BPA Fish and Wildlife FY 1997 Proposal

Section 1. Administrative
Section 2. Narrative
Section 3. Budget

see CBFWA and BPA funding recommendations

Section 1. Administrative

Title of project
Policy/Technical Involvement and Planning for YKFP

BPA project number   9506404

Business name of agency, institution or organization requesting funding

Sponsor type   WA-State/Local Agency

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

 NameBill Hopley
 Mailing addressWashington Dept. of Fish and Wildllife
600 Capitol Way N.
Olympia, WA 98501-1091

BPA technical contact   Kelly Kittel, EWN 503/230-5199

Biological opinion ID   

NWPPC Program number   7.4K.1

Short description
Provide for WDFW participation in all aspects of YKFP management in terms of policy and the impact of technical matters on policy.

Project start year   1989    End year   

Start of operation and/or maintenance   

Project development phase   Implementation.

Section 2. Narrative

Related projects
9506400, 9506401, 9506402, 9506403, 9506405

Project history
Former Departments of Fisheries and Wildlife have been under contract to provide policy and project management input to BPA for the YKFP since 1989 and 1990 respectively. Combined annual expenditures averaged $431,775 for the two budget periods prior to merger of the two agencies. Current budget for WDFW is $261,774.

Biological results achieved

Annual reports and technical papers
Reports produced by task. See 9506400, 9506402.

Management implications
The YKFP Policy Group and Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), supported by this task, are responsible for incorporating the results of completed task work into the Project Status Report (PSR) and the Uncertainty Resolution Plan (URP) in an annualized planning cycle based on adaptive management.

Specific measureable objectives
Task specific.

Testable hypothesis
Task specific.

Underlying assumptions or critical constraints
Task specific.

Task specific.

Brief schedule of activities
Monitor and guide response to the ROD. Complete staffing description for Cle Elum Hatchery. Continue review of pre-construction and construction activities. Provide oversight and direction for updates to the PSOR and URP. Provide oversight for a project annual review and development of an annual work plan.

Biological need
The YKFP is required by the NPPC to test the assumption that supplementation can be used to enhance fish runs while keeping genetic and ecological impacts within specified limits.

Critical uncertainties
Specific to tasks; responding to YKFP Uncertainty Resolution Plan.

Summary of expected outcome
The Policy Group and STAC will guide a test of supplementation that will monitor and evaluate key biological response variables including ecological interactions, long-term fitness, reproductive success, and post-release survival.

Dependencies/opportunities for cooperation
A final EIS has been printed for the Federal Register. A Record of Decision is scheduled for February 26, 1996. Biological Assessments are being processed by NMFS and USFWS. State of Washaington SEPA requirements will be met by adoption of the NEPA EIS. Failure in one or more of these processes is unlikely, but could delay construction.

Risks are described in the Final EIS.

Monitoring activity
Monitoring and evaluation plans are currently being developed under the direction of STAC.

Section 3. Budget

Data shown are the total of expense and capital obligations by fiscal year. Obligations for any given year may not equal actual expenditures or accruals within the year, due to carryover, pre-funding, capitalization and difference between operating year and BPA fiscal year.

Historic costsFY 1996 budget data*Current and future funding needs
1996: 261,744
Obligation: 261,744
Authorized: 0
Planned: 261,744
1997: 275,000
1998: 275,000
1999: 275,000
2000: 275,000
2001: 275,000

* For most projects, Authorized is the amount recommended by CBFWA and the Council. Planned is amount currently allocated. Contracted is the amount obligated to date of printout.

Funding recommendations

CBFWA funding review group   Bonneville Dam - Priest Rapids Dam

Recommendation    Tier 1 - fund

Recommended funding level   $275,000

BPA 1997 authorized budget (approved start-of-year budget)   $290,000