BPA Fish and Wildlife FY 1997 Proposal

Section 1. Administrative
Section 2. Narrative
Section 3. Budget

see CBFWA and BPA funding recommendations

Section 1. Administrative

Title of project
O&M of Yakima Fish Protection, Mitigation & Enhancement Facilities

BPA project number   9503300

Business name of agency, institution or organization requesting funding

Sponsor type   ID-Federal Agency

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

 NameJim Faith
 Mailing address1917 Marsh Rd.
PO Box 1749
Yakima, WA 98907-1749
 Phone509/575-5848 x215

BPA technical contact   Jodi Stroklund, EWN 503/230-4512

Biological opinion ID   None

NWPPC Program number   7.11B.1, 7.11B.3, 7.4K.1

Short description
This program provides for O&M by Reclamation of BPA owned anadromous fish passage and protective facilities within the Yakima River Basin. Current facilities include numerous irrigation system fish screens and one major adult fish trapping structure.

Project start year   1995    End year   2000

Start of operation and/or maintenance   1995

Project development phase   O & M

Section 2. Narrative

Related projects
This project provides for O&M of BPA owned facilities constructed under Project No. 91-075 "Yakima Phase II Screen Construction". O&M tasks are being performed through a cooperative effort between Reclamation and the Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. WDFW is working under Project No. 91-057 "Yakima Phase II Screen Fabrication", and Project No. 92-09 "Yakima-Klickitat Production Project Phase II Fish Screens O&M".

Project history
In accordance with the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act, BPA is funding the design, construction, operation and maintenance of fish protection and enhancement facilities in the Yakima River Basin as part of a program to mitigate impacts to anadromous fish by BPA owned mainstream Columbia River structures. Approximately 60 facilities are planned for construction or modification by the year 1999. Construction has been completed and O&M begun on 13 facilities to date, with 13 more expected to come on-line by the end of 1996. As sites are brought on- line, custody is assigned to Reclamation for operation and maintenance, with BPA reimbursing Reclamation for all costs. Where cost effective or otherwise desirable, Reclamation is transfering specific O&M responsibilities to the Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.

Biological results achieved
Completed facilities are routinely and effectively preventing fish from entering and thus being lost in dead-end irrigation system waterways.

Annual reports and technical papers

Management implications

Specific measureable objectives
Increase the numbers of adult anadromous fish returning to spawn in the Yakima River basin by protecting fish through an effective facility operation and maintenance program.

Testable hypothesis

Underlying assumptions or critical constraints

O&M of facilities is being accomplished using contractors such as impacted irrigation districts, and by using Reclamation and Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife personnel and equipment. Reclamation also provides administrative and specialized craft support for tasks assigned to the Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.

Brief schedule of activities
Activities include routine day-to-day monitoring, operation, maintenance, repair, lubrication and adjustment of structures and equipment. It also includes clearing waterborne trash and obstructions, verifying that fish are being protected, and providing site security. Work also includes periodic major overhaul and replacement of site components and structures to assure the long-term integrity of the facilities.

Biological need
: Protect anadromous fish moving through Yakima River Basin waterways.

Critical uncertainties

Summary of expected outcome
An increase in returning and spawning anadromous fish.

Dependencies/opportunities for cooperation
There are currently 13 BPA owned Yakima River Basin projects under the custody of Reclamation. This may increase to 60 or more sites by the year 1999, depending on the timing and level of construction funding provided by BPA. The actual yearly increase in O&M costs will depend on the rate that these facilities are brought on-line.


Monitoring activity
Results are being monitored by other agencies and organizations, including the Yakama Indian Nation, Battelle Pacific NW Laboratories, Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife, and National Marine Fisheries Service.

Section 3. Budget

Data shown are the total of expense and capital obligations by fiscal year. Obligations for any given year may not equal actual expenditures or accruals within the year, due to carryover, pre-funding, capitalization and difference between operating year and BPA fiscal year.

Historic costsFY 1996 budget data*Current and future funding needs
1995: 118,409
Obligation: 0
Authorized: 12,155
Planned: 12,155
1997: 200,000
1998: 210,000
1999: 220,000
2000: 230,000
2001: 240,000

* For most projects, Authorized is the amount recommended by CBFWA and the Council. Planned is amount currently allocated. Contracted is the amount obligated to date of printout.

Funding recommendations

CBFWA funding review group   Bonneville Dam - Priest Rapids Dam

Recommendation    Tier 1 - fund

Recommended funding level   $200,000

BPA 1997 authorized budget (approved start-of-year budget)   $190,000