BPA Fish and Wildlife FY 1997 Proposal

Section 1. Administrative
Section 2. Narrative
Section 3. Budget

see CBFWA and BPA funding recommendations

Section 1. Administrative

Title of project
Klickitat Passage/Habitat Preliminary Design

BPA project number   9506800

Business name of agency, institution or organization requesting funding
Yakama Indian Nation

Sponsor type   WA-Tribe

Proposal contact person or principal investigator

 NameMel Sampson
 Mailing addressYakima Indian Nation
Fisheries Resource Managment
PO Box 151
Toppenish, WA 98948

BPA technical contact   Kelly Kittel, EWN 503/230-5199

Biological opinion ID   None

NWPPC Program number   3.1D.1, 7.4K.1

Short description
The purpose of this project is to implement appropriate measures in the Councilís Fish and Wildlife Program relevant to the Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project and achieve enhancement through off-site mitigation and salmon recovery for the Columbia River and its tributaries. Conduct an integrated watershed analysis using fisheries surveys, population surveys, habitat inventory, engineering surveys and preliminary design of the passage and habitat improvements that will directly benefit spring chinook, coho, fall chinook, summer and winter steelhead.

Project start year   1995    End year   

Start of operation and/or maintenance   1995

Project development phase   Implementation

Section 2. Narrative

Related projects
-Training $ Education: Proj#8812004 Training Assistance for Personnel for YKFP needs.
-Video Monitoring: Proj#8812005 Estimating adult passage at Roza and Chandler for YKFP objectives, etc.
-Fish Technicians: Proj#8812008 Technical personnel support for field data collection, task activities/assignments and special fishery projects consistent with YKFP objectives.
-Quantitative Production Objectives, Sh/FC: Proj#8812009 Refining objectives for Steelhead/Fall Chinook and assist in selection of appropriate treatment strategies, risk analysis and monitoring plans.
-Yakima Hatchery Construction: Proj#88-115 Construction of Spring Chinook Supplementation Facilities for YKFP
-Yakima Hatchery Final Design: Proj#90-69 Design of Spring Chinook Facilities for YKFP
-YKFP Scientific & Mgt Services (Master To): Projects Contracted to Co-Managers, Washington State
1. YSIS (Yakima Species Interaction Studies) |
2. Marking Studies | All of these Tasks represent an aspect of the Goals and
3.Genetic Management Framework | Objectives of the YKFP
4. Policy/Management |
5. NIT Design; (New Innovative treatment) one of two methods to be tested in YKFP.

Project history
The Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project has been included in the Councilís Fish and Wildlife Program. The Councilís 1987 Fish and Wildlife Program presented measures specifically for the Klickitat River. This Project initiates the preliminary design work needed to complete a Preliminary Design Report for the Klickitat Subbasin (KRS). The approach used is an integrated watershed analysis that will produce specifics for implementing the habitat and passage improvements needed in the KRS, as listed in the Yakima/Klickitat Production Project Design Report, Appendix A and Appendix B (BPA).

All tasks to be completed in 1995-96
A. Conduct a survey of salmon, steelhead, and resident fish in the KRS
B. Monitor populations of anadromous fish in the KRS
C. Inventory habitat for anadromous fish in the KRS
D. Evaluate passage problems at Lyle and Castile Falls.
E. Coordinate data collection with the Coordinated Information System.
F. Describe and document habitat improvement alternatives.

Biological results achieved
Project just started in August 1995

Annual reports and technical papers
Monthly Progress reports for the macroinvertabrate sampling.

Statement of Work for the Preliminary Design for passage and Habitat Improvement in the Klickitat River.

Management implications
Information collected from tasks in this project will allow the managers to utilize adaptive management in the design process used to determine priorities of subsequent habitat, passage and supplementation projects in the Klickitat basin.

Specific measureable objectives
The objective of this task order is to provide the basic fisheries and habitat information to complete a Preliminary Design Report that will include; fisheries inventory, habitat assessment and project engineering information for tasks that have potential to enhance the salmon and steelhead resources in the subbasin

Testable hypothesis

Underlying assumptions or critical constraints


Brief schedule of activities
1997-99 Conduct fisheries, population and habitat inventories to better determine the existing salmonid population status and available habitat in the KRS. This information will be used to guide future habitat improvements and supplementation activities.

FY 1997 Final design work for Lyle Falls fishway will be developed. During this time period it is anticipated that Castile Falls engineering/hydraulic surveys will be finalized and used to develop the final design drawings. The two known fish blockages (Lyle Falls and Castile Falls) in the KRS were given immediate priority because of the need for increased passage. Based on information collected from the fisheries and habitat inventories additional habitat and passage improvements will be identified. Engineering/hydraulic surveys will be conducted at these newly identified areas.

Biological need
The underlying need for the project is to provide basic information from fisheries surveys, population monitoring, habitat inventories and engineering surveys of passage barriers to develop a Preliminary Design Report for the Klickitat River subbasin.

Critical uncertainties

Summary of expected outcome
Detailed information from fisheries surveys, population monitoring , habitat inventory and engineering surveys that will produce specifics for implementing the passage and habitat improvements needed in the Klickitat River subbasin.

Dependencies/opportunities for cooperation
Cooperation between the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the Yakama Indian Nation Fisheries Program (YINFP) is ongoing. Additional opportunities for cooperation between YINFP and the WDFW Habitat Division are underway. These include identifying areas of habitat improvement projects for joint consideration, as well as, information sharing and coordinated data collection in the future. Manpower use of the Americorps Volunteer Program has been conducted during the 1995 field and will be continued in the future.


Monitoring activity
Use of standardized fisheries inventories to determine the success of the project.

Section 3. Budget

Data shown are the total of expense and capital obligations by fiscal year. Obligations for any given year may not equal actual expenditures or accruals within the year, due to carryover, pre-funding, capitalization and difference between operating year and BPA fiscal year.

Historic costsFY 1996 budget data*Current and future funding needs
1995: 691,049
Obligation: 0
Authorized: 0
Planned: 15,050
1997: 776,511
1998: 823,048
1999: 924,775
2000: 924,775
2001: 924,775

* For most projects, Authorized is the amount recommended by CBFWA and the Council. Planned is amount currently allocated. Contracted is the amount obligated to date of printout.

Funding recommendations

CBFWA funding review group   Bonneville Dam - Priest Rapids Dam

Recommendation    Tier 1 - fund

Recommended funding level   $776,511

BPA 1997 authorized budget (approved start-of-year budget)   $776,500