BPA Fish and Wildlife FY 1997 Proposal

Section 1. Administrative
Section 2. Narrative
Section 3. Budget

see CBFWA and BPA funding recommendations

Section 1. Administrative

Title of project
Umatilla Passage O&M

BPA project number   8343600

Business name of agency, institution or organization requesting funding

Sponsor type   ID-Federal Agency

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

 NameRon Morris
 Mailing addressU.S. BOR
4610 SW Lake Dr.
Pendleton, OR 97801

BPA technical contact   Jay Marcotte, EWN 503/230-6962

Biological opinion ID   None

NWPPC Program number   3.1D.1, 7.4I.1

Short description
Operate and maintain passage facilities at 6 irrigation diversion sites: Three Mile Dam and WEID Canal screens, Maxwell Canal screens, Westland ladder and canal screens, Feed Canal ladder and canal screens, and Stanfield ladder and canal screens, and Dillion canal screens.

Project start year   1984    End year   2025

Start of operation and/or maintenance   1984

Project development phase   Maintenance

Section 2. Narrative

Related projects

Project history
Previously funded through USBR/Yakima Project Field Office 1996 separate contract with USBR/Umatilla field office (COTR Ron Morris).

Biological results achieved
Due to responsible operation and maintenance of the six passage facilities and cooperation with ODFW, Umatilla tribal managers and USBR O&M, anadromous fish (adult) returns are at "PAR" or above other tributaries of the Columbia River. Further completion of Umatilla Basin exchange facilities should improve fish returns at an even higher level.

Annual reports and technical papers

Management implications
Facilities must operate if restoration of salmon is to be successful.

Specific measureable objectives
Operation and maintenance of the six passage/screen facilities to insure and protect current levels of fish returns and production is increasingly expensive. To decrease the level of "trap and haul" and better utilize the facilities as designed, considerable time and effort will be needed. Gravel removal and associated debris problems are also becoming more frequent and expensive due to high flows the last few years.

Testable hypothesis

Underlying assumptions or critical constraints


Brief schedule of activities
Completion of the "Umatilla Basin Project" by 1997 will increase river flows dramatically, and allow accurate regulation of "live" and "storage" water releases year around. This increased management of water resources and "Fish" related activities will also increase O&M at each of the passage/screen sites. Operations will encompass the full 12 months, with respect to the ability of having water available at any time. This means all facilities will be operating properly and efficiently for longer lengths of time and more O&M will be required.

Biological need
Again, facilities must be kept operational for salmon restoration to be successful.

Critical uncertainties

Summary of expected outcome
All fish facilities (ladders and screens) will be kept operational.

Dependencies/opportunities for cooperation
Cooperative program with BPA/BOR and Umatilla Basin irrigators.


Monitoring activity
ODFW is monitoring these results, as per agreement, and doing so in cooperation with Umatilla Tribal officials.

Section 3. Budget

Data shown are the total of expense and capital obligations by fiscal year. Obligations for any given year may not equal actual expenditures or accruals within the year, due to carryover, pre-funding, capitalization and difference between operating year and BPA fiscal year.

Historic costsFY 1996 budget data*Current and future funding needs
1984: 120,000
1985: 274,000
1986: 500,000
1987: 3,212,000
1988: 396,321
1995: 300,000
1996: 390,800
Obligation: 390,800
Authorized: 280,500
Planned: 390,800
1997: 421,200
1998: 454,896
1999: 491,288
2000: 530,591
2001: 573,038

* For most projects, Authorized is the amount recommended by CBFWA and the Council. Planned is amount currently allocated. Contracted is the amount obligated to date of printout.

Funding recommendations

CBFWA funding review group   Bonneville Dam - Priest Rapids Dam

Recommendation    Tier 1 - fund

Recommended funding level   $421,200

BPA 1997 authorized budget (approved start-of-year budget)   $653,652