A
9602400 Changes in Gas Bubble Disease Signs and Survival of Migrating Juvenile Salmonids Experimentally Exposed to Supersaturated Gases NMFS A
9603100 Distribution of Juvenile Salmonid Populations and Total Dissolved Gas Supersaturation in Reservoirs National Biological Service A
9603201 Hanford K-Basin Fall Chinook Acclimation and Master Plan Development Yakama Indian Nation A
9603301 Yakima River Fall Chinook Supplementation Yakama Indian Nation A
9603302 Yakima River Coho Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
9603401 Methow Valley Irrigation District Conversion Yakama Indian Nation A
9603501 Satus Watershed Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
9603502 Lower Wilson Creek Riparian Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
9604000 Wenatchee and Methow River Coho Restoration Yakama Indian Nation A
9604300 Johnson Creek Artificial Propagation Enhancement Nez Perce Tribe A
9604400 Grande Ronde Basin Spring Chinook Captive Broodstock Program ODFW A
9604600 Riparian and Fish Habitat Analysis, Protection and Enhancement to Increase Natural Production of Steelhead and Spring Chinook in the Walla Walla River Basin CTUIR A
9605300 North Fork John Day River Dredge Tailings Restoration Project USFS A
9605800 Asotin Creek Model Watershed - CRP Asotin County Conservation District A
9606400 Walla Walla County Cooperative Watershed Plan (Development and Implementation) Walla Walla County Conservation District A
9607700 Meadow Creek Restoration USFS A
9608000 Northeast Oregon Wildlife Mitigation Project Nez Perce Tribe W
9608500 Coordination of Watershed Projects in Umatilla River Basin Umatilla Basin Watershed Council A
9608600 Clearwater Subbasin Focus Watershed ID Soil Conservation Commission A
9700100 Captive Rearing Initiative for Salmon River Chinook Salmon IDFG A
9701000 Essential M&E Infrastructure - Pit Tag Monitor Procurement and Installation NMFS A
9801006 Captive Broodstock Artificial Propagation Nez Perce Tribe A